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Don't get desperate with Three signal problems! A way out exists!

Don't get desperate with Three signal problems! A way out exists!

Living in a new neighborhood has its perks, but its disadvantages as well. Just like that, a huge shopping mall was built next to the building where my apartment is located. A huge mall next door is convenient, but its building actually blocked my operator’s, Three, signal away from me. The mall itself is huge and tall, and its construction contains a lot of metal. The billboards around it also don’t make the situation better at all. I was going out on the balcony trying to catch some signal, and it wasn’t convenient at all.

I tried contacting Three support service, but unfortunately, they couldn’t help me, because physics isn’t in their control. And then I thought: maybe, Three poor signal isn’t a sentence, and there’s some way to enhance the existing waves as I need my GSM signal badly to contact all my friends and family members. And I was right about that: cell phone signal amplifiers exist and solve Three signal problems pretty well.

After a brief research, I decided to go with Mobile-signal-boosters for several reasons. The signal booster they offered me seemed to be an ideal solution: suitable for Three frequencies, fitting the size of my apartment perfectly, being able to enhance only the type of signal I wanted enhanced (without me needing to overpay for the things I’ll never use in the future just because there are no other models available – which almost happened to me with the other booster-selling company). I had absolutely no claims or problems during the process of choosing my signal repeater with the help of Mobile-signal-boosters manager. I had no feeling that I was somehow being scammed, even though it was an online store I’ve never heard about before, everything went well, and I eventually made the purchase.

I was promised a fast and high-quality delivery – and I got it. Everything was fine with the package, all the parts were there, including the instructions telling me how to put the device together correctly, step by step. It was a very useful thing, because I didn’t end up embarrassing myself trying to assemble a device I didn’t even know existed until the last few days. It turned out to be a very easy process even without the instructions, but they came in handy just to make sure I don’t mess something up (which, I think, was impossible).

Before it all started working, I mounted an outer antenna outside the window, connected it to the repeater with a wire, then put an inner antenna into the port and plugged the system into the socket. I decided to place it all in my living room, since it’s the “middle” room of my apartment (I decided it would make the signal spread more efficiently) and I spend a lot of time there as well.

It turned out I could have placed it in any corner, under the carpet or on the balcony – none of it would make my signal weaker now that the Three signal booster is on and running. The signal is now broadcasted all over the apartment, and my cell phone catches it perfectly even in the bathroom or when I go out for a couple of minutes to throw out the garbage bag. I’m available to any call any time of day, having not less than four signal bars anywhere inside my place, and I am very happy about that.

Mobile-signal-boosters has wonderful customer service that helps a lot and is always online, and a conveniently built website where all the information is provided and can be easily accessed. If not for their manager and detailed clear replies, I wouldn’t have known that signal repeaters are such convenient and easy-to-install devices that can be bought at a nice price and recover greatly Three poor coverage. So, huge thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters for helping me get rid of my Three signal issues and forget about the inconveniences that this newly built shopping mall has brought me.

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