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GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

Image GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G
Image GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G
GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G image 1 GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G image 2 GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G image 3 GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G image 4 GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G image 5 GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G image 6 GSM Repeater 4G LTE Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G image 7
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Indoor coverage: 13000 ft²

2 Band GSM 4G
  • LCD1200-GSM+4G  amplifier,
  • indoor ceiling antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor beautification yagi antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply
Indoor cable:
Outdoor cable:
Lightning protection:
Shipping (3-7 business days) to United Kingdom
Total: £530
~ or ~
  • 5-step pre-delivery check
  • 30-DAY return policy
  • 3-YEAR warranty & service
  • Secure payments

Compatible with operators in the UK and Worldwide

For more than 10 years, our boosters have been helping people in the UK, European Union, Asia, and Africa to successfully solve their mobile signal issues. We are doing our best to follow all the latest tech trends to meet the demands of users in different regions. If you want to choose the best model for you, just contact us and we will help to find a booster that will be compatible with operators in your country!

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Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G GSM 4G signal booster is the latest signal booster model with innovative features such as LCD display, stand-by mode, automatic control of signal level, error messages, and compatibility with the UK mobile services providers. Covering areas of up to 12,000 ft² (1200 m²) not only it supports several smartphones at one time, but also is sufficient enough for providing uninterrupted communication at offices, homes, shopping centres, basement offices and restaurants, etc.

It is a dual band GSM 4G LTE signal booster that is efficient for amplifying the mobile phone signal at two frequencies at the same time - 900MHz for calls and 3G, 800 or 2600 MHz (upon your choice) for 4G LTE.

Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G will exceed your expectations due to its advanced options, such as:

  • A vibrant LCD display. The LCD screen provides vital system diagnostics information such as setup instructions, error notification, and solutions. It also displays external signal level, working status, and AGC function.
  • Gain and signal control. The booster automatically adjusts booster gain and signal level based on the incoming signals. With this feature, the device automatically turns off when network interference is detected.
  • Stand-by mode. The booster goes into standby-mode when no network traffic is detected and turns back on once you start using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Backed by international certifications of FCC and RoHS, along with a three-year warranty, the device has passed all health & safety and quality tests of European authorities.

Suffering from poor connection? Then buy the Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G GSM LTE booster now and get excellent signal strength for voice calls and 4G internet!


Coverage: 13000 ft²
Up-link freq: 880~915MHz & 832-862MHz & 2500-2570MHz
Down-link freq: 925~960MHz & 791-821MHz & 2620-2690MHz
Up-link Gain: 70 dB
Down-link Gain: 75 dB
Power Output: 27 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
IP-Code: IP50
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 310 × 270 × 60
Booster Weight: 4.2 kg
Energy Consumption: 0.03 kW/h
Power supply: Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year: 2023
Download Manual Download Datasheet

How it works

LCD1200-GSM+4G amplifier consists of three main components – indoor and outdoor antennas and LCD1200-GSM+4G booster box. The installation kit also includes two cables – 20m and 5m – for joining each antenna to the booster box, and everything necessary for the mounting. The outdoor antenna is fixed on the roof in order to catch any existing signal which is later sent over a cable to the LCD1200-GSM+4G amplifier. The booster box improves the signal and sends it over another cable to the indoor antenna which broadcasts the refined signal around your house or office. In this way GSM LTE Booster LCD1200-GSM+4G provides you with an improved signal across the area.

Customer Reviews

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 ·  (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Powerful 4G and GSM amplifier

The speed of 4G increased markedly, calls are stable now. Everything is just as I wanted. The price is okay, and the shipping is rather fast. See no downsides.

Hi Peter, thanks for leaving the feedback. Looking forward to your next visit. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  (Italy)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

High-quality reception device

I have tried a lot of devices for signal amplification, but I can tell you honestly, this one is the best booster I’ve ever seen. It has satisfying coverage capacity, amplifies both voice connection and mobile internet, and it’s compact and lightweight, not expensive but trustworthy at the same time. What else should one want?

