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Let’s build a mobile phone signal booster together to solve your connection issues!

The problem of unstable mobile connection is a rather widely-spread one, people in many countries suffer from poor cell signal but have no understanding of how to deal with these issues. But we know what can be done! You can install a mobile phone signal booster at your location where you want to strengthen your signal. If you are not ready to buy such a device and are find of making things on your own, you will definitely like this DIY project.

If you have some tech skills and free time, you will really enjoy the process of building a booster. But please, analyze all the risks beforehand. Nobody will guarantee you that your handmade device will work efficiently and be fully safe.

Mobile signal booster: How does it work?

We offer you to build a rather simple mobile booster that will consist of:

  • One outdoor antenna
  • One indoor antenna
  • And a repeater itself

The signal that will be caught by an outdoor antenna will be sent to a repeater, improved there and further transmitted to your mobile devices by an indoor antenna. While the first antenna should be placed on the roof, the second one is intended to be placed in a room (somewhere, on the ceiling or near it).

How to create your own booster

As for the outdoor antenna, we won’t explain here how to build it as there are a lot of available materials on this topic on the internet. However, if you do not want to build it, you can also buy something similar. 

Let’s build a mobile phone signal booster together to solve your connection issues

The first main task for you will be to install it on the roof and to choose the right direction. It should be directed to that side where the nearest cell tower of your carrier is situated.

Let’s build a mobile phone signal booster together to solve your connection issues

In case you do not know where these cell towers are located, mobile apps like Netmonitor will help you.

 For connecting your outdoor with a repeater, you should use a coaxial cable. It can be a cable that is usually used for satellite television.

Let’s build a mobile phone signal booster together to solve your connection issues

The next step is to fix the second antenna in a room. You can use either an antenna of a WiFi router or a handmade antenna of the following type:

Let’s build a mobile phone signal booster together to solve your connection issues

You can even try to connect these two antennas with a cable to check whether your signal will be improved. Theoretically, already these connected antennas will ensure a better signal in a room but the coverage of this “device” will be too small. To make a booster with good coverage, you need to use a repeater.

Let’s build a mobile phone signal booster together to solve your connection issues

We should admit that it will be rather expensive to build such an element fully on your own. Moreover, it won’t be easy. That’s why we offer to buy a ready-made electronic board intended for signal boosters. There are different types available and you can choose the one that will work with those frequency bands that your bad signal (GSM, 3G, 4G) is transmitted at.

To connect all the elements of your signal booster is very simple. For connecting an outdoor antenna to a repeater, use a cable. An indoor antenna can be connected either via a cable or directly to a repeater. For plugging in your device, we recommend using a 5V charger.

Let’s build a mobile phone signal booster together to solve your connection issues

Done! Now let’s switch on our device.

To make sure that your booster will function correctly and the power of the improved signal won’t be lost, you need to place both antennas at the right vertical distance. There antennas should be at least 10 meters between them. Also, do not direct your outdoor antenna to the location where the indoor antenna is placed.

Are there any easier solutions?

Of course, DIY projects can’t be viewed as universal solutions. Not everyone today has enough time for such things, moreover, some special skills and knowledge are required as well.

But it doesn’t mean that if you don’t want to build a booster, you won’t have the possibility to install it at your place. Do not forget that you can always buy a ready-made device! 

On our website, you will find a great choice of amplifiers of different types that will help you to cope with mobile signal problems of all types!

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask! Our best experts will tell you everything about different boosters, help you to place an order and provide valuable installation tips

Emma McCarron

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