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GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130

Image GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130 SALE
Image GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130
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Download Datasheet How to install mobile repeater
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Indoor coverage: 1400 ft²

1 Band GSM
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  • Nikrans LCD-130 booster,
  • indoor antenna,
  • outdoor antenna + 16m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual
Indoor cable:
Outdoor cable:
Lightning protection:
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£195 £145 You save: £50

Compatible with operators in the UK and Worldwide

For more than 10 years, our boosters have been helping people in the UK, European Union, Asia, and Africa to successfully solve their mobile signal issues. We are doing our best to follow all the latest tech trends to meet the demands of users in different regions. If you want to choose the best model for you, just contact us and we will help to find a booster that will be compatible with operators in your country!

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Nikrans LCD-130 GSM Booster is one of the latest mobile signal amplifiers that Nikrans has to offer. A smart LCD screen displays the most important parameters of the device such as:

  • Error notifications
  • Installation guide

Compatible with most of the UK and Irish network operators such as Vodafone, O2 and Eir, it operates at a standard 900 MHz frequency. While specifically designed for improving GSM coverage for voice calls, it also boosts 3G signals, provided your 3G connection also operates at the 900 MHz frequency. With a coverage area of about 130 m² (1400 ft²), it is ideal for garages, small offices, homes, shops, and underground cafes, etc.

Here are some of the best features of Nikrans LCD-130:

  • LCD display. Thus, no need to rely on guesswork when you can see the device activity in real-time using an LCD screen. An intelligent display also shows the installation guide.
  • Energy saving mode. When the device is not used, it goes into sleep mode and the screen turns off automatically.
  • Compact and effective. Small size, light weight and modern design of this booster will make it a stylish accessory in your office or home. The LCD display makes it easier than ever for you to keep an eye on the device activity.
  • 100% safe for human usage. All of Nikrans boosters are CE and RoHS complied for safety standards. Hence, they emit zero harmful radiations.

Buy Nikrans LCD-130 booster now for the best GSM and 3G coverage on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


Coverage: 1400 ft²
Up-link freq: 880-915
Down-link freq: 925-960
Up-link Gain: 40 dB
Down-link Gain: 50 dB
Power Output: 10 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
IP-Code: IP40
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 158*95*30
Booster Weight: 0.5 kg
Energy Consumption: 0.01 kW/h
Power supply: Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year: 2023
Download Manual Download Datasheet

How it works

2G GSM Phone Signal Amplifier Nikrans LCD-130 is a unique device designed for small offices, shops, apartments and rooms as its coverage area is 130 m² (1400 ft²).

As the majority of other models, LCD-130 functions thanks to two antennas and a booster box connected with the help of coaxial cables. An alternative Nikrans model is offered for Italy and is entitled NS-150 GSM signal amplifier.

A very specific feature that this mobile signal booster has is an LCD screen which will display data on the device activity and show you useful tips for installation. Following the tips displayed, you won’t have any doubts whether you have chosen the right direction for the antennas.

Don’t forget that it is necessary to fix the external antenna on the roof. And for your indoor antenna choose a location at a distance of at least 5 m away from the first antenna and 2 m up from the ground.

Customer Reviews

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United Kingdom
Verified Buyer

Enhancing Connectivity with GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130


I bought this for my mom's house. She lives not far outside the city she has a metal roof and her house picks up a terrible cell signal. She usually had to go outside to make calls and even so, it wasn't clear if she would be cut off or not.

I installed an outdoor antenna on top of her roof, the end closest to the nearest tower and placed the repeater high up on the wall in a room near the center of her house. One striking feature of the Nikrans LCD-130 is its integrated LCD screen an informative window that provides real-time insights into the elevated signal's vigor and performance.

Calls are clear, data transfers well and she still screams ""5 lanes"" every time she calls my wife. It worked well both with my mom's phone (Vodafone) and with my phone (O2) when I visit her.

In summation the GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130 proved to be an indispensable addition to my mother's domicile vanquishing the signal tribulations. A seamless installation dance, amplified signal integrity and the insightful LCD screen's grace render this booster a formidable choice for those grappling with akin cellular signal trials.


