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Our Customers' Testimonials about Mobile Signal Boosters

 ·  Kelly (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD600-GSM+4G

Not bad

In general, I am satisfied with the model. I use it in an apartment with a complex layout. I have no complaints about its work. It is very convenient to use and easy to install. The complete set includes all you need for a proper set-up. Nothing is bought additionally. Works without disconnections, although sometimes the level of signal may fall to 2-3 bars.
Hi Kelly, thanks for the feedback. Your opinion means much to us. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Jacob Thompson (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  NS-2000-Smart

Multi-purpose amplifier

I've chosen this booster because it's a multi-purpose amplifier. Improves all types of signal, covers huge areas, and has both manual and automatic gain control. It's 100% worth its money.
Hello Jacob, thank you for the review. Your opinion is very important for us. With best regards, sales team.

 ·  Amanda (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  NS-2500GW

Short cable

The coverage area of the booster is 2000 m2, and the length of the indoor antenna cable included in the standard set is only 5 m. This was too short for our hotel and we had to buy additional cable in order to connect the device.
Dear Amanda, thanks for leaving the review. We have an option to customize your order on our website. Please, contact us in case you need help. Regards, support team.

 ·  David R. (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  NS-300GD

Works with all UK providers

I have this booster in my small shop and it works perfectly. Amplifies signal for all Uk providers and ensures stable connection. Recommended!
Hi David, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with the product. Wishing you all the best, sales team.

 ·  Henry Gray (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  NS-5000GDW

Efficient solution

This is a 100% hit, the most efficient solution possible. I don’t think that you can find an analogue in its class, and you will hardly find it at the same price. Of course, this is not the best amplifier, but it is definitely better than many others with the same price and the same characteristics.
Dear Henry, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you liked the product. With best wishes, sales department.

 ·  Julia Connolly (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD-800GD

Good product

I agree with people who say that it’s a useful thing. The repeater improves signal well. The only thing I’d like to emphasize is that in order to get stable coverage and to ensure proper work of the booster you need to direct it not towards the window, but towards the base station. If you still can’t make out how it works, I advise calling a technician.
Dear Julia, we are glad to receive your review. Keep on enjoying the product. With best wishes, support team.

 ·  Daniel D.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD400-GSM+4G

Price is bit high

I completely agree with people, who say that the device is a bit expensive, but the price can probably be justified by the fact that it works without errors and ensures stable GSM and 4G around the area. I went from 1 bar in the house to stable 4.
Dear Daniel, thank you very much for sharing your opinion. It is very important for us. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Lewis D.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD-500GW

Effective but bit expensive

The booster is perfect for my metal roofed house. It upped my signal to 3-4 bars inside. Though i find it's a bit pricey.
Hi, Lewis! Thank you very much for the feedback. We are happy that the booster works good for you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Cliff Bohne  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD-150D

Worth a try

I live in an area where Virgin Mobile service is spotty. Making calls require additional effort. Well, I chose this booster and spent the money. I had to go up and down the ladder more than 100 times for installation. The result? LCD-150D works. I went from zero to one GSM bar to consistent 3-4 bars of GSM as well as LTE. It is a full improvement over what I had but, for the money, I was expecting more. If you don’t have internet service and want enhanced cell service, give it a try. Maybe it is just what you need. Anyway, good luck with your effort. And another thing to keep in mind, the open signal app is useful in finding the direction of the tower you are receiving. In my case, the tower I thought was mine was another provider’s one.
Dear Cliff, we appreciate your review. Thanks and regards, Support team.

 ·  Grays P.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  NS-2000-Smart

Nice service

I got it very quickly and in a good condition. The service is very nice at the company. The manager provided detailed information on all the models available and helped me choose the one which was the most suitable for my case. She was very polite and patiently answered all my questions. I’m very thankful! Everything works very well, without any problems and errors. It’s just what I have been looking for.
Dear Grays, thank you for leaving a review. We are glad to have pleased you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Finn K.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD600-GSM+4G

Ensures stable connection

The model ensures effective work of all mobile apps and stable GSM connection. It’s compatible with all operators (at least with those of our friends as well) and doesn’t occupy much space or overloaded with wires.
Dear Finn, thank you for leaving a review. Hope to see you at our store again. Best regards, support team.

 ·  Isabella J.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD-800

Safe and Effective

For me the safety of the device was very important as I have three little children. The manager on the phone explained that the product conforms to safety standards and doesn’t emit any radiation. So I decided to go for it and satisfied with the equipment so far.
Dear Isabella, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you again. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Charlie (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  LCD800-GSM+4G

Good Amplifier

This is my second booster. The first one was LCD600-GSM+4G and I also used it in the office. But not so long ago we had to move the office, and the current one is larger, so the previous booster didn’t manage to cover the whole area. This model, LCD800-GSM+4G, is good. It covers the whole office with a stable signal. Our employees like it!
Hello Charlie, we are happy to know that you are satisfied with the product. With best wishes, sales department.

