The notion of a signal booster is likely to be familiar to anyone who has faced the problem of bad mobile connection in their home or working place. But few people dig into the theme and get sufficient and helpful information about the device. Today we will help you get good knowledge of mobile phone signal boosters and choose the one most suitable for your personal case from the top signal booster list.

Major things to know about a mobile phone signal booster

A signal booster is professional equipment that is aimed to intensify weak mobile signals in your place. The system includes an outdoor antenna. It is mounted somewhere outside the building/house to catch incoming signals, which pass through a coaxial cable directly to a mobile repeater box. A mobile signal repeater is a centerpiece of the entire system. When signal get inside it, their power measured in dB gets higher, and as a result, signals quality gets better and more stable. After been intensified, signals go to the inside antennas through another coaxial cable. One or several inside antennas deliver powerful and high-quality signals to all mobile devices within the building/house.

All mobile phone signal boosters differ by coverage capacity, supported signal type and compliance with certain networks (mobile frequencies).

Basing on vast experience in distributing mobile phone signal boosters in the UK, we have made up the list of the best mobile phone signal booster models for the UK networks.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Signal Boosters in the UK

1. Nikrans LCD-300GDW Signal Booster – Calls & 3G & 4G

Advanced triband mobile repeater Nikrans LCD-300GDW is designed to amplify both phone calls and mobile Internet at the same time. Thanks to the support of three major mobile frequencies of the country, this mobile phone signal booster suits for all mobile networks without exceptions – O2, Vodafone, Virgin, Tesco, BT, Three and others. 900 MHz and 1800 MHz will improve your phone calls, 900 MHz and 2100 MHz will boost 3G Internet, while 1800 MHz can also boost 4G connection of some providers.

Nikrans LCD-300GDW mobile signal booster covers 3300 ft², which is ideal coverage for most private houses, large apartments, offices, cafés and restaurants, shops, etc. Among important and innovative features of the triband signal booster for your mobile there are automatic control and adjustment of gain and signal level, a smart LCD display showing important system notifications and sleep mode allowing to save energy during non-usage periods.

Besides, the mobile booster LCD-300GDW comes with all the components necessary for fast installation and easy usage. In your kit you get an indoor antenna with a cable and three indoor antennas (whip antenna and two ceiling antennas) with cables. The signal booster system is really easy to install, so even if you don’t have any experience, just read the manual, and you will be able to fulfill the installation without any problems.

Mobile Telephone Signal Booster Nikrans LCD-300GDW
Coverage: 3300 ft²  ·  3 Band (GSM, 3G, 4G)

2. Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G – Calls & 4G

This popular GSM 4G signal booster will supply you with incredibly rapid 4G LTE Internet and GSM voice calls of crystal audibility. The peculiarity of this cell phone signal booster is possibility to choose one of the two LTE frequencies used in the UK according to your provider – 2600 MHz or 800 MHz. 900 MHz band for GSM phone calls is supported as well. In the result, the LCD250-GSM+4G mobile repeater becomes a universal model suitable for almost all UK networks, including EE, O2, Vodafone, Three, Virgin and others.

This Nikrans GSM 4G signal booster is able to cover about 2700 ft², which is highly popular for home use, in offices, restaurants and stores. Its capacity is sufficient to cover 1 or 2 floors, just make sure that indoor antennas are mounted at the best positions providing equal signal distribution. The position of the outdoor antenna is also highly important, which is described in the manual in details.

Also, Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G mobile phone signal booster has a series of unique features, such an as LCD screen with detailed information about setup and usage and sleep mode allowing to save energy when mobile connection is not used. The signal booster is 100% safe for its users and their mobile devices. The fact is confirmed by CE and RoHS international certificates of quality.

