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How to boost mobile signal at home, office or anywhere

Ever since the advent of mobile phones, our everyday lives have changed considerably. Time and costs have shrunk considerably, and smartphones have further evolved how we communicate with others. Making calls to our friends, family members and business partners was the first change. Today, it has evolved much beyond that in the shape of facebook, Instagram, social media, WhatsApp, and youtube. Smartphones are very helpful in special cases such as emergencies.

Even today with the most advanced networking and wireless technology, a number of mobile users still find themselves in frustrating situations when they have limited connection or no coverage at all. This is quite evident in places like:

Most of us have experienced a poor mobile signal. The reasons for that can be different: remote distance from a mobile tower, a lot of high buildings that prevent a high-quality connection, large size of a house where the signal becomes weak in certain parts, etc. The most efficient solution for improving such situations is to boost mobile signal.

In order to meet these needs, mobile signal boosters were developed to ensure that communication with loved ones never gets affected. It is a unique wireless equipment that amplifies the incoming signal from the base station. In simpler words, it makes a “copy” of a signal and transmits it to a mobile phone, thus providing you with the best mobile signal. The ideal distance of a signal booster and the nearby tower should not be more than 35 kilometres.

How It Works

A regular mobile phone amplifier comprises of:

Listed below is the process of how signal boosters work in an easy-to-understand manner and how they boost mobile signal:

Mobile phone signal boosters usually work in two ways:

Installing a mobile phone booster isn’t difficult, however we strongly encourage you to go through the manual in order to install without any hiccups. In order to get the best performance, install the mobile signal booster at a place where signal reception is stable enough to show at least 2 bars on the smartphone.

The entire purpose of installing a signal booster is to improve network coverage and it works perfectly in remote areas with very weak coverage and constant line disruptions. No matter what type of booster you choose - be it a compact aerial booster or a classical amplification system, you will be amazed by the result.

Different amplifiers have diverse ranges of capacity and coverage, but all of them know how to ensure the best mobile phone coverage UK at your home or in the office.

The network coverage varies from one area to another. In sites with multiple buildings, more than one signal booster is recommended to expand the coverage. When it comes to capacity, each signal booster is capable of providing signals to at least 5 smartphones, with 100 being the most in premium boosters.

Fed up with poor mobile phone signal? We have a solution to your problem!

All you need to do is to get in touch with our qualified managers and you will forget about network problems once and for all!

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