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In my new apartment I had huge Lycamobile signal problems and needed to find a way out.

In my new apartment I had huge Lycamobile signal problems and needed to find a way out.

Due to some circumstances in my life, I had to move out of a bigger house and live on my own in a small one in another part of the town. And it all caused me no problems except for the cell phone signal. Which was absolutely terrible, to say the least. There were no Lycamobile signal problems at my old place, but the new apartment had severe signal issues. I was basically erased from my friends’ and family radars, because they couldn’t reach me. It frustrated not only me, but everyone, and something really needed to be done in this situation. Lycamobile technical support said that the problem was in the location itself and the buildings it was surrounded by; this is why the signal couldn’t get to me.

The Lycamobile tariff I had was really cheap, reliable and comfortable, allowing me to make as many calls as I wanted and save money, and changing it would have caused me a lot of inconveniences. But I needed my GSM and 4G signals in my apartment badly, and anyone would be desperate in my situation. My friends suggested me to look for a mobile signal amplifier, because it could help me in a situation like this. They said it could enhance the weak signal that exists somewhere around my place and make it strong and usable.

Mobile-signal-boosters were actually the first company that I found, and I stopped searching immediately. I didn’t know anything on the subject, but I found all the information I needed, read it, and then decided to give it a try. The model I was recommended was an ideal option for my circumstances at a very fair price that I could afford, and I liked it. I was promised that it would enhance GSM and 4G signals all around my apartment and I’ll never experience Lycamobile poor signal anymore, no matter what room I’ll be in.

I didn’t have to wait too long for my order to arrive. Just as it was promised on Mobile-signal-boosters’ website, it was delivered very quickly – in three days. I wasn’t expecting it this early (and I totally forgot about the tracking number while being busy with other things), so it was a really pleasant surprise. All the parts that were needed to amplify my poor signal were there, in the package, including all the necessary wires and a power source, the signal repeater, and its two antennas – the inside one and the outside one.

It was very easy to put the signal repeater together with the user manual that was in the package as well. All the ports were marked so I didn’t mess anything up, but, to be honest, I think it would have been hard to mess up anyways, even if I never looked at the manual. It’s a very intuitive process and there aren’t too many steps. The outer antenna, placed outside my window, is connected to my booster with a wire, and I placed the booster inside my bedroom where the window is, because it was the most logical place that combined closeness to both the power socket and to the window.

Despite the fact that the signal repeater is inside my bedroom and working all the time, I have absolutely no complaints concerning any health issues. No headaches, no sleeping problems and no other changes in my body. Besides, now my cell phone signal is perfect in every room, each one of my calls has perfect quality, no matter if I’m calling someone or that someone is calling me, we hear each other perfectly. It’s extremely comfortable and I learned once again to appreciate modern technology and how very useful it is, particularly in my case with Lycamobile poor coverage.

Mobile-signal-boosters helped me a lot, and, I think, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal without their manager who assisted me on my way. The manager was the one who persuaded me that my Lycamobile signal issues can be solved and helped me choose the suitable repeater model. I also received all the answers to all the questions that I had about signal repeaters, even the most obvious ones. The manager was quick, polite and very helpful. I’m really happy with my purchase from Mobile-signal-boosters and can enjoy a comfortable life with good stable GSM and 4G signals.

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