Hello Francesco, we are glad to receive your review. Your opinion is very important for us. With best regards, sales team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

This model is amazing for huge houses

I come from a big family that occupies a large house, and I often had issues with signal boosters being not powerful enough for the entire building. I purchased several models from different brands before, but ended up returning them, because they never lived up to their standards. But after I got this booster, I’ve had no problems whatsoever. It really amplifies the signal throughout the entire working range it’s supposed to have, which includes two floors of my house, its garage and its basement. Every family member can use their devices anywhere, and their signal reception doesn’t suffer at all. Me and my son conducted experiments in every room, and came to conclusion that the amplified signal is equally good in any of them. So, get this model for big houses, if you want a really good and reliable one!

Hello Albi, we’re glad that this repeater model makes your huge family so happy! Our customers are our top priority. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good support team

I would like to thank the support team of Mobile signal boosters for their help. I couldn't make out why the booster didn't amplify the signal, so I decided to call the office. I even thought that they had sent me a faulty device. Fortunately, everything was good with the product. The problem was that I had installed it incorrectly. The support team manager explained how to fix the problems, and now the signal is stable and we enjoy reliable connection.

Appreciated Bob, thank you for the review. Your opinion is very important for us. Wishing you all the best, support team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good product

Our house always had one bar of cell phone signal, both inside and out. Even though we have three cell towers near us, within a couple of miles each, it didn’t really help much. Sometimes people who called us on the phone couldn’t hear anything and had to hang up. And sometimes we couldn’t hear them. Anyways, I bought this booster, and it actually worked. It was a little hard for me to find a place where to put it so that the signal would distribute all around the house. Eventually I put the outer antenna on the rafter in the attic, and it helped. The antenna isn’t even outside, but it’s already working really well.

Hi Muhamed, thank you for your review! It’s good to know that the booster you bought has worked out for you. Best regards, Support team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Some time for settings

When I installed the booster at home (by the way, this is a very easy process), the device had to be restarted several times to reach 4 bars instead of 3. Luckily, I did it only once and since then it wasn't necessary despite being out of signal several times Moreover, it has useful shut-off function and I don't have to worry about overloading.

Hey Kai, thank you for the feedback. Your point of view is very important to us. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  (Greece)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 


The model is a bit more expensive than the one I had previously. But this one has everything necessary for immediate installation. I didn’t spend time and money additionally on buying an indoor antenna, cables or mountings. The order contained them all.

Dear Helena, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Regards, sales department.

 ·  (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Got rid of terrible Internet

I’m totally satisfied with this purchase. The booster intensified poor signals at the office without any obstacles. The quality of calls left much to be desired and we hardly ever had any 4G signal at the office. Now with the repeater everything is much better. We’ve finally put an end to the awful Internet. All staff are happy to work with comfort.

Hello Sam, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that your problems have been solved. Wishing you all the best, the team of Mobile signal boosters.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

It works pretty good

The device seems to work well. My family lives in a metal house and we had no cell signal indoors before we installed this signal booster, we are getting 3-4 bars now and I have not finished installing the interior antenna yet. The installation instructions were easy to follow. When we did a test installation we were getting 4 bars so I think once we get the inside antenna set properly it will go back up to 5 bars. Our neighbors bought cheaper models and they don’t have good reception so I think it is worth that kind of money.

Dear Warren, thank you for contacting us, we greatly appreciate it. Best regards, Support team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Highly recommend this model

It works throughout our entire house, with no problems at all. Solves all of our mobile reception problems flawlessly. It’s absolutely worth the money! The delivery of this repeater was also really fast and we did not expect it to be like that, so it was a surprise in a good way. It arrived at our house in less than two business days (or just two days, since it was midweek). The team has provided us perfect solutions, support, and recommended this repeater model to us, and now we’re very happy with it. We can talk on the phone for hours in any room and watch movies on streaming platforms with zero buffering time. Excellent job!

Hello Frederick, our team was really happy to help you and we’re glad that our product has helped you so much. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Installed it in the parking lot

It’s not a secret that mobile coverage in parking lots suffer serious problems. And it’s cool that such companies as Mobile-signal-boosters offer effective solutions to these problems. Thank you very much for the great quality of the product and stable connection!