GSM Extender Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G
Coverage: 2700 ft²  ·  2 Band (GSM, 4G)

3. Nikrans LCD-300GD – Calls & 4G

Thee best-selling mobile repeater for phone calls in the United Kingdom is doubtlessly Nikrans LCD-300GD mobile repeater. The reason is that part of the UK carriers uses for calls 900 MHz band (Vodafone, O2), while other networks function at 1800 MHz (EE, Virgin). The primary task of this mobile phone signal repeater is improving the quality of phone calls of all networks of the UK and other countries of Europe. Nevertheless, buying this mobile signal booster for calls you get a surprise - the frequency band of 900 MHz is also often used for 3G Internet, while 1800 Mhz band can be used for 4G LTE network as well in case your provider supports these technologies.

What is no less important, this phone booster is not the only unit but the system including many components. So making an order such a signal booster, you get a ready-to-use system. Nikrans LCD-300GD mobile repeater is ideal for middle-sized areas, such as one- or two-storey house, large apartment of office. It can cover any one- or two-floor place of the mentioned size, your task is only to mount the indoor antenna in the middle of the place. This mobile repeater model can support additional antennas if you need to cover 2 separate floors and basic kit is not sufficient for your case – you are free to choose.

Thanks to the LCD screen of the mobile repeater LCD-300GD you will get timely information about the functioning status of the mobile repeater booster, possible error messages with solutions and useful tips for installation. Among other features there is energy-saving mode and automatic control of a signal level.

Signal Repeater Nikrans LCD-300GD for GSM, 3G and 4G
Coverage: 3300 ft²  ·  2 Band (GSM, 3G, 4G)

4. Nikrans LCD-130 – Calls

The best mobile signal booster for small areas of about 1400 ft² is Nikrans LCD-130. You will not find a cheaper Nikrans signal booster anywhere, but if yes, Mobile-signal-booster team is ready to beat this cost. Anyway, cheap doesn’t mean plain or of average quality. Nikrans LCD-130 is a GSM signal booster with all advanced features that you may need for easy and fruitful usage, for example, LCD screen with useful installation hints or energy-saving mode.

Nikrans LCD-130 signal booster works on the most used GSM band of 900 MHz, which is the working frequency for O2, Tesco, GiffGaff, Lebara, Vodafone and many other UK networks. In case your carrier supports 900 MHz band for 3G data transfer as well, the Nikrans LCD-130 signal booster mobile phone will improve not only your voice communication but also 3G data transfer.

Making an order you shouldn’t take care of buying additional components. Your kit contains a mobile repeater itself, an outdoor antenna with a cable, an indoor antenna, a power supply and mounting brackets. So you get ready-to-use signal booster system and can start enjoying improved signal immediately out of the box. The manual is also available and recommended to read before getting to installation. It will facilitate the process and permit you avoiding some mistakes.

2G GSM Phone Signal Booster Nikrans LCD-130
Coverage: 1400 ft²  ·  1 Band (GSM)

5. Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO – 4G Internet

For those who have stable voice communication but low-speed mobile Internet, LCD250-4G-PRO will be the best mobile phone signal booster. Among its peculiar features it’s worth mentioning an informative LCD screen, sleep mode and automatic control of a signal level.

The Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO mobile phone booster supports two major LTE bands – 800Mhz and 2600MHz – that makes this 4g signal booster a universal model for all 4G networks in he UK (EE, O2, Vodafone, Three, Virgin, Tesco, etc.) and all other countries of Europe. The coverage area of this 4g signal booster is about 2700ft², which is perfect for a standard house or working place.

The mobile booster Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO has a series of unique features that make its usage more efficient and simple. Let’s take an LCD screen that not only makes the design of the mobile signal booster sleek and modern, but also helps in setup and usage by showing setup hints and operation data. Also, the signal booster mobile phone LCD250-4G-PRO comes in a box with all components that you will require for setup – antennas, cables, mounting brackets, a power supply and a mobile repeater itself.

If you order LCD250-4G-PRO mobile repeater, you will forget that you have ever faced with 4G signal problems in your house or office.

