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How I found a remedy to my EE signal problems

How I found a remedy to my EE signal problems

As it turned out, I always had EE poor coverage at my place, because it was located in the neighborhood that was built pretty recently (a couple of years ago) and there were no EE cell towers nearby. But I have never noticed that, because I never checked my internet speed, or used the internet a lot while at home. The only things I did was probably read some news or use social media. Some time ago the circumstances changed, I had to quit my job and I began spending more time at home, and this is when I noticed something was off.

My 3G signal was interrupting all the time and I was unable to do everything I wanted to do online. EE's tariff plan that I use is cheap enough for me, but implies good internet speed, so I realized it was not the operator’s fault and tried to look for alternative solutions. My neighbor next door told me that she’s an EE subscriber as well and she uses a cell phone signal repeater for quite a while already and it solves her EE signal issues perfectly, so I became curious about that.

My searches led me to Mobile-signal-boosters website, and I decided to go for it. To be honest, it was mainly because of the prices there, because they were the lowest I could find and I couldn’t afford a very expensive device at that moment. But the more I dug into that, the more pleasant surprises there were, which convinced me that their EE signal amplifier is absolutely worth owning, so I decided to make that purchase and, looking ahead, was never disappointed.

After a very short period of time, shorter that most companies usually do, the order was shipped to my house. I opened it, and everything I needed for the signal repeater to be installed and function was already there. The outside antenna, the inside antenna, the amplifier itself, the wires and a power plug – everything was carefully packed and intact. And the package also included a printed instruction, which I appreciate a lot. Mobile-signal-boosters do have a very detailed FAQ section on their website, but it can be hard to access a website at home when you have signal issues.

Checking in with the instructions, I followed every step: I placed the outer antenna outside my window, connected it to the booster box, which I placed in my kitchen, then put in the inside antenna and plugged all this system in to make it work. It was easy and even fun, and the user manual made it absolutely impossible to do anything wrong, even if you don’t know anything about electronic devices and how they work, which was definitely my case.

After it all was plugged in and the LED lights turned on, everything began working and my signal went up. It was (and still is) stable and strong, just the way I want it to be. I was able to stream videos online, download everything I would possibly want to download without a single issue, listen to lots of music and not have to wait for the rest of the song to load. And despite my mobile signal booster being located in the kitchen, I actually have wonderful signal throughout the whole apartment. I am currently very happy with my 3G signal and the possibilities I have because of it, and I bought my neighbor a cake to thank her for recommending a signal repeater to me.

The manager at Mobile-signal-boosters website, who recommended me this exact model because it is cheap, effective, and perfect for my needs and my not-very-big apartment, was also very helpful with other things. As I already mentioned, I knew absolutely nothing about a device like that and the way it works, so I got a detailed explanation, and I was made sure that my EE signal problems can be solved easily and without any big troubles for my wallet. I appreciate it very much, so – big thank you to Mobile-signal-boosters and their team for making my life better and easier.

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