Appreciated Jacob, we are grateful for your review. It’s a pleasure for us to be useful to you. Wishing you all the best, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Arrived quickly

The purchase from the store has arrived really quickly. I expected it to be much longer and was prepared to wait for at least a week, because no delivery has ever worked fast in my region. But what a pleasant surprise it was! But that’s not the only good thing about the repeater, it also works great. My signal is really good now all over the house, and I don’t have to worry about missing important calls anymore.

Hello Jakob, and thank you for your review. We’re always happy to help, and we work with the best delivery services in the world. Best regards, Support team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Comfortable order

That's great that the ordering process takes ten minutes and the website offers both payments with a card or wire transfer which saved because all my credit cards were being made. I didn't have to attend a bank branch or a post office – it's really convenient.

Hi Bill, thank you for the feedback. We will try harder to continue making your life easier. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·  (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 


If you own a business which directly depends on the quality of the mobile coverage this device is a must for you. Believe it or not, but this amplifier is a real salvation. The reception has become much better. The quality of voice connection as well as the quality of mobile internet has changed for the better.

Hi Edward, we are grateful for your review. Keep on enjoying the stable connection. Wishing you all the best, sales team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Easy set up!

I knew that to set the unit up correctly required patience and time. Completely installed it within an hour. Now I have 4g and most times full bars. I found this booster to perform exactly as advertised.

Dear Benjamin, Thank you for the feedback, we greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, Support team.

 ·  (France)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 


This booster is just what I needed - suitable for large areas, equipped with an LCD screen, compatible with a huge variety of operators and so easy to install. Recommended to all business owners!

Dear Jean, thank you for sharing your opinion. With best regards, sales team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

The model is suitable for large areas

My friend recommended me this amplifier because as he said he tired of my complaints because of the horrible reception in my office which occupies the area of 840 m2. Well, he helped me to purchase the booster on the official website and then after delivery we installed the device quickly together. Honestly, it's like assembling the puzzles – everything is clear and there was a detailed manual. Today I don't need to find a special place for being in touch.

Hey Oscar! Thank you for the review. It's wonderful your life has been made easier. Take care, Support team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Worked as promised!

We bought one for mother-in-law, who has a metal roof and therefore no mobile signal. This did the trick. It doesn't give us as strong signal as we get outside, but it's does what it is supposed to do.

Dear Austin, we are glad that you are pleased with the amplifier. Kind regards, Support team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Great service

I placed an order in this shop late in the evening. They called back in the morning, accepted my order, I paid for it online which I extremely comfortable and after a couple of days the courier delivered my purchase! I received a warranty and all the necessary documents. I liked the speed and clarity at all stages. I think I will recommend your company to my friends! Keep up doing such a great job!

Hi Chester, thank you for kind words! Look at other models on our official website. Best wishes, Support team.

 ·   ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Perfect service

It was a really hard choice between two boosters I kept an eye on the website and I couldn't see any difference between them, so I was totally confused. But a kind highly-professional specialist in your company could help to make a choice highlighted obvious advantages and disadvantages of both devices, and I picked up it.

Dear Ethan! Thank you for the review. We are pleased to assist you at any time. Take care, Support team.

Case Studies

My husband and I liked to spend time in our countryside house very much. Unfortunately, EE mobile signal there is far from perfect. The problem was that the number of provider’s masts was insufficient and didn’t ensure good reception around the zone. Therefore we started to look for a solution. The booster offered by Mobile-signal-boosters team perfectly coped with this problem and ensured stable connection in our house.

Catherine Bodill, Manchester

I would like to say that I am fully satisfied with the level of O2 mobile signal in my office currently thanks to the signal booster purchased at Mobile-signal-boosters. Previously the employees at my office constantly complained about O2 signal issues, but now all the problems have disappeared. Mobile coverage around the office is perfect, and I receive no more complaints.

Ross Gayden, Aberdeen

Mobile-signal-boosters provides effective mobile phone signal boosters in full set. I received my order just in three days and didn’t spend any time on buying additional equipment for installation as everything was already included in the kit. Moreover, the company has sent me a user’s manual with instructions and guidelines for successful installation.

Nathan Mars, Plymouth

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