United Kingdom
Verified Buyer

Enhancing Cellular Reception with Nikrans LCD-130

GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130 GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130

Living in rural, I have long struggled with spotty cell phone service, often relying on a landline for communication. However, circumstances changed when my son secured a new job as a service technician, where access to a reliable cell signal became crucial for receiving dispatch information through a smartphone application. This compelled us to seek a solution, leading us to the remarkable GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130.

Located on our property, we identified a spot near my son's home where we had a weak signal of just one bar. With the outdoor antenna securely mounted on a pole at that location, we connected it to the booster inside his home using the provided cables. Installing the indoor antenna was a breeze, and in no time, we witnessed the transformation: a reliable, strong signal of four out of five bars was now at our disposal. My son could effortlessly use his smartphone without any restrictions, receiving his daily dispatch information in the comfort of his own home.

The Nikrans LCD-130 proved to be a hassle-free installation, thanks to its user-friendly design and clear instructions. We encountered no issues with interference or feedback between the indoor and outdoor antennas, which can be a concern in some setups. The seller and the instructions emphasized maintaining a distance of 30+ feet between the two antennas, ensuring optimal performance.

In conclusion, the GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130 delivered on its promises, providing an effective and reliable solution to our poor cell reception. It worked as advertised, enhancing our cellular connectivity and resolving the challenges we faced in our rural area. With its seamless installation, clear instructions, and impressive performance, the Nikrans LCD-130 proved to be a game-changer for us. Say goodbye to frustrating signal drops and embrace uninterrupted communication with this remarkable booster.


United Kingdom
Verified Buyer

Enhancing Cellular Connectivity with GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130

GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130

Living on a farm, we had an ongoing struggle with a barn that never seemed to receive a reliable cellular signal. It was incredibly frustrating, with missed calls and messages becoming a common occurrence. We desperately needed a solution to ensure we could stay connected while working. Amidst the overwhelming options available, I chose the GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130 for its simplicity and ease of installation. I thought that even if it didn't work, we wouldn't waste hours setting it up. However, to my delight, this booster exceeded all expectations.

Not only does it provide seamless connectivity, but it also works like a charm within the specified coverage area of 1400 square feet. The improvement in call quality is remarkable, with crystal-clear conversations that leave no room for misunderstandings. It's truly a relief to finally have a reliable signal in the barn, eliminating the need to run towards a building to catch a signal.

What's even more impressive is that the GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130 is both cost-effective and highly efficient. We didn't encounter any issues with its performance, and it has seamlessly integrated into our daily routines. It's a game-changer for anyone facing similar connectivity challenges.

In conclusion, if you're in search of an affordable and highly effective solution to boost your cellular signal, look no further than the GSM Booster Nikrans LCD-130. It has transformed our connectivity experience, providing a reliable signal and crystal-clear calls. Say goodbye to missed calls and frustrating communication hurdles - this booster delivers where it matters most.

Case Studies

When Mobile-signal-boosters sent me my purchase, I was pleasantly surprised with how little time it took for the package to arrive at my place. It contained everything that was necessary, and I didn’t have to buy any extra details that would cost me more money. The instructions that the package also contained were detailed and helped me to assemble the booster by myself and get a wonderful result at the end. James Barnes, Stafford

Mobile-signal-boosters have the best support team ever! No matter what question I had about the installation process or how signal repeaters work in general, I received honest, detailed and polite answers. They also recommended me the booster model that was cheap (and works very well despite the price), and it was extremely helpful because of my financial restrictions at the moment when I needed the booster.

Christian Johnston, Paisley

I’m a Lycamobile subscriber and it’s a really good option for me, because they offer very affordable tariff plans for students like me. So what I needed was to somehow improve the signal without changing the operator (and none of them could actually work well in a place like that). I’ve heard about cell phone signal repeaters before, but I never thought I could afford that option, until Mobile-signal-boosters changed my mind.

Stephen Priestley, Birmingham

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