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In my café visitors used to experience signal problems while using their phones.

In my café visitors used to experience signal problems while using their phones.

I am an owner of a wonderful café located in the most picturesque place of the city. My target audience is mostly people who like to hang out with their friends and have a good time out. It’s not a secret, that nowadays young generation spends a lot of time in their mobile phones, so it is very important for them to stay connected round the clock. Unfortunately, my café is situated in the underground, therefore the visitors suffer from poor signal in the building. At first I didn’t pay much attention to this problem, but as time passed I noticed that the number of visitors started to decrease. I was really upset and didn’t know what to do.

Visitors to my café complained that because of mobile signal problems they couldn’t make and receive calls, as well as watch videos and benefit from speedy internet. They all knew for sure that the problem was not in the operator but in the location of my café. So for them it was easier to change the place they spent time at, than to change the operator. As you can guess, I started to lose clients.

Fortunately, my daughter advised me to install a mobile phone signal booster. She told me that her friend used the one purchased at Mobile-signal-boosters and was very pleased with the result. So we went to their website, where we found a wide range of GSM/3G/4G signal boosters suitable for my café. My daughter called their manager and with her help we managed to choose the best model which corresponded to our requirements. It fully covers the area of the café and perfectly improves all types of signals needed. The booster is very compact so it matched the interiors of the building and didn’t spoil the design and decorations at all.

It’s necessary to mention that one of the pluses is that the full set included everything needed for the installation. So I didn’t buy any additional details or mountings, all were in the kit. The parcel was delivered in three days. It was well-packed. As soon as I opened the box I found a user’s manual, which I later used to install the device correctly. The amplifying system consisted of two antennas each with a cable, and a booster box.

Undoubtedly, any person can install the device without a specialist’s help. You just need to look into the instructions provided and follow the steps. My neighbor helped me to set up the booster and we managed to do it just in half an hour. In order to choose the best location for the outdoor antenna, I asked him to change its position gradually while I was standing near the indoor antenna and checking the level of indoor signal received by my mobile phone. When there were five bars on the screen, I told him not to move the antenna any more. So we fixed it in the best direction and place where the outside signal was maximal. As far as the indoor antenna is concerned, I installed it in the center of the building, so that it could evenly spread the improved signal around the café.

Just in a weak I noticed that more and more young people started to visit my place. The level of signal was ideal, no more signal issues appeared. Each part of the building received equally strong signal. Visitors were able to use their mobile phones whenever and wherever they wanted without being afraid to move around the café.

The device works without interruptions and errors. The only thing I regret about is that I didn’t contact Mobile-signal-boosters earlier! If I had known that they would solve my problem so easily I would have done it long ago. The company provides best quality products at a reasonable price! Good job!

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