4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO
Coverage: 2700 ft²  ·  2 Band (4G)

6. Nikrans NS-300-Smart – Calls, 3G & 4G

Another best-seller is NS-300-Smart mobile repeater, suitable for all mobile networks in the UK without exceptions – Vodafone, Tesco, Virgin, O2, Three, etc. You can hardly find an alternative model with such capacities and at similarly attractive price. The mobile repeater supports five frequency bands and boosts all signal types simultaneously: GSM calls at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, 3G Internet at 900 MHz and 2100 MHz, 4G LTE connection at 800MHz, 2600 MHz and 1800 MHz.

The coverage area of the gsm 3g 4g signal booster is 3300 ft², so it perfectly suits middle-sized houses, apartments, offices and pubs, and any other locations with one or two floors. The screen on the mobile repeater shows the most important data about device operation, LEDs help you understand if the entire system works normally or needs adjustment. Here you can also see the signal level, downlink and uplink indices, sleep mode status and other data.

Buying the mobile repeater NS-300-Smart you get the entire system ready for installing and using it out of the box. Together with a mobile repeater box your parcel will include an indoor and outdoor antennas with corresponding cabling, a power adapter and mounting accessories. So you have everything for installing the amplifying system out-of-the-box. Also, the detailed manual will let you complete the setup effortlessly.

5-Band Signal Booster Nikrans NS-300-Smart
Coverage: 3300 ft²  ·  5 Band (GSM, 3G, 4G)

7. Nikrans NS-GDW-Drive – Calls, 3G & 4G for Vehicles

Another category of mobile phone signal boosters are portable mobile signal boosters for cars. The Nikrans brand offers car models for calls or for 3G only, but the most popular car mobile booster is LCD-GDW-Drive for different signal types and for all carriers of the United Kingdom – Vodafone, Tesco, Three, O2, GiffGaff and others.

Nikrans NS-GDW-Drive mobile phone booster is efficient for all types of vehicles: vans, buses, trucks, RVs and, of course, cars. Its power is sudfficient to cover any vehicle despite of its size. This phone booster supports all types of mobile services, including GSM phone calls at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, 3G Internet at 900 MHz and 2100 MHz, and even 4G Internet at 1800 MHz in case your provider supports this 4G band.

The mobile signal boosters of the Nikrans brand are all compact and stylish, so they suit will interiors of any vehicles and will not require much space. The mobile repeater kit contains every component you will need for installing and then using the amplifying system – out-of-car and in-car antennas with cabling and a power supply for 12V that is powered to a cigar lighter. You don’t need to worry about out-of-car antenna as it has a strong magnet and attaches tightly to a car top. No hols, no scratches – mounting is safe for your car.

Vehicle cell Phone Booster for Car Nikrans NS-GDW-Drive
Coverage: 3300 ft²  ·  3 Band (GSM, 3G, 4G)

8. Nikrans NS-Smart-Boats – Calls, 3G & 4G for Boats

Unusual and gaining popularity type of mobile phone signal boosters are marine mobile signal boosters. The best-selling boat mobile phone signal booster is Nikrans NS-Smart-Boats. Its popularity is due to the support of five mobile frequencies at the same time: phone calls are accepted at 1800 MHz and 900 MHz, 3G data transfer runs at 2100 MHz and 900 MHz additionally, also 4G is supported at 800 MHz, 2600 MHz and even 1800 MHz band. So all in all, you get a multifunctional marine signal booster for all carriers of the UK (Tesco, EE, Virgin, O2, BT, GiffGaff, Vodafone, etc.) and all the rest of Europe. As a result, you can travel without any limits in mobile connection.

What is no less important, the gsm 3g 4g signal booster for boats NS-Smart-Boats is a really powerful signal booster model capable of covering up to 20000 ft². So even if your boat has several docks and levels, this signal booster mobile phone will perfectly do its job. Just pay attention to the possible necessity to add more indoor antennas to your standard signal booster mobile phone kit. Additional indoor antennas allow you to distribute signals equally among docks and floors.

