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O2 Mobile WiFi signal booster

Let us guess. If you have found this web page and are now reading this text, probably you are not very happy about the quality of your O2 WiFi signal. Are we right? Then you are lucky that you are here, as we have already found a solution that will definitely help you to get a stable WiFi connection in all the rooms of your flat, house or office. We do not want to offer you a magic wand.We recommend you to buy an O2 WiFi booster.

Yes, an O2 mobile phone WiFi signal booster is not a magic wand. But it is even better! As at least it is clear how to use it in order not to make any harm to anybody. However, let’s take a closer look at such a device as an O2 WiFi signal booster.

How does an O2 mobile booster for WiFi work?

So, what is a WiFi booster for O2? It is a special device that helps to extend the coverage of your WiFi router and to stabilize the signal in so-called “dead spots”.

To put it simply, let’s say, that an O2 WiFi mobile signal booster takes the signal that is transmitted by your WiFi router and makes it more powerful. As a result, your mobile devices, as well as computers within the coverage area of the booster, can get connected to the WiFi network and enjoy much faster data exchange.

The device is absolutely safe for your health and can be installed even in bedrooms without any risks. The quality of our O2 WiFi signal boosters has been proved thanks to professional laboratory testing and we always provide a warranty on each device to all our clients.

Reasons for bad WiFi signal

There are many factors that may influence the quality of your WiFi signal. There are even those that may seem to be rather surprising. However, please look through the list of some factors:

  1. Your WiFi router is not powerful enough.
  2. The inside area of your building is larger than the coverage area of your router.
  3. Some construction materials used for building the walls of your house prevent the signal from reaching your devices.
  4. Some other devices and appliances spoil the signal.

Of course, it is not a full list of possible reasons. However, these are the most common ones. But in general, there is no difference what exact factor has a negative impact on your connection. What really makes a difference is your decision on placing an order for an O2 WiFi mobile booster on our website or not.

For our boosters, thick walls or a great number of other devices around won’t be an obstacle. And thanks to the functioning of a booster, you will enjoy the amazing quality of WiFi connection even in the room that is the most distant one from your router.

How to install an O2 WiFi mobile booster

Wi-Fi Repeater Nikrans MA-2500WF

Some people are afraid to buy new devices as they are not sure that they will manage to install them and make all the necessary settings. However, when it comes to an O2 WiFi phone signal booster, you should forget all your fears related to the process of installation.

The device doesn’t have any complex configuration and in fact, you will need just a couple of minutes to install it and start enjoying an excellent WiFi connection.

The set of an O2 WiFi booster includes:

  • A booster box with a stick antenna;
  • An SMA cable;
  • A power supply.

So, you just need to connect a router with a booster with a cable, screw the antenna and turn on your device. As soon as it is done, you can see the results of your work.

No additional programming is needed. Just install an O2 WiFi signal booster and enjoy! Our boosters are compatible with the majority of modern routers.

The price will also pleasantly surprise you.

If you want to learn more about our devices or terms of payments and delivery, just contact us and we will answer all your questions. For your convenience, we work without holidays and breaks.

Emma McCarron

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