Can you imagine your life without your mobile phone? We are practically sure that your answer is “No!”. And it’s quite clear that today we use our smartphones practically 24/7. And we should admit that if we compare the current situation with signal reception with the one that we had 10-15 years ago, the progress is obvious.

But despite the efforts from the side of mobile carriers all over the world, a lot of people still face signal issues. And while some of us have these issues quite seldom, some others are experiencing these issues continuously and even can’t work or communicate with their families and friends due to lost connection. 

And as a rule, we always start blaming our carriers for all these problems. However, it is not always their fault as there are many external factors that have a negative impact on our connection but can’t be controlled. Nevertheless, this article is not about blaming or finding somebody that can be considered responsible for our signal issues. The article is about finding solutions. And that’s exactly what we offer you to do.

Below you can find 10 methods that you can try to implement into practice. And it’s highly likely that with one of them you will forget about all dropped calls and unsent messages.

Top methods to get a stronger mobile signal

Solution 1


Buying a signal booster.

Mobile signal boosters are special devices that are intended for stabilizing your connection by catching your poor signal and making it stronger. These devices are quite compact and can be installed in any living room or office. There are models that can increase the power of just one signal (GSM, 4G, 5G, 3G) but some others are designed to improve the signals of all types simultaneously. Even if you have never installed boosters before, you will manage to do it on your own even without any professional help. Moreover, the majority of modern repeaters get all their settings automatically so that users even do not need to think about any setting adjustments or something else of this kind.

Solution 2


Checking your mobile phone for damages.

Let’s make sure that from the technical perspective, everything is okay. Can it happen so that you’ve dropped your smartphone and even haven’t noticed it? Of course, it can. Even if your smartphone looks good, its internal antenna can be damaged. If you can’t check it on your own, you can take your phone to the store where you bought it or to a technical service center where experts will test it. If the antenna is broken, all the problems with the connection are explicable.

Solution 3


Restarting your smartphone.

That’s the easiest thing that you can do. But it can work! Just try it! Maybe your smartphone just needs to reconnect to the network.

Solution 4


Turning airplane mode on and off.

This simple action will enforce your device to start looking for a signal again and, as a result, you can expect to get a stronger connection.

Solution 5


Updating smartphone software.

If you keep your OS and all its settings updated, you can be sure that your phone is ready for receiving a signal from the cell towers of your operator. If you always ignore messages from your carrier with requests to update settings, it’s high time to follow the instructions provided in them and get the relevant settings. It is highly likely that your signal problems will be solved just immediately.

Solution 6


Moving to a higher floor.

If your office/flat is located in the basement or on the ground floor, just try to get higher and check whether your signal is still poor. Very often those people who live/work on lower floors suffer from signal issues, while those who are located higher even do not know that such problems exist in their building.

Solution 7


Getting a better signal near the window.

If it is possible, move closer to the window to see whether the power of your signal is changing. Very often the connection is worse in the room with no windows as walls function as barriers for the signal. The closer to the window your smartphone is, the better the signal can be.

Solution 8


Removing trees and bushes.

This idea may sound crazy and, of course, if you live in a block of flats, it won’t be suitable for you. But if you have signal issues in your private house and are not satisfied with the old trees nearby, it can be a good reason to remove them. Trees and bushes can prevent the signal from reaching your mobile devices.

Solution 9


Removing a phone case.

Sometimes phone cases can be made of materials that do not allow the inner antenna of a smartphone to receive a signal, especially if it is rather unstable and weak.

Solution 10


Moving closer to a cell tower.

If your house or office is located far away from the cell tower of your operator, the signal can be poor. So, you can try to get closer to a cell tower to receive a stronger signal. The location of cell towers can be checked on special websites or in mobile apps like OpenSignal.

As you see, there are a lot of methods that you can try out if you have noticed issues with your connection. But let’s admit that some of them (like moving to a higher floor) can help only for the signal issue has appeared for the first time but you need to get connected to the network to make a call or to send a message. If you are constantly suffering from such signal issues, running to a higher floor each time when you want to call somebody is ridiculous.

But a signal booster is a solution that will always ensure a strong signal. All you need to do is to buy and install the right model that will be suitable for your building and compatible with your operator. All the rest will be done automatically.

Have a look at the available models in our catalogue and do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.