Among other notable characteristics to mention there are two types of power adapters includes – 12V and 220V - as well as all other accessories for fast setup and easy usage: an inside panel antenna with cable, an outside omnidirectional antenna with a cable and mounting accessories. Thanks to both manual and automatic gain control, the efficiency of the signal repeater will always be at maximum. The shut-off function of the signal booster is created for preventing the system fro breaking down due to incorrect installation or some critical errors, the system will simply turn off. More details can be found in the manual.

9. Nikrans LCD-350 3G – 3G Internet

Now take a look at the most popular 3G signal booster model – Nikrans LCD-350 3G. In spite of growing popularity of 4G technology, 3G data transmission still has large influence and is used by most mobile users within the United Kingdom. The coverage capacity of this mobile signal repeater is 3800 ft², which is ideal for middle-sized premises like private houses, apartments, offices, cafes and pubs, stores or other business locations.

The 3G signal booster Nikrans LCD-350 3G works at the standard 3G HSPA band of 2100 MHz and suits for EE, O2, Vodafone, Tesco and all other UK carriers without exceptions. Moreover, ordering this mobile repeater you get a full kit with all the necessary components – an indoor ceiling antenna with a cable, an outdoor directional antenna with a cable, a power adapter and mounting brackets. So simply unpack your mobile phone signal booster, read the manual and connect the system as described.

Most users also like the modern design and compact dimensions of the mobile phone booster. The LCD display not only looks great but also has large informative importance, it shows setup tips, possible errors with solutions, information about the signal booster mobile phone functioning. Another useful feature of the mobile booster Nikrans LCD-350 3G is support of multiple users at the same time without losing service quality.

3G Signal Amplifier Nikrans LCD-3503G
Coverage: 3800 ft²  ·  1 Band (3G)

10. Nikrans LCD-150D – Calls & 4G

Many UK carriers use 1800 MHz band for GSM connection, which is unusual frequency for most of the Europe, so in the UK there is high demand on a signal booster LCD-150D exactly for this frequency band. Besides, Nikrans LCD-150D can serve you also as a 4g signal booster on condition that your carrier uses the same band (1800 MHz DCS) for LTE 4G data transmission.

Nikrans LCD-150D is a basic mobile phone booster model that is able to cover small areas of about 1700 ft², so this mobile phone repeater is recommended for apartments, studios, pubs and other small-sized locations.

Nikrans LCD-150D signal booster is the best-seller for EE and Virgin in the UK. Its compact design and LCD display also add attractiveness to this mobile booster model. Thanks to the LCD display you can see all important notifications and hints that will help during installation and will facilitate usage process. What is no less important, you can save energy thanks to the sleep mode that passes the device into stand-by mode when mobile connection is not used, then the signal booster mobile phone returns in working mode automatically when mobile activity is detected.

The mobile repeater LCD-150D comes in a full set with antennas, cables and mounting accessories, so you don’t need to buy anything separately.


The above mentioned signal booster models are only a tip of the iceberg. Mobile-Signal-Boosters can offer everyone a signal booster model by individual needs and preferences. Let professional specialists make a customized solution for your case.

Popular Customers Enquiries about Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Will a mobile repeater work with Vodafone/EE/Tesco?

There are multiple mobile phone signal boosters on the telecommunications market nowadays, so you shouldn’t even doubt that you will find a signal booster exactly for your case. Firstly, any signal booster supports one or several frequency bands that correspond to the working bands of certain providers. Few customers know such technical details, so we have already analyzed these data for you and have systematized all mobile phone booster models by carriers. On Mobile-Signal-Boosters you can shop by UK carrier without wasting time on additional research.

Can a mobile network signal booster really boost my signal?

No doubts. For that you simply need to correctly choose a signal booster model and, of course, follow all installation tips. There is a very important condition to observe: make sure that you mount an outdoor antenna on a high position where incoming signals are normal, in simpler words, where your phone can get at least 2 bars of signal. Otherwise, a signal booster will have nothing to catch and to boost. A signal booster coverage capacity shall also be adequate for your place, Nikrans offers a vast array of models from 1400 ft² up to 33000 ft².

