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Cookies Policy

What does term ‘cookies’ mean?

Whenever you visit Mobile-signal-boosters Website small data files called Cookies may be sent to your PC’s or smartphone’s browser for storing and getting further access. Due to Cookies we are able to distinguish you when you visit our website for the first time (in this case we deal with ‘session cookie’) or for the second and following times (these are ‘persistent cookies’). The main aim of our cookies is to improve your usage of Mobile-signal-boosters and make it more effective. Thanks to data collected we are able to propose you products which may interest you. Cookies also help us to improve the work of our website by providing statistics which show the main tendencies in website use. Taking into account this information we can better the content and the structure of our website. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that cookies don’t contain any personal information, their usage doesn’t pose any threat to your informational security.

What cookies categories do we use?

As it has already been mentioned Mobile-signal-boosters uses two categories of cookies. These are "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". The first category includes temporary files which are kept on your device for the session duration, i.e. only for the period when you are browsing Mobile-signal-boosters website. The second category contains cookies which are stored on your computer or smartphone for a longer period depending on the ‘life expectancy’ of a certain type of cookie and your browser settings. Sometimes such cookies can be deleted only manually. It is necessary to mention that we cannot identify you personally using the data collected by cookies regardless of the information stored.

Cookies used by Mobile-signal-boosters

Cookie TypesWhy do we need them?Are these cookies personally identifiable?

Necessary (PHPSESSID)

These cookies are strictly necessary for the proper operation of our website. They ensure trouble free functioning of Mobile-signal-boosters website and simplify your browsing. As a rule this type includes remembering printed before text, etc.

These cookies are not personally identifiable. They ensure your pleasant work with our website at its full capacity.


These are analytical cookies which allow us to see how the users navigate our website. Due to them we can study visitors’ behaviour, analyze the information provided in order to better the work of the website.

No personal data is provided by these cookies. Only anonymous information is gathered and stored by this type.


These are cookies that influence the functional performance of our website and simplify its use for you. For example, they help to remember your log in information, your location, as well as give possibility to leave comments, participate in online discussions and chat on forums. As you can see this type of cookies makes your visit at Mobile-signal-boosters more personalized. 

If you give your agreement to using these cookies they will collect certain type of personally identifiable information. In general this may be your username, profile picture some information disclosed from social networks, etc. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that we always warn our visitors about data collected and its usage. 

If you don’t agree to use these cookies you may be deprived of access to some content and the functionality of the website may suffer.

Targeting / advertising

We use these cookies in order to record your browsing at our website. They store information about the pages you have visited and the links. Later we may transfer this data further with advertising aims, or in order to offer you targeted information, tailored to your personal needs and interests. As you can see this type of cookies improves our advertising policy and helps us estimate its efficiency. 

Some of these cookies may have access to your IP address, so they may store certain types of personalized data. Please, have a look at the information below if you would like to learn more about these cookies. 

Detailed information

Session / temporary cookies – are not stored on your device after you finish browsing the website.

Permanent / persistent – are stored on your computer after the session at our website is over.

CookiesWhat is it for ?For what period are they stored on your device?Cookie Details


Analytics / Tracking

Give us information regarding your visit at Mobile-signal-boosters making it possible to track how customers use our website.

Persistent, session and first party

Google Analytics

(__ga, __gat, __gid, __utm):


Cloudflare (__cfduid): https://www.cloudflare.com/privacypolicy/

(NB! Don’t turn off this cookie because it is obligatory for Cloudflare's security features!)


Social Media / sharing

Makes it possible to comment posts, share links through simplifying your use of social media, networks and online instruments

Third Party

Facebook Connect and Facebook plugins: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/your-info-on-other

YouTube: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/policies/privacy/


Cross site tracking

Enables us to anonymously collect data regarding our visitors behaviour, such as previously browsed websites, etc.

Persistent, session and third party

Google Analytics Advertising features : http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/


Ensure online communication between Mobile-signal-boosters team and users via live chat

Persistent, session and third party

Jivochat (jv_*)


Turning off

You may reject using cookies, but we would like to warn you that in this case the functionality of Mobile-signal-boosters website may be limited and you won’t be able to experience browsing the website fully. Some functions such as log in, watching your shopping cart may become inaccessible.

Nevertheless, you can manage cookie settings by configuring your browser details. You are free to limit Google Analytics access to your data or you may prefer to be warned about cookies use. Both this options are available in your browser settings. 

Information about rejecting cookies is available in the menu bar of your browser through the "Help" tab. If you would like to find more details regarding opting out of Analytics, please go to the Google Analytics opt-out page and set up the add-on for your browser. More information about the mentioned case is available here.

We hope that the information we have provided above will help you to understand how we use cookies and why we need them. In case you brows Mobile-signal-boosters without turning cookies off or not having done the options described in this article we will regard it as if you agree with our cookies policy and the use of other related technologies by our website as well as with the possible use of your personalized data tracked by the technologies mentioned above (in compliance with the policy provided and our Privacy Policy). In case you reject the use of the technologies mentioned please be so kind to change your browser settings in order to block cookies. You may use the opting-out links provided.

Our Cookies Policy may be changed. Whenever this happens we will provide corresponding information on this page. The latest update of this Cookie Notice took place on 21 May 2018.

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