 ·  Pierre Reyes  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  NS200-GSM+4G

Huge signal improvement

It gave me a lot of improvement with my very weak signal. It’s a very good device for homes that have metal roof, like ours. Me and my wife used to have maximum of two signal bars on any of our devices, now we have three (in the worst case) and more. This product gives us everything that we expected from it, and we both think that it really does help to have longer battery life on our cell phones.
Hi, Pierre! It’s good to know that you and your wife appreciate our product so much and it helped you a lot! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Paul Hardman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  22-09-2023  ·  NS-Smart-Boats

Not bad

The booster works without interruptions. The set included all I had ordered. The cables length was okay for my vehicle. I haven’t installed additional antennas yet, as the repeater covers the needed area.
Dear Paul, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you again. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Lilies  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  NS-500GD

The wrong length

I ordered the booster with a kit of components last month. Everything was great, the order came too fast, but they mixed up or forgot that I wanted a cable for an outdoor antenna with additional 17ft, otherwise, the antenna was observed from the front side of a house. Luckily, I called and got another cable of appropriate length the next day and, undoubtedly, I easily installed the device.
Dear Lilies, thank you for your opinion. We apologize once again for misunderstanding. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  Curtis Waite  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD-1000GDW

Good product

I like the booster. I received my order very fast. The product was well packed, although the package was a bit damaged. Fortunately, the booster came safe and sound. I have already installed the booster and checked it for several operators. It works perfectly, without any interruptions. The nearest base station of my operator is in 4-5 kilometers and the level of GSM is always 5 bars. 4G is good also. Thank you for a good product!
Dear Curtis, thank you for the review. We are glad to have been helpful to you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Amelia Ness  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  NS-150GW

Improves signal

My countryside house is located in “black zone”. I had no connection, only in a few places on the first floor. And now I can sit in the terrace, drink a cup of coffee and have a chat on the phone. It’s fascinating!
Dear Amelia, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are happy with the result. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Zak Peterson  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD500-4G-PRO

Boosts signal well

Dear friends, I would like to share my experience with you. I bought this booster to increase poor 4G in my villa. I installed it last week. I bought it to improve just 4G, because voice connection was more or less satisfactory. Moreover, the amplifiers which improve only one type of signal are much cheaper than those which enhance several ones. After using this booster, I can tell you that it really works! I can enjoy perfect 4G in my villa, no matter in which room and on which floor I am. I can move around without being afraid to lose the signal. The booster even improves internet connection in the underground premises, although the signal there isn’t as strong as upstairs.
Dear Zak, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that the device was useful to you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Tom  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD-300GW

Good Store

This company is reliable. It has a wide range of models on offer. They often propose sales and discounts. Like this!
Dear Tom, thank you very much for leaving a feedback! We are glad to receive such a warm review from you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Joseph G.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD800-GSM+4G

Good Supplier

I’ve been using it for half a month, everything is ok so far. I had a few problems during the installation, but after a call to the support center the problem was settled. It turned out that I had chosen a wrong place for the outdoor antenna.
Dear Joseph, thank you for the feedback. In case you need any help, feel free to contact us. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Paul (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  NS-Smart-Boats

Thought it would be larger

I was so surprised to discover that this is a compact device and not a large amplifying system. However, the size didn't influence the effectiveness. The level of mobile signals is stable even if I sail far from the coastline. No disconnections, no poor reception!
Dear Paul, thank you for your review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Wishing you all the best, sales department.

 ·  Lily P. (Spain)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD-400D

100 out of 100

It was this model that I was going to buy myself and it was the model that the manager recommended to me when I described the situation to him (poor mobile coverage in the village house, insecure network signal, barely live Internet). I like the device. But be attentive this booster amplifies only one frequency - 1800 MHz.
Hi Lily, we are happy to receive your review. Keep on enjoying the stable signal. Wishing you all the best, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters

 ·  Malthe (Denmark)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD-130

Amazing choice of boosters

I believe that this company has the widest choice of mobile signal amplifiers. They even have boosters for vehicles! Although I have purchased a booster for home, I’m sure that I'll come here again to choose one more for my office and one for my car. It looks like I’m going to be booster-addicted!
Hi Malthe, we are glad to receive your review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Wishing you all the best, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.

