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How to create a home-made GSM repeater?

If you have no professional signal amplifying devices at home, but you still want to improve mobile connection, you can try to build a repeater yourself. The main elements that you will need are indoor and outdoor antennas (see Fig. 1 and 2), and a cable to connect them. We recommend taking two J-pole antennas at 900 MHz. They are usually sold in radio shops. However, it’s a good idea to clear up in advance what frequencies are used by your mobile provider. Feel free to take advantage of our Helper if you need. 

Fig.1 External J-pole antennaFig.2 Internal J-pole antennaFig.3 Coaxial cable
Fig.1 External J-pole antennaFig.2 Internal J-pole antennaFig.3 Coaxial cable

The setup process is very simple. Just mount the outdoor antenna outside the window or on the roof in the place where the existing level of signal is the highest. Then place the indoor antenna inside the building. Next connect these two antennas with a thick cable, which will transmit the signal with no interference. You can use a coaxial cable similar to the one depicted in Fig. 3. 

The described mechanism will help you to refine the existing cellular signal. Nevertheless, the above steps will not help you achieve a result comparable to the result of signal amplification with special devices. This means that a home-made repeater won’t be able to increase the level of mobile signal from 2 bars to 5 bars. Therefore, we recommend you to use a powerful signal amplification device such as a GSM booster to get the desired result. 

We offer only tested and certified equipment for signal improvement, which has already been used by many people around the globe. Check our customer reviews to learn how people managed to solve their signal issues with the help of our devices.

Emma McCarron

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