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How I coped with O2 signal problems in my house

How I coped with O2 signal problems in my house

After I moved to my new house, I immediately noticed O2 signal problems that no one had warned me about before I came there. I was really upset, because owning a house in this region was my dream for a long time, and now I couldn’t get a proper (and very necessary) cell phone signal in this house because my operator’s nearest cell tower was too far away from the region I was now living in, and the region is pretty hilly in general.

My operator, O2, is actually very reliable, and I have been their client for a long period of time with no complaints, so I tried to get in contact their tech support first. Unfortunately, they told me they were unable to help me in my particular case. I really didn’t want to stop being their client, because they provide the perfect options for me at the best price I could find. I work a lot from home, so I need high-speed 4G internet together with stable GSM signal to make and receive calls from my clients, and O2 provided me all of these before. Now I had to look for an option to somehow enhance my GSM and 4G signals.

After some research, I chose to buy a mobile phone signal repeater, because it seemed to be the best and the most effective option. I went with Mobile-signal-boosters, because this company seemed really trustworthy and their prices were the best I could find. Long story short, they did actually solve my problem perfectly, so I was right about them. The amplifier I ended up purchasing was ideal in my case because of several reasons. It works fine with my operator’s frequencies; its coverage area’s size fits my house very well and I didn’t have to overpay for bigger area that I won’t be physically able to use; and it perfectly enhances the types of signals that I need enhanced. I looked for other options with a couple of other companies, but only Mobile-signal-boosters could eventually offer me the best combination of all features that I wanted.

The parcel with my order arrived really quick, in just three days, while I was expecting it to be longer and prepared to wait. I also liked the fact that every detail and part of the signal amplifying system I would need was already included in the package and I didn’t need to buy any extra wires or power plugs. My purchase included the signal booster, its two antennas, wires, a power source suitable for the standard socket in my region, and also a very detailed user guide. With the help of this guide I could install it all by myself, and the process was easy and gave a satisfying result.

At first, I had to place the outer antenna as close to the roof as I could, and I chose to mount it outside the window on the second floor of my house. After that I connected it with a wire to the booster box, which I placed in the same room where the window was, because this is the place where I use internet and cell phone the most. I plugged both outer and inner antennas into the necessary ports, according to the user manual, and then connected it all to the nearest power socked. It started working immediately, and my signal was perfect ever since.

I had no more troubles with internet connection, all my clients now can hear me perfectly over the phone and I don’t have to ask them the same questions several times, which was annoying and seemed unprofessional. So, as you can guess, not only the signal repeater helped me finish and submit my work on time, it also increased my productivity because I started getting more clients and they now leave me better reviews.

Therefore, I am very happy with the way Mobile-signal-boosters helped me solve my O2 poor reception problems. Their online support paid attention to everything I told them about my case, helped me choose my current booster according to the information I gave them, answered all of my questions in a very detailed way, and their product quality is very good indeed.

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