 ·  Helen Roberts (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD250-4G-D

Doesn’t work with Talk Mobile

Be attentive! The amplifier doesn’t work with Talk Mobile network. Actually, we bought it to boost EE network signal, and we had no problems with it. But one day a friend of mine came to our place, and he used Talk Mobile and we realized that the booster was useless in amplifying the signal for this network.
Dear Helen, the model is suitable for all UK operators, except Talk Mobile. Please, feel free to contact us in case you need help. With best wishes, support team.

 ·  David O. (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD-300GD

Works perfectly

I’d like to leave this review and to tell the world that this is a fantastic device! It works perfectly, without any interruptions, errors, disconnections, etc. I recommend this booster to everyone who constantly suffers from signal problems. I used to feel the same and now I enjoy full bars!
Hello David, thank you for leaving the feedback. Your opinion is very important for us. Kindest regards, sales department.

 ·  Agapia S. (Greece)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD800-GSM+4G

Good compatibility

The booster works well with several operators at GSM 900 MHz and LTE 800 MHz. It’s not bad in general. The LCD display shows system data and it’s really convenient. I like the energy saving mode, it helps save energy when we are not using the booster, for example, when we are not at home. We have no problems with it.
Hello Agapia, thank you for the feedback. Your opinion is very important for us. With best wishes, sales department.

 ·  Samuel Nolan (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD-800GD

With LCD

The model is rather good. It has an LCD screen which significantly simplifies the installation. All system data and errors are also displayed here. Another great advantage is the auto-adjustment function, which helps prevent self-excitation. And one more thing, but no less important - the device is absolutely safe for people and the surrounding area.
Appreciated Samuel, we are glad to receive your review. Your opinion means much to us. Regards, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.

 ·  Justin K.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  NS-Smart-Boats

Unlimited number of users

I was surprised to discover that the number of people who can benefit from the improved signal on board the ship is unlimited. Undoubtedly, this is a great plus for tourist sector ships.
Dear Justin, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you next time. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Olivia B. (Lithuania)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  NS-5000GD

Cheaper than NS-5000GDW

This model is cheaper than NS-5000GDW, although they have one and the same coverage capacity. Works without any complaints! I see no difference!
Appreciated Olivia, this model differs from NS-5000GDW in the number of bands supported. NS-5000GD supports only two frequencies, while NS-5000GDW is a triband booster.

 ·  Karl Del Campo  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  NS-300GW

So happy I bought it.

I live in a valley, and had two bars of cell service at best. The installation takes some time. Now it works fantastically. All the components look of good quality. I now have full bars in the house.
Dear Karl, we are glad to know you are enjoying the amplifier! Kind regards, Support team.

 ·  Soren Volz  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  NS-300GW

Wish we had installed it earlier!

To say that we are impressed would be an understatement. It did the job perfectly! The installation instructions were very clear. The process went fairly quickly and smoothly.
Dear Soren, Thank you for your feedback, it means a lot to us! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Oscar (Lithuania)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  21-09-2023  ·  LCD-300

Only for GSM

I didn’t notice that the booster was suitable only for GSM signal amplification. It actually doesn’t improve 3G and 4G. I first wanted to change it for another one, but then I just bought one more and gave this one to my parents. They live in the village and the level of mobile signal there is awful. They don’t need to improve mobile internet, so LCD-300 is ideal for them. And I installed LCD-300GDW, which improves not only voice connection but 3G as well. Both the boosters are effective.
Appreciated Oscar, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that both you and your parents are satisfied with the products. Wishing you all the best, sales department.

 ·  Eva R.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  NS350-GSM+4G

More than just effective

This booster is a real salvation for those who have to work in office with poor mobile coverage and have no mobile internet at all. It changed my life and my business. Now I’m always in touch when at the office. It’s great!
Dear Eva, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you next time. Best regards, Ыupport team.

 ·  Sarah Booth (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  NS-5000GDW

Reliable device

I own a private business center, which deals with real estate management. For me the quality of mobile signal is one of the most crucial issues in business, as it largely depends on communication with partners and clients. So when we moved to this office building, and i realized that the quality of mobile connection was poor I decided to install a booster. A friend of mine advised trying Nikrans models. We’ve chosen NS-5000GDW as it has large coverage and it improves all types of signal. So to say - universal model. We have been using it for two months already and we are happy with its work.
Appreciated Sarah, we are glad to have been useful to your business. Respectfully, the team of Mobile-signal-booster

 ·  Mandy Stuart  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  NS-1100GDW

Stable connection

I could only dream about mobile internet at work before this booster. Now we enjoy perfect voice connection and even 3g, which used to be a dream for us. I didn’t even expect it!
Dear Mandy, thank you for the review. Keep on enjoying it! Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Nora Mason  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD-GDW-Boats

Small indoor coverage

The indoor coverage is only 500 m2, and it’s too small for my yacht. I think that’s better to take LCD-GD-Boats which covers twice larger territory. Perhaps, I’ll change it.
Dear Nora, thank you for the feedback. Feel free to contact us in case you decide to change the booster model. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  Lucy (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  NS-300-Multi

Nice service

It was a pleasure to work with Mobile signal boosters. Customer-oriented approach and high quality product. Wishing you prosperity and success!
Hi Lucy, thank you for the review. Looking forward to your next visit. With best regards, the team of Mobile signal boosters.

