If you are one of those who want to improve mobile signal power but are afraid to buy a signal booster because of some fears related to the complexity of its installation, this article is exactly what you need. If you have already ordered a booster but have no idea how to install it, this article will also be useful for you! 

Let’s Install Your Signal Booster

Actually, the process of installation is not challenging at all if you know the key steps. It usually takes around 15-20 minutes even if you have never seen any similar devices before and do not have any related experience. Even without any professional help, you will hope with this task! 

For your convenience, we’ve decided to describe the installation step-by-step. Please, read this article attentively! Unless you fix all the elements correctly, you won’t be able to achieve the desired results in improving your connection.

What are these key steps?

Though today there are a lot of different boosters that are available in the market, their configuration stays quite similar. There can be different types of antennas, some boosters may have 2 or even 3 indoor antennas for ensuring a wider indoor coverage area. But there are some general principles that are always the same. Probably the most challenging part will be the process of outdoor installation. You may need to use a ladder or find another way to climb onto the roof. Nevertheless, all other steps do not require any special preparations.

Let’s Install Your Signal Booster

Step 1. Looking for a place for the outdoor antenna.

It is a very responsible step. You should find a place with the best signal reception. The better place you will find, the better results you will get. An antenna should be fixed on the roof (or at least somewhere near the window outdoors but it is not the best solution). You should walk around your house and monitor your signal power. You can do it just with the help of the signal bars on the display of your smartphone, or a special mobile app (there are several of them available for free), or switch on the Field test mode for better results.

Step 2. Outdoor antenna installation.

Once the location is found, mount the antenna. Pay attention to the type of your antenna. If you have a directional one, you need to turn it in such a way that it will be pointing toward the nearest cell tower of your operator.

Let’s Install Your Signal Booster

Let’s Install Your Signal Booster

Step 3. Booster box connection.

As soon as the outdoor antenna is fixed, use a coaxial cable from a booster kit to connect this element with a repeater itself. You can choose any method of running a cable from the antenna to a booster box that you like. For example, you can run the cable via the attic.

Step 4. Indoor antenna installation.

There aren’t any specific recommendations related to this antenna. But there is one thing that you should bear in mind. The vertical distance between two antennas should be at least 10 meters. Otherwise, your booster will be automatically turned off due to a technical error. Depending on the model that you will choose, there can be various types of indoor antennas. Some of them should be connected directly to a booster box, some others should be fixed on a ceiling or a wall.

Let’s Install Your Signal Booster

Let’s Install Your Signal Booster

Step 5. Switching on the device.

When you fix all the elements, switch on the device! Plug in the power supply and everything will be ready. Just in 5-10 seconds, your booster will be able to send the improved signal to all mobile devices located within the zone of its coverage.

Still have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more! Moreover, if you need any help in finding the best booster for your office, house, or car, we are here to help you! We have a great choice of mobile boosters and we are sure that we will find exactly what you need.