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4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK

Image 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK
Image 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK
4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 1 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 2 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 3 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 4 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 5 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 6 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 7 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO in UK image 8
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Indoor coverage: 2700 ft²

2 Band 4G
In stock
  • Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO signal booster,
  • indoor ceiling antenna+ 5m cable,
  • outdoor beautification yagi antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply
Indoor cable:
Outdoor cable:
Lightning protection:
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Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO is a cutting-edge mobile phone signal booster that is designed to help you deal with poor mobile connection. This 4G signal amplifier is intended for improving your mobile carrier’s 4G/LTE network signal and enhancing your mobile internet experience. The 4G mobile signal booster LCD250-4G-PRO operates at the frequency bands of 800 MHz and 2600 MHz which makes this model compatible with the majority of operators in Europe, including the United Kingdom.

This single band mobile phone booster can become an excellent option for those who don’t want to put up with bad mobile internet any more. Amplifying your 4G/LTE signal, LCD250-4G-PRO will give you an opportunity to enjoy seamless internet connection, fast browsing, speedy data exchange, excellent work of mobile apps, high quality of video calls and many-many other things you use your mobile phone for. Having such a powerful home mobile signal booster of a new generation, you can leave your fears to miss some important messages or emails aside. With LCD250-4G-PRO you will always stay connected even if your house or office is situated in the area with poor 4G signal coverage.

Given the area that the improved signal can be spread across (up to 2700 ft²), this model can be used in apartments, small private houses, shops, cafes and offices. We can guarantee you the highest quality of this 4G signal booster and its absolute safety which is proved by the granted RoHS and CE certificates.

Among the most important characteristics of LCD250-4G-PRO it’s worth mentioning the following ones:

  • You will never have any problems with installation of this booster or adjusting its settings. All the information will be shown on its LCD display.
  • LCD250-4G-PRO controls a signal level automatically in accordance with the incoming signal power.
  • The signal booster can reduce energy consumption. When it is not used, it enters a sleep mode.
  • LCD250-4G-PRO doesn’t need too much free space to be installed; it is a very compact device with a modern design.

If you order LCD250-4G-PRO, you will forget that you have ever faced with 4G signal problems in your house or office.

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Coverage: 2700 ft²
Up-link freq: 831-861 & 2500-2570
Down-link freq: 791-821 & 2620-2690
Up-link Gain: 60 dB
Down-link Gain: 65 dB
Power Output: 12 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
IP-Code: IP50
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 274*265*58
Booster Weight: 4.2 kg
Energy Consumption: 0.03 kW/h
Power supply: Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year: 2023
Download Datasheet Download Manual

How it works

4G Signal Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO is rather simple to install. The main task for you is to determine the best place for your external antenna. As the right choice of its direction and location is the main factor for excellent performance of LCD250-4G-PRO. This external antenna will catch the signal transmitted by the nearest cell towers of your carrier. If it is installed incorrectly, the chances to catch the signal are much lower than it is needed.

Just read attentively the instructions provided in the manual that you will receive together with your cell booster and don’t miss the tips that will be displayed on the LCD screen of your device within the installment process.

4G boosters are so popular that we have developed several versions for different coverage. LCD500-4G-PRO signal amplifier is able to cover about 500m² and is especially popular for Spanish providers.

Customer Reviews

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United Kingdom
Verified Buyer

Follow the instructions and enjoy a good signal with LCD250-4G-PRO

4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO

Setting up the amplifier was a breeze, and I was able to quickly determine the optimal location for the device. As a result, my signal strength went from 2 bars to 5 bars. I often had to go outside to make a call or send a text message, and streaming anything was completely out of the question. However, after installing the 4G Amplifier Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO, my signal strength has drastically improved.

I mounted the outdoor antenna on my roof, about 25 feet from the ground, and set up the indoor antenna and booster as directed. The result? My signal went from 1-2 bars outside to a strong 4 bars inside my home! No more dropped calls or weak signals.

I was particularly impressed with the quality of the amplifier itself. Compared to other similar products I've tried in the past, the Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO is by far the best. It comes with a high-quality RG6 cable, which made a noticeable difference in signal strength compared to smaller cables with SMA connectors.

In conclusion, I have found the Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO to be an exceptional device that has significantly improved my 4G signal strength. I confidently recommend this amplifier to anyone looking for a reliable solution to their signal issues.

Case Studies

I needed my signal to be stable to always stay in touch with my big family, and the fact that the signal was interrupting all the time and sometimes my phone couldn’t catch it at all, was upsetting and annoying me. When I eventually came across Mobile-signal-boosters and read the information about signal repeaters, I somehow knew it would be a perfect solution in my situation, and I wasn’t wrong about that.

Mark Davet, Kendal

I work at a small independent studio that develops cell phone apps. Due to the kind of work we do, we need good internet connection all the time at our office. When we moved into another office, we discovered that it was located in a place where Freedom Pop signal absolutely couldn’t reach us. It was frustrating and no one could work anymore, so our decision was to somehow make it all work in a few days.

Liz Severn, Loughborough

Despite the fact that the signal repeater is placed inside my bedroom and working all the time, I have absolutely no complaints concerning any health issues: no headaches or sleeping problems. Besides, now my cell phone signal is perfect in every room, each one of my calls has perfect quality, no matter if I’m calling someone or that someone is calling me, we hear each other perfectly.

Howard Beel , Hull

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