It is quite obvious that today you can hardly imagine your life without a smartphone. We use mobile communication for both our business and private purposes. Let’s admit that nowadays really a lot of things depend on the quality of our connection. And dropped calls and lost mobile internet connection can greatly deteriorate a lot of situations and lead to a lot of failed tasks. We know how annoying it could be to try to make a call or send a message when the signal is too weak. That’s why we’ve prepared this article in which we are going to explain what you can do in order to stabilize your connection.

Dropped calls and lost signal: How to solve this problem

Lost connection: reasons and factors

First of all, let’s try to understand why you may suffer from dropped calls. Such things happen when your smartphone doesn’t get a signal that is strong enough for ensuring stable connection. The reasons for that quite often have a physical nature despite that fact that we are accustomed to putting blame on our carriers. Quite often our carriers may provide amazing quality of services but we still be unsatisfied with our connection just because the deterioration of the signal strength can be not the fault of mobile services provider.

What are the factors that can lead to dropped calls?

  • Distance from a cell tower. When you are far away from the nearest cell tower, your smartphone can get only a signal that will be too low for you to enjoy a stable connection.
  • Weather and landscape. Strong winds, fogs and heavy rains, are among the factors that lead to signal power loss. As for landscape peculiarities, mountains, hills, and trees can prevent a cellular signal from reaching your mobile device.
  • Building materials and infrastructure. Such materials as metal, concrete, steel, and a range of other functions as blockers for a cell signal. That’s why if your private house has a metal roof, you can expect to have signal issues. Moreover, many residents of cities suffer from an awful connection due to being surrounded by a huge number of high buildings.

Very often people that their connection in the car is worse than outdoors. It happens because of the fact that cars are made of metal and glass. As a result, the signal becomes worse.

You may say that it is impossible to get rid of all metal things around you or to change the weather and you are right. But there are some tricks that can help to minimize the influence of these factors on the quality of your connection.

What can you do if your iPhone or Android phone keeps losing connection?

Dropped calls and lost signal: How to solve this problem

Before making any serious steps toward your perfect connection (like changing your carrier) we recommend you apply some of the simple methods that we will enumerate below. It’s highly possible that something will help.

  1. Isn’t your SIM card damaged? Check it! If the SIM card is damaged, it can be an obvious reason for your signal problems. Then just ask your operator to replace it. If the card looks okay, just insert it again. It can happen so that the problem will be solved by just getting the SIM card away and putting it in again.
  2. Turn your phone off and switch it on in a couple of seconds. When the device is turned off, all apps are forced to close and you can free up some space. And your mobile phone can work better.
  3. Close all background apps. As well as in the previous case, you can free up some space and enjoy better phone functioning.
  4. Activate Caller ID. If you have an iPhone, you can go to settings and activate your Caller ID. As a result, your phone will have the possibility to receive a more stable signal.
  5. Set the date and time on your smartphone automatically. This method may sound weird but it is really helpful. Especially, we recommend you pay attention to this method if you are back from a trip that included crossing different time zones
  6. Contact your operator and ask whether any updates that require new settings have been introduced.

Some other ways to overcome signal issues

If all the previous methods haven’t helped, you can proceed to something else. We still have a couple of ideas.

  • Does your smartphone have a case? Remove it and try to make a call again. Your case can functions as a blocker and prevent a signal from reaching an internal antenna.
  • Try to charge the battery. A low battery can have a bad impact on your phone’s capacity to catch a signal.
  • Go outdoors. The quality of a signal inside can often be significantly lower than outdoors, especially if a building has very thick walls.
  • Where is the nearest cell tower? If you do not know that, you can use the data available on the relevant websites or in the apps. When you know the side from which the signal is going, you can find a place in the building where the reception is better than in others.
  • Switch to a regime of WiFi calling. Today many operators offer this opportunity but you should understand that it is just a temporary solution. 

Mobile phone signal boosters: The best solution for signal issues

Dropped calls and lost signal: How to solve this problem

As you can see all the above-mentioned methods can help if dropped calls and lost connection are temporary and just recently-appeared problems. But what can you do if your connection at home or in the office always leaves much to desire? Is there any solution? Certainly! Just install a mobile signal booster there.

Signal repeaters are special devices that have very sensitive antennas for catching even the weakest signal. When the signal is received, it is amplified and then it is sent across the coverage area of the device. By the way, the coverage areas of boosters can be amazingly wide. It means that if you want to install such a device in a shopping mall or in a business center, you will be able to find an appropriate model.

As for the signals that can be improved, you also have freedom of choice. There are models that can work only with one signal (for example, GSM, 3G, 4G, or 5G) but also there are devices that can improve several signals at the same time. And it is really convenient that you can buy just one device instead of 2 or 3. 

If you are interested in purchasing such a device, we recommend you turn to our catalogue, Convenient filters will help you to find appropriate models really fast. They have different signal compatibility and different coverage areas. But what unites them all is their reliability. Moreover, they are very easy to use and install. Even without any technical skills, you will quickly understand how to interact with your booster.

Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact our team. Our professional managers are ready to answer all your questions.