 ·  Lora Thompson (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD500-4G-D

Complicated installation

This model differs a bit from the one I had before. I couldn't make out how the antennas should be connected without the manual. Fortunately, there are a lot of useful videos on YouTube, where people explain how to connect all the elements properly.
Hello Lora, thank you for your feedback. Please feel free to contact us in case you need help. With best regards, support team.

 ·  Amanda T. (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD-300L

Highly recommended

I simply want to say that this product is 100% worth its money. Works well with no interruptions.
Hi Amanda, thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with the product. With best regards, the team of Mobile signal boosters.

 ·  Barrett Williams  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD-GD-Boats

Powerful Omnidirectional Antenna

This marine booster comes with a very powerful omnidirectional outside antenna, which catches signal in 360 degrees around the ship. Even when I’m 30km away from the coastline, it still works perfectly!
Dear Barrett, thank you for the review. Keep on enjoying it! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Olivia Forman  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  NS-300GD

Wide coverage

My parents bought the model for our villa last month. It's worth to mention that it significantly improved the signal reception all over the place when before we had some trouble in the garden and a swimming pool area. That's amazing we could watch movies in the yard online using a huge projector. It seems life has become more fascinating and we even could comfortably organize a party some weeks ago.
Hi Olivia, thank you for the feedback. We are pleased to be able to help you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Ruby A.  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD1200-4G-PRO

Good for crowded areas

I am a manager of a bowling club and I could always hear a complaint of clients about poor reception and a weak 4g signal when it wasn't possible to browse the Internet. I talked to my boss and he bought this booster with two antennas – indoor and outdoor, cables with a 3-year warranty. Fortunately, it performs excellently. Even I noticed because I can make business calls from an office and don't need to jump or run in catching a signal. 4 bars out of 4 are provided.
Dear Ruby, thank you for choosing our company. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Diana Jones  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD500-4G-PRO

Works only for 4G

What a big mistake I’ve done by thinking that this booster will help me to get rid of poor voice connection! It turned out to improve only 4G and I needed the one, which improved both GSM and mobile internet. The good news was that the company agreed to change the booster for the model which suited me. It’s with LCD screen and the same coverage but this time with three working frequencies not two.
Dear Diana, thank you for the feedback. Feel free to contact us whenever you need. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Zachariah Dalton  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  NS-300-Smart

Excellent signal

Ever since I bought the Nikrans NS-300-Smart, every room of my house has high-quality signal. Even the bathroom and the basement. My kids are very happy, since the basement has always been their playroom.
Hello Zachariah! We’re happy that you and your family enjoy the good signal now! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Tony Lucken  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD-1200GD

Satisfied with reception

I purchased the amplifier for my vacation home. It took me about 15 minutes to hook this thing up. The device is definitely a game-changer. It’s great not to have to go upstairs to call or text.
Dear Tony, thank you for the review, we greatly appreciate it. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Karen Smith  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD-800GD

Amplifies Indeed

For those who hesitate whether it really works I can say that yes, it works. The only thing is that you need to find the best direction for the outdoor antenna, so that it should face the nearest provider’s mast.
Dear Karen, thank you for leaving feedback. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  Julia Owen (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD-300GD

Acceptable quality

The product is of an acceptable quality, although I can’t say that it’s 100% what I expected. The set included the booster box, which actually seemed a bit outfashioned to me, antennas, cables, and a manual. In general, it works without errors.
Dear Julia, thank you for leaving a review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Kindest regards, sales team.

 ·  Antonio (Italy)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  NS-150GW

Not bad

The goods arrived within the promised period. The user manual was a bit complicated for me, so I had to spend a lot of time trying to install it correctly. However, I managed to do that. The only negative thing about the product is that it amplifies the signal, but the internet speed is lost from time to time.
Hello Antonio, we are glad to receive your feedback. Feel free to contact us in case you need help. Wishing you all the best, support team.

 ·  Kurt (Germany)  ·  Verified Buyer  ·  20-09-2023  ·  LCD-1000GDW

Short cable

The booster set includes two indoor ceiling antennas and the cables in the standard set are 5 m and 10 m. In my case 5 m was too short to install the device properly, I had to look for a longer cable additionally.
Dear Kurt, thank you for the feedback. It's possible to customize your order online. Please, if you have any questions, contact us. Best regards, support team.

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