EE To begin with, we should admit that EE is considered to be one of the most popular carriers in the UK with a excellent reputation. Today the company operates the second-largest mobile network in the United Kingdom and has more than 26 million subscribers. The EE brand can boast a very rich and long history as it was founded only in 2020. It was created by France Télécom and Deutsche Telekom and now it’s a part of the BT Group. It offers a full range of modern telecommunication services including a high-speed 5G connection.

EE in the UK

Many EE subscribers choose this company as they know that it provides the fastest 4G network and the best 5G connection in the country. Moreover, EE has a very wide coverage area in the UK which means that even those people who work or live in rural regions can enjoy a powerful signal.

Today the range of services provided by EE incudes 2G/GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G connection. For the convenience of its clients, EE has a lot of various subscriptions plans. For example, if you have a family, a shared plan for you and your relatives can be a good idea. There are contact and pay-as-you-go options. Clients with different needs can also choose between SIM-only plans as well as plans with a handset.

The “Smart Benefits” offered by EE as incentives for its customers include subscriptions for Apple TV+, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport Ultimate, BritBox and other services.

As EE is among the leaders of the telecommunication segment in the UK, it has a couple of very strong rivals, such as Three and Vodafone. That’s why to keep its positions and to attract new subscribers, it has to work hard on the enhancements of its services and offers.

What are the strongest sides of EE?

  • High-speed 5G and 4G networks
  • Continuously expanding 5G coverage area
  • Wide 4G signal coverage area
  • Wide range of handsets available

Is there anything that people do not like about EE?

  • Customer support service leaves much to desire
  • Expensive tariff plans
  • There aren’t unlimited offers

Of course, it is crucial to understand that all operators have their strong and weak sides and all of them are different. It is impossible to find an absolutely perfect carrier but it is possible to find a company that will be perfect for you. Let’s take a look at some comments that EE subscribers left on different websites as their reviews.

Sent EE a message this morning about my account, and got sorted out by Julie, who was very helpful, and sorted out my problem very quickly. Cannot fault EE at all, they always prove to be helpful and professional. Julie was no exception. Thank you Julie!” wrote Lee Bishop.

Jalila Jek also had a rather positive experience: “Extremely happy with EE. I had an issue with my broadband. Not only ee fixed the issue as quickly as possible but also ensure that I was not invoiced for the days I could not use Internet. They gave me illimited Internet on my phone while they fix the issue. I could watch perfectly Netflix, work from home. Thank you Lauren (EE UK office) for your support! Lauren made regular follow up calls and emails to ensure that I stayed informed. Very friendly and professional with excellent listening skills. I am up and running. I would recommend EE”

However, for example, Kimberly McEley from the UK was not satisfied with the provided services. She wrote: “Extremely poor, disappointing service. I was looking to move from O2, I was told I couldn’t have the handset waiver discount due to having lack of credit history and demanded £50 upfront, but I could still have a contract. I’ve had a mobile contract for 20+ years, credit cards and mortgage for 20+ years too. I keep my debts minimal and was penalised for this. Wouldn’t let me talk to a manager, just babbled some bland script about the credit search agency and lack of credit history nonsense. The logic of this decision making is very poor and when questioned about it the response is completely unsatisfactory.”

Mervyn Sowman is also not among the fans of EE: “No call waiting for pay as you go customers! Ran out of data, tried topping up with app, but couldn't, as it needed updating (again!). Obviously I couldn't update as I had no data. So I tried doing it through my browser, still couldn't top up as the link to top up comes out of my data and it would time out. Although I was offered data only packages at twice the price! I'm guessing they would of let me top up if I had selected one of those! ”

As you see, the opinion can be different as well as situations. So, it’s important to stay wise regardless of all the conditions and to make the right decisions. For example, if you are not satisfied with your connection at home or in the office but you are completely happy about all other aspects of being an EE subscriber, it won’t be the best idea to change your operator.

There are some interesting methods that will help you to solve your EE signal problems in the UK without switching to another operator. If it sounds good, just keep reading this article.

