Mobile Signal Extender Nikrans LCD-800GD

Image Mobile Signal Extender Nikrans LCD-800GD
Image Mobile Signal Extender Nikrans LCD-800GD
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Indoor coverage:
8700 ft²
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2 Band
Kit contents
  • LCD-800GD mobile phone extender,
  • indoor antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual
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  • 3-YEAR warranty & service
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The dualband Nikrans LCD-800GD repeater is designed to improve mobile signals at two different frequencies simultaneously, GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. Both of these frequencies are commonly supported by the UK's network providers (except of EE that doesn't operate at 900 MHz).

Perhaps, one of the best features about this model is the LCD screens showing setup and error notifications as well as system diagnostics information. Since the LCD-800GD coverage area extends up to 800 m2 (8600 ft2 ), it becomes a powerful signal amplifying tool for large offices, apartments, shopping malls, conference halls and basements (bars, studios, etc.)

It supports GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE standarts thus successfully struggling with poor voice and data transmission. In case your mobile operator uses 900MHz band for 3G, the device will also improve your 3G connectivity. Adding to this, some operators also use 1800 MHz frequency for LTE/4G. This means that the booster is also capable of amplifying 4G LTE signals.

It is distinguished by a number of features, such as:

  • Multiple-LCD displays. Each screen of the repeater is dedicated to one frequency band supported by the phone signal extender. They show signal levels, power status, sleep mode status, auto control function, installation setup tips, error notifications, and more. Such notifications will be particularly convenient while using this device.
  • Sleep mode. LCD-800GD will go to sleep mode when no network activity is detected and is back in service automatically when you start using your phone. This option helps in saving energy.
  • AGC and ALC for auto adjustment. The device self-adjusts signal power and gain depending on incoming reception conditions.
  • International safety certificates. The device conforms with international CE and RoHS requirements and comes with a three-year warranty. Hence, it satisfies all creteria of modern technical standards.

Order LCD-800GD right now and enjoy uninterrupted conversations and Internet browsing!


Coverage: 8700 ft²
Up-link freq: 890-915MHz & 1710-1785
Down-link freq: 935-960MHz & 1805-1880
Up-link Gain: 65 dB
Down-link Gain: 70 dB
Power Output: 23 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
IP-Code: IP50
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 310×270×60
Booster Weight: 4.2 kg
Power supply: Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Model Year: 2020
Download Manual Download Datasheet

How it works

The standard mobile phone signal booster kit includes not only a booster box but also two antennas and two cables. As there are some specific requirements regarding the installment of all these elements, individual characteristics of your building or facilities may result in a necessity to customize your order. For example, there is an outdoor antenna that should be installed, as you may have already guessed, outdoors and there is an indoor ceiling antenna; and the distance between them should be at least 5 meters.

Due to the fact that Mobile Phone Extender Nikrans LCD-800GD is intended for amplifying signal within the area of 800 m2 (8600 ft2), you may need to have longer cables than the ones that are included into the standard set. In this very case, we offer you such an opportunity which will make it possible to install our booster correctly despite some specificity of the building. In case you are looking for a more powerful model, consider LCD-1200GD cellular booster for Italian networks and other EU countries.

Customer Reviews

 ·  S (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

A little expensive, but worth the money

I was a bit astonished at the high price, but now I know for sure that it was worth it. I had no issues with the installation, since it was really simple and understandable. All you need to remember is to direct the outdoor antenna to the nearest mast inorder to catch at least a weak signal. I hardly used to have 1-2 bars, and now we enjoy 4-5 bars stably.

Dear Samuel, thanks for leaving the feedback. Your opinion is very important for us. Best regards, sales team.

 ·  P (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Nice service

Hardly had I placed an order, when the manager got in touch with me. They clarified all the details on the content of the set and the delivery. The shipping was fast enough and the quality of the product is superb.

Hello Paul, thank you for your review. Your opinion is very important for us. Best regards, the team of Mobile signal boosters.

 ·  H (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Free shipping

Mobile signal boosters had free and fast shipping and their product was of high quality. They really deserve five stars for their work.

Hello Harry, thanks for the review. We appreciate your opinion very much. Wishing you all the best, sales team.

 ·  A (Italy)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good phone booster

I recommend buying this booster! It helped me get rid of the poor signal at the office. The installation is simple, the device itself is of high quality and looks nice. Mobile phones in the area of signal amplification show 3-4 bars at least! I think this is a great result!

Hello Angelo, thanks for the review. We are glad to know that your problems have been solved. Regards, sales department.

 ·  W (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Really amplifies and transmits the signal

The booster enhanced the cellular signal at the office where there had been no signal before. The only thing I would like to change is a longer cable for connecting the antenna. Subjectively, I don't see any other disadvantages as little time has passed since the purchase.