Can I install my signal booster on my own?

Yes, you can. The process is described in details in a manual for your signal booster model. So we simply recommend you to read the manual before you start the setup. Also, Nikrans boosters of the last generation have a smart LCD screen that guides you through the installation process. And of course, you always have a professional support team online. Simply call or write us to get assistance and receive answers on your possible questions.

Shall I choose 3G or 4G mobile phone internet booster?

We have all of the mentioned types of mobile signal boosters, and your choice depends only on your preferences and needs. If you need a signal booster only for mobile Internet, and your phone shows normally the icon of 3G or H or H+? then opt for a 3G signal booster because this signal type is well supported in your area. In case you can see LTE 4G icon on your screen, then 4G technology is supported in your place and by ordering and installing a 4G signal booster you will make your 4G Internet more stable. Nevertheless, if the decision is really difficult for you, you are free to choose a universal signal booster model for both signal types – 3G + 4G LTE. The same with GSM calls. We offer many mobile signal boosters that are able to support calls and mobile Internet at the same time.

Can I use a home signal booster in my RV?

Unfortunately not, such a solution will never be effective. The major difference between home and car signal booster sets is different power supply mode and antennas mounting system. Portable mobile booster sets for cars usually have omnidirectional out-of-car antenna on a strong magnet that is fixed on the car top. At the same time home signal booster antennas are usually directional, which means that they shall be mounted in a direction of the nearest cell tower of your carrier. Another difference is power supply. Car signal booster is powered into a cigar lighter and has 12V of power, while a home signal booster requires 220V power supply. All in all, we always recommend to choose an appropriate signal booster for each purpose and situation.

Shall I buy any accessories additionally to a mobile repeater standard kit?

We pack up every mobile repeater with all the necessary accessories: an outdoor antenna with a 10-20m cable, an indoor antenna with a 5-10m cable, a mobile repeater itself, a power supply and mounting brackets. So normally you shall simply order a standard kit, and it’ll be ready-to-use out of the box. However, we offer additional accessories by your wish and needs. Directly on a product page you can configure your kit by adding extra cabling or a lightning protector. Concerning additional antennas, it’s not as simple as cabling and requires the usage of splitters, so in this case we ask you to contact our sales managers and describe your idea. The manager will send you a customized solution with a required number of antennas for your mobile repeater kit.

Mobile-Signal-Boosters Overview

The Nikrans brand has proven its popularity and high quality during over a decade of sales all over the world. Multiple reviews and customers stories prove our loyalty to clients and professional approach. We never stop and constantly add new mobile repeater solutions to our catalog. Nikrans mobile booster sets are compatible with all UK carriers – Tesco, Virgin, O2, Vodafone, BT and many others. And even when new networks appear on the UK market, we always keep up-to-date and develop new signal booster models for newcomers.

In our vast catalog there are signal boosters both for home and business use. According to our data, almost half of our clients buy signal booster kits for their homes, apartments, summer houses and frequently for parents’ houses. As for business use, typical places to use a signal booster are pubs, offices, cafes. There is one more type of users who buy signal booster systems for enormous premises like a department store, manufacture, office building, entertainment center and other large locations that require specific customized signal booster solution.

Many mobile users nowadays dig into the health topic profoundly and the safety of a signal booster is highly important for them. The Nikrans brand puts safety first, which is why all Nikrans signal booster models pass rigorous examination at the factory and 5-step assesment. Then every signal booster shall pass international comprobation of quality and receive CE and RoHS certificates confirming their highest quality.

Concluding the narration, we want to highlight that signal booster systems are the only proven and effective way to boost mobile signals in a house, office, car or boat. Lots of our clients have said that when talking to their carriers they got only vague responses and no solutions. They were obliged to wait for years without any improvement. In many cases switching to another carrier does not help eiter. So if you don’t want to wait when your carrier resolves the issue, the best decision will be to order and install a signal booster by yourself. This will resolve your signal problems effectively once and for all.