EE mobile signal booster: Can it solve your problems?

Have you ever heard about mobile signal boosters? If not, then you definitely should learn as much as possible about them as they are extremely helpful in dealing with cell signal issues related to poor reception in some particular locations.

These devices are intended for strengthening the signal transmitted by your operator. It means that a booster does not create a new network for you, it just stabilizes and empowers the signal that already exists but is too low for your smartphone to catch it.

Today, there are different models of these repeaters that are designed to improve 1 or more types of the mobile signal simultaneously. As a rule, the devices are developed to work for some particular frequency band or bands and, as a result, subscribers of different operators can enjoy the stabilized connection.

As we’ve mentioned, there is a great variety of booster models, but all of them have a very similar configuration. Each booster set should include:

  • A booster box itself
  • 1 outdoor antenna
  • 1 indoor antenna (can be 2 or 3)
  • Coaxial cables
  • Mountings and fixings

EE mobile signal repeaters work the following way:

  1. An outdoor antenna catches the signal and sends it to a booster box.
  2. The booster box amplifies the signal and further sends it to an indoor antenna (or antennas).
  3. The indoor antenna broadcasts the improved signal within the coverage area of the device.

The coverage area is one of the parameters that make boosters different. That’s why please pay attention to this parameter in order to make sure that all the corners of your house or office will be able to get the improved signal. But also we won’t recommend buying boosters with the widest coverage for small flats. In such a case you will just overpay for the power that you don’t need.

Booster for EE signal in the UK: Key tips for installation

Though the quality of the device is the first main component that is required for achieving the desired results in boosting the signal, the right installation is the second important aspect that can’t be ignored.

When you receive your EE mobile phone signal booster, first of all, you should attentively read the instructions that are usually provided in manuals prepared by manufacturers. As a rule, modern boosters are very simple to install. And even those people who have no technical skills will manage to mount all the elements and connect them correctly without any external help.

Usually, the most challenging part of the installation process is the installation of an outdoor antenna. It is recommended to fix it on the roof of the building but, as you can understand, it is not always possible. In such a case, you can mount it somewhere near the window. But be attentive! Quite often there are requirements regarding the vertical distance between two antennas. 

Moreover, some types of outdoor antennas should be directed to the side where the nearest cell tower is located. It will ensure the best reception. However, the tips related to the installation process are usually shown on an LCD screen if your booster has it.

The installation of a booster box and an indoor antenna is usually not challenging at all. However, depending on the type of the antenna, it can be mounted on the ceiling or just placed somewhere on a horizontal surface.

It is also crucial to make sure that when you buy a booster, you will get a full kit and you won’t have to buy anything additionally to make your booster work. At Mobile Signal Boosters, we offer only full kits because we know how it is important for a client to get everything at once without the necessity to look for each item separately.

Actually, a signal repeater is the best solution for those who are tired of poor signal reception. If you also think so, the only thing that you need to decide now is what booster you will choose. Below we are going to enumerate 5 excellent solutions that will help you to forget about your EE GSM, 3G and/or 4G problems.

DIY EE repeater: Benefits and Pitfalls

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

Let us warn you from the very beginning. This first option won’t suit everyone. Though this variant will be a rather cheap one it will be time-consuming as well. Moreover, for this project, you need to have some technical skills and knowledge. But if you have them and you want to try, welcome! This section of our article is for you.

Though it may sound too unrealistic but you can build an EE booster on your own (if you like DIY projects, of course).

What will you need for your DIY EE signal repeater for the UK? Believe it or not, but you can easily find some elements somewhere at home. There is nothing extraordinary on this list.

  • a coaxial cable (approximately 10 m),
  • a wire (0.4 m),
  • two connector blocks,
  • one nut and one bolt,
  • a plastic container (probably you already have something like that at home),
  • a water pipe.

In this article, we won’t provide any instructions on how to build a booster but there are a lot of videos and articles guides available on the internet. Moreover, on our website you can find another method to build a GSM booster. In this case, you can use two tin cans.