Dear William, thank you for the review. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Wishing you all the best, support team.

 ·  N (Germany)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Quality corresponds to the price

We live on the ground floor of a block of flats. Mobile connection was so weak that I could only make and receive calls when near the window. There were constant breaks and the audibility was so poor inside the apartment. Then I bought this repeater and I was really surprised by its functionality. The quality of mobile connection became much better. The installation isn’t difficult at all. You only have to leave enough distance between the elements of the amplifying system, I mean the booster box and the antennas.

Hello Noah, we are glad to receive your feedback. Thank you for choosing our product. Regards, sales department.

 ·  S (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

With LCD

The model is rather good. It has an LCD screen which significantly simplifies the installation. All system data and errors are also displayed here. Another great advantage is the auto-adjustment function, which helps prevent self-excitation. And one more thing, but no less important - the device is absolutely safe for people and the surrounding area.

Appreciated Samuel, we are glad to receive your review. Your opinion means much to us. Regards, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.

 ·  A (France)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Less than I expected

In my opinion, there isn’t anything so special about this booster. Yes, it works and it improves signal, but I expected to get a better result for this price. First, it supports only two frequencies - 900 MHz and 1800 Mhz, so I couldn’t improve the 800MHz band. Secondly, the cables were short and I had to replace them. And finally, just have a look at the booster box itself! It looks so poor and outmoded that it’s better to place it somewhere no one could see it!

Dear Amélie , thank you for the feedback. Please, feel free to contact us in case you have any questions. Best regards, support team.

 ·  G (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

No power supply in the set

The company didn’t send me the power supply in the standard kit. I believe this was by chance. Fortunately, when I called them and told them about what had happened, they sent me the power supply additionally in a few days.

Dear Garry, thank you for the feedback. We are sorry for that, please, feel free to contact us whenever you need. With best regards, the team of Mobile-signal-boosters.

 ·  M (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good result

The booster works even better than I expected. It amplifies signal at two frequencies - 900 MHz and additionally 1800 MHz. We have 4G even in the rooms where there was no connection at all. All the mountings and the manual were included in the order automatically. The only thing I ordered additionally was lightning protection.

Appreciated Mary, we are glad to receive your review. Your opinion is very important for us. Kindest regards, sales department.

 ·  J (France)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Has some peculiarities in installation

The booster works steadily but it has some peculiarities. When installing it, try to place the booster box, the internal and external antennas as far from each other as possible in order to avoid interference. And pay special attention to the location of your external antenna, it should be faced towards the nearest base station.

Appreciated Juliette, we are glad to receive your feedback. Feel free to contact us in case you need help. Regards, support team.

 ·  D (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Works simultaneously at two frequencies

I used to think that a booster is able to amplify the signal only for a limited number of users and at a certain frequency, but I was mistaken. Now I know that the new generation devices amplify reception for an unlimited number of users and at several frequencies. LCD-800GD works at two bands, and I’d like to mention that the booster improves signal at both the frequencies well. It’s great that you can have one booster for all providers!

Dear Daniel, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that you are happy about your purchase. Kindest regards, sales team.

 ·  J (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good product

I agree with people who say that it’s a useful thing. The repeater improves signal well. The only thing I’d like to emphasize is that in order to get stable coverage and to ensure proper work of the booster you need to direct it not towards the window, but towards the base station. If you still can’t make out how it works, I advise calling a technician.

Dear Julia, we are glad to receive your review. Keep on enjoying the product. With best wishes, support team.

 ·  D (Israel)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Like it

I have tried so many devices, so many amplifiers and antennas, but only this one really helped and changed the coverage for the better. It’s very simple and reliable at the same time. The booster is compact, it isn’t large as well as the antennas in the set. The signal level used to be of 0 percent, and now the coverage is stable and the transmission speed is normal.

Hi Daniel, thank you for the review. We are happy to know that your problem has been solved. Regards, sales team.

 ·  G (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Works with various operators

This booster is just what I needed. I bought it for my office, where we often suffered from poor mobile signal. The amplifier improves both voice connection and mobile internet, and it supports working bands of different operators, this is very important for the office where we have subscribers using various networks. The quality is good and the price is affordable.

Hello George, we are grateful for your feedback. Keep on enjoying the purchase. Wishing you all the best, sales department.

 ·  S (Spain)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Not bad

The booster is very simple and not pretentious. I can say that it’s rather stylish. It doesn’t have any superpower but it’s okay for average premises of about 700-800 m2. I’ve had it for about half a year, and during all this period the amplifier has been working steadily without any interruptions. It operates around the clock and with no drawdowns. I think that it’s a good result.

Appreciated Sofi, thank you for leaving a review. Your opinion is very important for us. Best regards, support team.

