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Lycamobile signal problems used to cause me a ton of troubles!

Lycamobile signal problems used to cause me a ton of troubles!

My story was very trivial from the beginning. I’m a student in the university and, as lots of us do at that age and circumstances like that, I rent a small weird apartment that was on the lowest floor of the building, partially underground. That location surely didn’t do my phone and internet signals any good. In fact, it affected them a lot in a bad way, I was out of cell phone range almost all the time, and my internet connection was extremely poor. I needed it for my studies, so all these issues irritated me a lot, slowing down my working process.

I’m an Lycamobile subscriber, and it’s a very good option, and even if I started using another operators’ services I’m not sure the signal would become better. But I still needed my 3G and GSM signals improved, because it was becoming absolutely impossible to live like that. I knew that signal repeaters exist and I knew what they were, but I never had to use them before, and I was absolutely sure that there’s no way I could afford a device like that. Until Mobile-signal-boosters actually changed my mind.

I typed in “signal boosters” quite hopelessly one day, and found a website of Mobile-signal-boosters company. Something caught my eye – maybe all the information that they had on Lycamobile signal issues, very detailed and still well-written very easy to understand? – and I kept on reading. Then, out of curiosity, I decided to ask their online support what kind of a booster they could recommend to me to cope with Lycamobile poor signal, and I was very surprised to find out that the model I saw was very affordable even in my case. I checked it again, and there were no fine prints or extra money charges for anything. I considered it an absolutely life-saving occasion and decided to go for it.

Pretty soon after I made my purchase, in four working days, my Lycamobile signal repeater was delivered to me intact, in full equipment set and very well packed. I liked the opening process, and even more I liked the fact that everything I needed was already there. I was worried that I might have to buy the wires or the power source myself, but I never had to, since everything was already included, together with the user guide, printed out on paper very nicely, the inside and outside antennas and, of course, the signal repeater itself – a small, compact and lightweight box.

After that, I needed to put it together. Since I was renting, I had to ask my landlord about that, and he didn’t let me mount the outer antenna outside, so I just placed it inside so that it would partially stick out of the window. Despite my doubts, it worked out pretty well. Then I connected it to the booster box that I placed on the table under the window (it didn’t take a lot of space at all), plugged the inside antenna in and switched it all into the nearest power socket – just as it was said in the user guide. And after that everything was working perfectly!

Ever since I plugged the booster in, the signal is great. I have four signal bars on my cell phone all the time and no one ever said I was out of cell phone range after that, no matter when they decided to call me. My internet also works without signal interruptions or speed issues. I can now do any work I need to do, find all the materials very fast, upload it on time, connect to my professors or fellow students whenever I need – all of that thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters and their team! Besides, I now can watch TV series online if I want to relax or procrastinate. I love it.

Mobile-signal-boosters website was really helpful, and I wouldn’t now be able to write this review online without the help of their customer support, who recommended me my current booster model when I told them about my Lycamobile poor coverage and needs. I didn’t even know my operator’s frequencies, and they checked it all out for me, which was extra helpful. They were quick to respond, gave me all the answers I wanted, even though at first I thought it was a bot I was chatting with, and I eventually ended up with my Lycamobile signal problems solved perfectly, just as promised.

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