Benefits of a DIY booster for EE in the UK:

  1. It can be very interesting to create such a device on your own and you can enrich your tech skills.
  2. You do not have to spend a lot of money on such a project.


  1. It is a time-consuming project.
  2. You should have some tech knowledge.
  3. The safety and efficiency of the device can’t be guaranteed.

If you feel like creating such a booster on your own, we wish you good luck! But if you know that this idea is not for you, we still have some other solutions to offer.

“No-name” cheap EE booster: Is it worth buying it?

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

If you are not a newcomer to the world of the internet, you’ve definitely heard about such websites as AliExpress and eBay. They are a real paradise for those who are fond of making purchases online and like different unusual and often very cheap things.

That’s why you can easily find a signal booster on Ali that will have a very attractive price. But the situation is that you never know whether all the information provided on the website is true. Unfortunately, Chinese sellers have a quite controversial reputation and from time to time buyers get rather weird things instead of what they wanted to get initially. 

Moreover, there are a lot of questions regarding the safety of their products. Boosters should be viewed as serious devices which means that their incorrect functioning may have a negative impact on your health. That’s why please always pay attention to the certificates that a seller/producer has (or should have).

Benefits of buying a cheap device:

  1. Their price is the main advantage.
  2. As a rule, such websites as AliExpress have a very convenient buying procedure which can help to reduce your time spent on making an order.


  1. The delivery can take too long.
  2. The quality of such boosters usually leaves much to desire.

Actually, we don’t want to scare you. Probably you will get a reliable device. But you should be ready to face situations when your device simply won’t work or it will work but the signal will remain too low. In any case, if you are not a risky person we still have what to offer you.

EE booster for calls

Nikrans LCD-150D is just a perfect booster for those EE subscribers who are not satisfied with the quality of the provided GSM signal. The device is rather small but its power is sufficient for sending the improved signal within the coverage area of 1700 ft². It is enough for a small private house, for a flat and for some offices.

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

The booster has an LCD screen and as we’ve mentioned above, the tips that the device will show you can be extremely helpful for a seamless installation of the booster. The installation of an indoor antenna won’t be challenging at all as the booster has an antenna of the whip type. So, you will just need to connect it to a booster box.

Those people who have already bought LCD-150D are satisfied with their choice. Just have a look at the reviews.

Linda Salomon wrote: “You’d laugh at me, but I have chosen this model, because I liked it the most. I mean the appearance, although the characteristics are not bad as well. The whole amplifying system is very compact. It included the Nikrans LCD-150D repeater itself, an indoor whip antenna, an outdoor antenna, 16-meter cable for the outdoor antenna, a power supply and a manual with instructions. The booster box has an LCD screen, which I like very much. It shows information about the settings, possible errors and signal level. Now I can’t even imagine my life without this device. I’d advise it to everyone who would like to have better mobile coverage at home.

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

“I think that this is a good amplifier for its money. Works flawlessly and the result is good. What I liked the most is that nothing extra was needed. We just unpacked it and installed it, and the signal level has doubled. Everything was as easy as shelling peas,” shared Amelia B.

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

Advantages of Nikrans LCD-150D:

  1. The price and quality ratio is perfect.
  2. The booster is very efficient in improving EE GSM signal in the UK.
  3. The design of the booster is very stylish and modern.

Disadvantages of Nikrans LCD-150D:

  1. The coverage is not enough for large buildings (and even for some private houses).
  2. The booster is able to work only with the signal transmitted at one frequency band.

On our website, you can buy this model for £170 and the delivery within the UK will be absolutely free. You can order this booster here

Reliable EE booster for mobile internet and calls

Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G is a repeater that is intended for working with three types of mobile signal simultaneously. This model can be viewed as a universal solution as it can improve both voice services and mobile internet. 

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

The coverage area of this booster is significantly wider in comparison to the coverage that the previous model has. This booster is able to send the signal within 2700 ft². Thanks to its power, you can buy it for your cottage, office, café, shop, or any other location. Thanks to its sleep mode, the amplifier is energy-efficient. This regime lets the device turn off when there are no smartphones or tablets that are using its signal within the area of its coverage.

