Though today the mobile technologies have reached an impressively high level of their development, still, there are a lot of people have nothing to do but to try to find out how to boost cell signal at home for free. Unfortunately, it is a quite common situation when the power of your mobile signal in some spots is lower than in others even if your area is properly covered by your mobile operator. We know how irritating these signal problems can be and have prepared a list of methods that can help you to boost your cell phone signal for free.

Just keep reading this text and you will find out what you can do right now to strengthen your mobile signal and enjoy a stable connection.

How to boost cell phone signal: free options

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the mobile signal, you shouldn’t even try to put up with the unstable connection, especially now, when there are a lot of free mobile phone signal booster alternatives. Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious free cell phone signal booster solutions that we quite often forget about.

Option 1.

Switch your smartphone off and switch it on.

Though it may seem too weird, it really works. Sometimes our signal is spoilt by some errors or bugs that will disappear after the mobile phone is switched off. This easy step may really help you to address your signal issues. That’s why please do not forget about it before you start panicking.

Option 2.

Update your software.

Do you remember how many times you have already ignored the notifications about updates? However, the longer you delay the updates, the higher chances you have to face problems with under-performance and connectivity. Without having full information about your case, we can’t guarantee that this free phone signal booster alternative will work but at least it is absolutely simple to try it out.

Option 3.

Try to find out whether your smartphone has any damages.

If you remember, two decades ago mobile phones used to have external antennas that were responsible for interaction between your device and cell towers of your operator. However, later it was decided to hide this antenna within the body of a device in order to avoid its damages. Though it was a sensible decision, an antenna still can be damaged. And it can be one of the reasons why your connection is spoilt. If you are not sure that you can check your antenna on your own, you can always turn to professionals. As soon as the broken antenna will be repaired or replaced, you will see the difference.

Option 4.

Charge your battery.

Here is one more solution that may seem unbelievable. If you see the deterioration of the signal when your smartphone battery is charged less than 10%, then the first step that you should do is to recharge the battery. When the battery is practically empty, your device can’t allocate enough resources to finding and catching the signal that is sent by your operator.

Option 5.

Check the coverage in your neighborhood.

Though this option can’t directly help to boost mobile signal, booster free option may be not necessary right now. And this step will be useful for you to understand whether it is really so. There is a great variety of online platforms that allow you to check the current state of the network in your district. Sometimes there can be scheduled technical works or accidents in mobile infrastructure that lead to the signal deteriorations.

But even if you see that everything is okay with the coverage in your area in general, you can try to define where the nearest cell tower is. One of the most popular apps to find cell towers is Open Signal. Today it is available for both Android and iOS users. When you see where the nearest one is located you can try to move to a room in the building that is the closest to it. Though this solution is not a perfect free mobile signal booster replacement, it still can help you.

Option 6.

Use 3G instead of 4G.

If you can’t get another alternative to a 4G signal booster free of charge, you can easily find a free alternative to the 4G signal itself. One of the reasons why your signal is very weak is the overcrowdedness of the network. It means that if you switch to the network that is being used by fewer people at the moment, you will get a chance to enjoy a better connection. You can do it manually in the settings of your smartphone.

Option 7.

Use WiFi if possible.

While you are looking for a free cell signal booster, the solution can be much closer than you think. If you have an unstable mobile connection only in your house or office but in general are satisfied with the services of your carrier, probably your signal problems are not a fault of your operator. The reason can be in the building materials that were used for the walls or the roof. And it means that even if you change your carrier, the situation will stay just the same. In this very case, a solution that you can try out as a kind of a free internet signal booster is using a WiFi router connection.

Option 8.

Opt for another operator.

Some people think that when they will change their operator they will immediately forget about their experience of searching for a free signal booster. However, such expectations are too optimistic. In some cases, our signal problems are really explained by a huge distance between our location and the nearest cell tower. And of course, if it is so, switching to another carrier that has a cell tower in your neighborhood will help. But if the problems with your connection are the result of other factors like landscape peculiarities or building materials, it doesn’t matter what operator you will choose, your connection will still be awful.

However, if the only reason is the lack of cell towers somewhere nearby, we strongly recommend you considering another mobile services provider. Sometimes such radical measures may bring more benefits than all the attempts to find a free network signal booster.

Extra solution

If you have tried a row of various methods but still do not have the results that you want to achieve, we have one more idea for you that will help you regardless of the nature of your signal issues. Even in the cases when nothing helps, a reliable signal booster will help you to strengthen the signal and enjoy calls and internet services without interruptions.

In our online catalogue, you can find an amazingly wide choice of models that can be installed not only in houses and offices of different sizes but also in vehicles of different types.

Moreover, our boosters are intended for various use cases. They can work with different frequency bands. While some repeaters work with one network signal only (GSM, 3G or 4G), some others can work with 2 or 3 frequencies at the same time. That’s why with the right choice of a booster, you can solve all your signal problems at once.

All the devices that you can see on our website are 100% safe and reliable. We are absolutely confident in their quality and provide a warranty to all our customers. If you want to ask us about our boosters or the terms of delivery, you can always contact us and our professional managers will clarify all the details.

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