We are so accustomed to having a stable mobile connection regardless of our location that even the smallest issues can cause the strongest disappointment and irritation. And of course, if you have any problems with your signal at some locations where you spend a lot of time, like or home or the office, it can drive you crazy.

Why can your signal be weak?

Usually, when we understand that our connection is far not the best one and that we can’t send messages or our relatives and friends can’t reach us because our smartphone is not able to catch the signal, we start blaming our operators. And many of us even start looking for offers from other carriers. But it is not the best idea. Why? 

The reason is quite simple. There are a lot of factors that can influence the quality of your signal. And very often, it’s not even a fault of your operator that your connection is not strong enough for making calls or surfing the net.

Among other factors that have an impact on the quality of your connection, we should mention:

  • landscape peculiarities of your area;
  • constriction materials used for building your house;
  • the thickness of walls;
  • weather peculiarities;
  • location of your flat;
  • and many-many others.

Of course, we should admit that the connection in rural and remote areas can be weaker than in cities and towns as the quality of connection also depends on the distance between your location and the nearest cell tower. But sometimes even when you live quite close to a cell tower, one of the above-mentioned factors still can spoil the quality of your connection. And in such a case, even if you change your service provider, the situation is unlikely to improve. 

Nevertheless, does it mean that you can’t enjoy a good connection at all? If you think so, we need to tell you that you are not right. You still have huge chances to enjoy a fully stable and powerful signal, especially if you know about such devices as mobile signal boosters.

But in case you haven’t heard about such boosters, let us tell you a little bit about them and their capacities.

Mobile signal boosters: How can you use these devices?

Signal boosters, or amplifiers, are devices that are able to improve your connection by catching the signal transmitted by your operator, making it stronger, and further sending it to your smartphone.

It is possible thanks to a special configuration of the boosters. Though there are a lot of models of these devices, the majority of modern devices have the same configuration.

  • One outdoor antenna (it will catch the signal)
  • One booster box (it will increase the power of the signal)
  • One indoor antenna (it will send the signal to mobile devices). 

All the elements are connected with coaxial cables. But for smartphones, to be able to use the improved signal, there is no need to be connected to any often elements via a cable or anything like that.

It is worth noting that such boosters can have different coverage areas. And sometimes to ensure a good connection within the entire coverage area amplifiers have two or even three indoor antennas.

Different models can also help you to solve various signal issues. There are devices for increasing the power of GSM, 3G, 4G, and 5G signals. What’s more, you should know that while some boosters can improve only one type of signal, some others are intended for working with different networks at the same time.

Boosters are designed to work with particular frequency bands, not operators. But the fact is that, as a rule, all major operators in the region use the same frequencies. And it means that even if you and all your family members use the services of different operators, you can install only one device and you will be able to enjoy the improved connection.

Final word

Mobile signal boosters can be viewed as one of the best solutions for dealing with signal issues. You do not need to have any technical knowledge or skills to install and use them. Moreover, when you buy a high-quality device on a website of a reliable seller, you can be fully sure that it is safe and absolutely not harmful to your health to have such a booster at home.