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We finally purchased a signal repeater and finally forgot about EE signal problems!

We finally purchased a signal repeater and finally forgot about EE signal problems!

I have always wanted to have my own smallholding in the countryside, where I would spend my weekends together with my husband far away from the noisy city. So when we came across the advertisement about a wonderful house on sale in the village located not far from our city we decided to have a look at it practically at once. My husband and I fell in love with this place immediately. The only disadvantage of its location was EE poor coverage in the area. The thing was that the number of provider’s masts was insufficient and didn’t ensure good reception around the zone. As a result EE signal issues occurred.

Actually, this was the first time we faced EE signal problems. Previously neither my husband nor I have ever experienced any issues caused by EE poor reception. Surely, we didn’t want to change the operator as we both were fully satisfied with the range of services provided as well as with prices and tariffs. Nevertheless, we had to do something in order to stay in touch with our children and to be connected when we were out of the city. So we started to look for solutions to this urgent problem.

While surfing the net we came across Mobile-signal-boosters offers which immediately grabbed our attention. At their website there was a huge variety of repeaters with different characteristics. The company’s manager helped us to choose the model which best suited our needs. First of all, it is compatible with our operator. Secondly, it perfectly enhances the types of signals we needed. The indoor coverage of the device is sufficient to cover our house. What is more, we liked the compact design of the device and its simplicity of usage. It goes without saying that the price offered by Mobile-signal-boosters was one of the best ones proposed on the Internet. So we made up our minds to purchase the signal booster without any doubts and haven’t regretted about it so far.

We were gladly surprised with the shipping as it was very fast. We received our booster in three days without any delays. This is undoubtedly one of the numerous reasons why we liked working with Mobile-signal-boosters. When we unpacked the kit we saw that everything needed for immediate installation was included in the set. Fortunately, we didn’t have to buy any extra equipment, cables, mountings, etc. That was another advantage! The full kit contained the mobile signal booster box itself, antennas, cables needed for connection with the booster box, power supply, mountings and a detailed user’s manual which helped us to install the repeater on our own.

As for the installation itself, it was very easy and didn’t take much time. My husband and I spent less than half an hour in all. First we mounted the outside antenna on the roof of our house. Then we ran a cable into the room where the booster box was located. The cable included in the set was long enough to connect the antenna to the amplifying system. Next we placed the inside antenna on the wall facing the area we needed to refine the signal in. When all the components were connected we just plugged the booster in and it started to improve EE poor signal automatically just in a few seconds.

Now we enjoy perfect connection around the house. The signal is stable in all the rooms. We can spend every weekend in our countryside house without being afraid to be isolated. The quality of mobile connection is perfect, there are no more disconnections during conversations, the audibility is good enough and we can enjoy speedy internet as well. So we are fully satisfied with the result we have.

I would also like to say a few words about the support team of Mobile-signal-boosters. These are real professionals who will gladly consult you in any question – be it the choice of the amplifier or the installation process. The managers are very polite and patient, they helped us a lot when we hesitated what model to choose. Perfect work!

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