Who We Are

Mobile-signal-boosters is a highly qualified team of technicians, engineers and marketing specialists. We have been successfully dealing with mobile phone repeaters for over 16 years, and we pride ourselves on being the first online marketplace to represent Nikrans amplifiers within the European Union, United States of America, Asia and Africa. Our catalog includes a wide range of mobile phone signal boosters that will give you a stable and strong connection every time and everywhere you need it. Owing to our brilliant reputation of experts in mobile phone amplifiers, to our pioneering research and customer-oriented service, Mobile-signal-boosters is rapidly gaining popularity. Every member of our team knows everything about the latest mobile technologies.

It’s been over 16 years since Mobile-signal-boosters became the absolute leader in mobile booster solutions within the United Kingdom. There are some reasons for it:

Acceptable price
One of our pluses is acceptable and fair pricing, which is due to a smart-organized chain of stocks. We know, no one wants to pay extra and we want to give you real value for money.

Client-Oriented Service
We are ready to receive and answer your questions anytime. We offer you a multi-functional support service. Before you place an order, we suggest the convenient booster or create your personal solution, then we provide all information about payments, shipping, installation and all technical settings. We strive to make you satisfied with our service.

High Quality
Every booster is ROHS, CE, UL certified. Also, we offer a two- year warranty for all our devices and thus we can freely guarantee that you’ll get the highly competent assistance.

Various assortment
Every client realizes his needs when he begins to use any mobile services. That’s why, we present a full assortment of mobile signal boosters for small, medium and large buildings, houses, offices, cars, vessels etc. Also we take into consideration different frequencies used in different regions and we are eager to propose a booster model supporting each of them.

We believe that a high-quality mobile connection is extremely important nowadays, that is why we strive to resolve the annoying problem of dropped and missed calls and texts, as well as slow Internet downloads.

In case you have any questions, requests or advice, please Contact Us.

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