 ·  E (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Not perfect

The installation isn’t as simple as it may seem. We installed the booser and it didn’t amplify the signal. We thought that something was wrong with it and we wanted to change it as defective. We called the support department and it turned out that the outdoor antenna was placed in the wrong place. So, you’d better contact the technical support in advance and clarify, where it is better to put an external antenna.

Appreciated Emma, feel free to contact us whenever you need help. Best regards, support team.

 ·  F (Spain)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Helpful device

I installed the booster in my fitness center. It’s located underground, and that’s why the signal is poor there. Actually, it used to be. Now with the booster the signal is 100% stable. Both voice connection and mobile internet have become stronger.

Hello Fernando, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved.

 ·  S  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

I Advise it to everyone

Great product! I’m writing this review via my mobile phone from the place where there used to be no connection at all, and now I’m enjoying perfect reception. I have stable voice connection, my conversations aren’t interrupted any more. I can download games, watch Youtube videos at normal speed and make video calls. I didn’t even expect that the result would be so fantastic! Now I believe that this booster is the best solution to signal issues.

Dear Samuel, thank you for the feedback. We are glad to know that you are impressed with the result. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  B  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Not Bad

I installed it in the office. The device is rather good. It ensures stable mobile connection and now I can speak with my business partners without being afraid of disconnections. As for 3G, I don’t use it too often, but when needed the booster amplifies it as well.

Dear Brian, thank you for the review. Your opinion is very important for us. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  S  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Businesspeople are satisfied

As a hotel manager, I have to keep order and organize business meetings in the conference halls of our stunning hotel which is situated in the centre of a city among other skyscrapers. The phone reception in one of them (on the ground floor) was horrible and I could approve the purchase of an amplifier, especially the LCD-800GD model according to another hotel manager’s advice. Luckily, the bosses were glad and nobody suffers a bad connection.

Dear Stacey! Thank you for the feedback. It is always a pleasure to assist you. Best regards, Support Team.

 ·  V  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Great device despite the price

We live in a private 4-storey block of flats with our own underground parking for all residents. So, we were tired of a weak signal there when you were parking a car and couldn’t talk, especially in cases of emergency. We purchased LCD-800GD and forgot the reception problems. It might be a little bit expensive but it proved its value 100%. The booster works uninterruptedly without any technical failures.

Dear Vivien! Thank you for the feedback. It’s nice to know the signal in the underground parking is appropriate for you. Take care, Support Team.

 ·  E  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Absolutely safe

My LCD-800GD works constantly 24/7. And it doesn’t emit any damaged waves because my family and I even don’t notice how it works at our huge house – no headache, only a strong phone signal.

Dear Elvin, thank you for the feedback. It’s a pleasure to read such words. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  C  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Best for an office

My colleagues and I bought the amplifier to get rid of the poor phone signal in our underground office. It wasn’t too expensive for 65 people and proved every single cent. I recommended it for my friend working in similar conditions.

Dear Claudia, thank you for the feedback. We are glad your team handled signal issues. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  T  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Excellent for shops

I am a deputy of economic activity of a big shopping area on the outskirts of the city which was opened half a year ago. Many tenants of areas have complained recently that both they and their clients became facing connection problems and it became impossible to speak on the cell-phone in a store. So, we decided not to find a reason but purchased some LCD-800GD amplifiers that I discovered on your website. The square of the shop is 500 m2 with two floors, so the specialist recommended to buy this booster which was delivered after 4 days as promised and quickly installed. Finally, the complaints were stopped and nobody feels a lack of clients.

Dear Terry! Thank you for the review. Please, contact us at any time to buy your personal repeater. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  J  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

A creased box

When I got a box with the full kit of components for my new booster, a cardboard box was a bit strange. Probably, it was transferred sloppy by a delivery guy. No offense, the device works great for 3 months. No failures were identified.

Dear Joanna, thank you for the review and for your note. We will figure out why it happened. Best regards, Support Team.

 ·  S  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

An irreplaceable assistant

Loving long phone conversation at home, I had problems with reception in the underground garage and on the upper floor. Then my husband bought the amplifier and installed it in the living room. Moreover, it suits the interior and today I have a strong signal. Great!

Dear Sarah, thank you for the review. We are happy to assist. Look for other models on our website. Best regards, Support Team.

 ·  G  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Reliable, but some delivery problems

The LCD-800GD model is perfectly suitable for my large apartment and enhances the signal in every part of a place despite being surrounded by thick stone walls. But its delivery was delayed for a couple of days because a delivery guy mixed up my address. Honestly, it wasn’t a big deal – I was sick and stayed at home for a week. Moreover, they offered me a discount on the next purchase. Thank you!

Dear Gerald, thank you for leaving the feedback. We apologize for misunderstanding one more time. Take care and stay healthy. Best regards, Support Team.

