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Wi-Fi Booster

Nowadays we can’t imagine a place without Wi-Fi connection — no matter whether it is a small café at the outskirts of a city or a retail shop, let alone our own houses and office buildings. Wi-Fi has become so indispensable as electricity and water supply! Still its quality may be temperamental. That may be due to some structure and design peculiarities, materials used as well as the number of devices connected.

So why you may require a Wi-Fi signal booster?

Lots of areas in your building remain without a Wi-Fi signal.

It happens that a Wi-Fi router is not able to provide a stable signal in some parts of the premises especially if the latter is quite big or has some particular design. Wi-Fi booster will certainly help to eliminate these dead spots.

Wi-Fi is too slow in some spots of the building.

Such situations are characteristic of multi storey buildings, when a Wi-Fi router is installed, for example, on the middle floor and the signal doesn’t reach upstairs or basement. It will be mainly crucial for businesses that require a permanent and fast Internet. Thus, the Wi-Fi signal booster will not only bring Internet to dead zones but will also beef up the connection speed.

Your premises are large.

It could be hard for a single Wi-Fi router to cover premises of extremely large surfaces taking into consideration that concrete weakens the signal still more. Adding a Wi-Fi repeater to the router allows to cope with this obstacle.

Thus, if you encounter all the above mentioned “symptoms”, we invite you to have a look at our best Wi-Fi boosters and choose the one that will render your wireless network just flawless!

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1. Our best Wi-Fi signal boosters work with any broadband provider

Thus, if you’ve opted for BT bundles, our MA-2000WF and MA-2500WF will perfectly serve as BT Wi-Fi booster. The same is right if you were tempted by TalkTalk deals and now have to extend the coverage, the same models will function as TalkTalk Wi-Fi booster.

2. Wi-Fi booster reviews prove their increased capacity to more devices

The Nikrans Wi-Fi extenders are able to deliver fast and reliable Wi-Fi connections simultaneously for an increased number of wireless-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, TVs, smartphones.

3. Highly performant antenna

The kit of any repeater (let it be an EE Wi-Fi booster or Vodafone Wi-Fi booster) contains a powerful antenna to extend the coverage to the specified numbers.

4. Easy set-up

The booster gets easily connected to your router via SMA port and a cable provided. Screw the antenna on the booster box, plug in the power supply and switch on the extender! Plain and simple!

5. Nikrans MA-2000WF and MA-2500WF are able to cover up to 27 000 sq. ft. thus pushing the boundaries of your Wi-Fi signal to maximum!

Fed up with poor mobile phone signal? We have a solution to your problem!

All you need to do is to get in touch with our qualified managers and you will forget about network problems once and for all!

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