The installation process usually takes nearly 15-20 minutes if you follow the instructions provided in the manual that you will get with the amplifier.

We are happy to see that our customers like this booster. Some of them left a lot of positive comments on our website.

I used to miss important calls at the office and it really irritated me. Needless to say, the quality of mobile internet was just awful. Not a singles mobile app worked properly. All my hopes were for this amplifier and, fortunately, it didn’t let me down. The quality of mobile connection at the office is fine now. It should be mentioned that the closer you are to the amplifier, the better the signal is. But it doesn’t mean that in other places there is no connection - using the phone is possible everywhere. I can receive incoming calls everywhere at the office,” wrote David Cross.

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

Michelle has also shared her experience: “I was looking for a booster to improve calls and ensure fast data for internet connectivity. And finally I've found it! This small device can really do miracles. It solved all my signal issues. Both GSM and 4G are working smoothly with no interference.”

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

Benefits of Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G:

  1. The booster supports multiple mobile connections at the same time.
  2. It can improve the signal transmitted not only by EE but also by other operators that use the same frequency bands.
  3. The safety and quality are proven by the CE and RoHS certificates.
  4. It is a universal solution that can help you to deal with all your signal problems at the same time.

Disadvantages of Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G:

  1. The coverage area can be not sufficient for large buildings.

You can get more information about this booster here. The regular price is £440 but you can save £95 as the current price with a discount is £335. 

Advanced 5-band booster

If you are looking for a really advanced professional device, Nikrans NS-600-Multi can be a very good variant for you. It is designed to be compatible with 5 frequency bands at the same time and, moreover, it has amazing coverage. Just imagine: the improved signal can be spread within the area of 6500 ft². It means that it can be installed in office buildings, shopping malls, business centers. But let’s admit that for a private house such coverage is not necessary at all.

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

This amplifier is enriched with an LCD screen and a row of smart functions, including antenna isolation detection, gain control, output signal strength indication, etc.

The booster is comparatively new on our website but it has already gained a lot of positive reviews and the highest marks.

Freddie from the UK is one of the owners of this model: “Hello, everyone! I would like to share my experience. I bought this booster a month ago. We needed to improve poor connection in the pub. Initially, it was a bit difficult to install the device, since it was the first booster I've ever dealt with. So we had to spend a little time studying online videos on the correct installation. Now I can tell you that there are two main things you should take into account: firstly place the antenna in the direction of the nearest base station, and secondly try to mount it as high as possible. We did our best, and now we enjoy perfect coverage in the pub.”

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

Alice has a similar point of view. “I am very pleased with the manager's advice and the work of the support team. They explained everything in detail and advised what model to choose. The order came as advertised, on time, safe and sound. We checked everything and installed it at the office, plugged it in and that's it. NS-600-Multi works with no complaints,” wrote she.

How to strengthen EE mobile signal in the United Kingdom

Pluses of Nikrans NS-600-Multi:

  1. The booster is compatible with 5 frequency bands.
  2. The booster is reliable and 100% safe for your health.
  3. It can improve all types of signal simultaneously.

Minuses of Nikrans NS-600-Multi:

  1. This amplifier is rather expensive.
  2. The coverage area can be too wide for a private house And in general, it is more suitable for public establishments and office buildings than for private use.

If you want to buy this device, please, follow this link. Its price is £695. 


As you see, today there are different options for you in case you need to improve the quality of your mobile signal. Based on your budget, needs and interests, you can choose one of the enumerated solutions.

If you do not want to take a risk, we won’t recommend choosing any of the first two variants. However, all the rest options are equally reliable.

Nikrans LCD-150D has a quite limited range of possibilities, it is suitable only for solving GSM problems. NS-600-Multi is the most expensive model and the most innovative.

At the same time, LCD250-GSM+4G seems to be the most feasible option as it can solve different types of mobile signal problems and its price is very attractive (especially, with a discount).

Want to learn more about our signal boosters? Do not hesitate to call us. Our team will be always happy to help you!

Let’s deal with your EE mobile signal issues together!