Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

You may have several reasons for poor GSM signal — rural location, thick walls, dead mobile zones, etc. Whatever the reason is, the result is always the same missed calls, awful audibility, stress and irritation. However, you can get rid of poor GSM connection with the help of a self-made GSM booster.

Before starting the construction process, turn off your mobile device. Now let’s get down to the tin cans. 

Make an open cylinder of one can — just remove its bottom. 

Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

Then join the two cans together to make one long empty can. Make sure that there are no open spaces between the two cans, use copper tape. It’s important to connect the cans as tightly as possible to get the desired result. 

Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

Now measure 97 mm from the can bottom and cut out a small hole for the antenna.

Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

The next step is making the antenna itself. You will need a small piece of copper wire of corresponding length and thickness. This wire should be first soldered to the antenna connector and then placed inside the can through the hole you’ve made previously. Use the nut that comes with the antenna connector to secure the construction.

Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

Now you need to connect a pigtail that works with your device model. Put in one end of this cable to the antenna connector on the self-made repeater. 

Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

The other end should be plugged into your mobile device. 

Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

As a rule, phones have this special output for the antenna. If you have some difficulties finding it, just get in touch with your manufacturer and clarify where the needed antenna port is. 

Finally, turn on your mobile device. Keep the open part of the self-made cylindrical repeater in the direction of the nearest base station. Try to make a call and check the quality of the connection. If you’ve done everything correctly, the audibility will be better. 

Making a GSM Booster With Two Tin Cans

You can watch a video on to get a better idea of the entire process of creating this device.

We draw your attention to the fact that this self-made booster can’t completely solve signal issues around large areas, they may only refine connection for the particular phone. If you don’t trust such kinds of home-made mechanisms, you can purchase a high-quality GSM booster of factory production. Our Helper can tell you what model to choose in your specific case. We provide amplifiers with CE and RoHS certificates, which testify their high quality and safety. Have a look at customer feedbacks to learn more about reliability and trustworthiness of our devices.

Emma McCarron
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