 ·  P  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Not bad

My personal LCD-800GD operates great at our large house but when it was delivered the outside antenna was broken. But I’ve got a replacement the next day and then we could install it well. By the way, 4 bars of 4 on the cell phone everywhere, even in the courtyard.

Dear Pamela, thank you for the review. We are glad to help you anytime. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  C  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good idea

I have a bar located in the basement. And when I opened it (2 months ago) I knew about poor reception and immediately decided to order an amplifier but not the same as at my house. One call to a consultant and I chose a booster. Of course, I could install it by myself because all of them have practically similar components – inside and outside antennas, cables, and mobile phone extenders. It takes a couple of hours and saves money. Honestly, I didn’t hear anything about a poor signal. For example, my cell-phone has constant 4 bars of 4. And I‘m planning to present the device to my friend for his house.

Dear Carl! Thank you for the feedback. We are happy to know the amplifier helps your business. Best wishes, Support Team.

 ·  B  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

A Bit Expensive

I think that this model is a bit expensive, although it copes with its main task – the amplification of a poor mobile signal. Maybe I should have chosen the model which boosts GSM only, and then it would have been cheaper.

Dear Bob, thank you for the feedback. In case you need our help, just contact us. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  D  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Thank you!

I have a small restaurant in the suburbs where the signal is a bit poor. So I bought this device to get rid of inconveniences caused by insufficient reception. My husband installed it himself thanks to the recommendations provided by the support team and the user’s manual. That wasn’t difficult thing to do. The main point is to turn the outdoor antenna in the direction of the provider’s mast. The mobile connection has become better, both GSM and 4G.

Dear Dorothy, thank you for the feedback. We are happy to know that your problems have been solved. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  M  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

I’m happy

I received my booster in four days after the order. It came safe and sound, very well packed. Everything corresponds to the description provided by the supplier. All the elements were properly packed as well. I installed the booster with my friend, spent about half an hour on the set up. We turned it on and everything worked very well. I’m using it in the countryside cottage, which is large enough. The coverage here used to be weak. I had only 1-2 bars around the cottage. The problem is that the nearest provider’s mast is more than 25 km away. The outdoor antenna was mounted on the roof in the direction of the operator’s mast. Now I have a stable signal and I’m really happy with the result. I recommend this device to everyone who wants to improve poor reception, especially in the rural area.

Dear Matthew, thank you for the review. We appreciate your opinion very much. Kindest regards, Support team.

 ·  A  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good Present for My Parents

I bought this device as a present for my parents who live in the village located in the forest. The level of mobile signal of any operator is very low here. As a rule I could catch only 2 bars near the window in my parents’ house and had no 3G at all. With the repeater I have full bars around the house and stable 3G internet. My parents and I are pleased! Great result! It works! I recommend!

Dear Abigail, thank you for the review. We are glad to know that it works well in your place. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  K  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Amplifies Indeed

For those who hesitate whether it really works I can say that yes, it works. The only thing is that you need to find the best direction for the outdoor antenna, so that it should face the nearest provider’s mast.

Dear Karen, thank you for leaving feedback. We are glad to know that your problem has been solved. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  J  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Looks Okay

I’ve bought it for my countryside house located in the village with no mobile connection. Haven’t tried it there yet, but here in the flat where I used to have one bar less, I have full bars always. Seems like it works!

Dear Joe, thank you for the review. Hope the connection in your countryside house will be perfect! Best regards, Support team.

 ·  L  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Trustworthy supplier

I have chosen this company on my friend’s advice. I’m pleased with their service. They supplied a reliable product with all necessary documents, warranties and checks in the period stated.

Dear Lisa, thank you for the feedback and the support. Glad to see you again. Best regards, Support team.

 ·  C  ·  Verified Buyer  · 


The closest cell tower is about 4 miles away that is why I get poor mobile signal in my villa, which is frequently rented. My guests were dissatisfied with the quality of mobile connection and this fact made me look for ways out of the unpleasant situation. I started to search for a booster that would suit my villa, but couldn’t find one. So I decided to address to the companies manager to help me choose the best one. They gave me consultations online, the manager was very polite and nice. So I purchased the advised model Nikrans LCD-800GD and I’m satisfied with its work. The signal in the villa is much better, it is stable and there are no more drops and disconnections.

Dear Christopher, thank you for the review. We are glad to have solved your problem. Best regards, Support team.

Case Studies

Peter Brown, Wrexham

For those who are like me before experience signal problems.

I never wanted to change my operator and face those inconveniences of looking for another tariffs from another cell phone data providers, even despite the fact that I was having troubles. But actually, I didn’t even have to do it, and no one has to, because the signal boosters from Mobile-signal-boosters can solve every possible issue with the existing operator signal, no matter how weak it is and what is the reason behind the situation.
Graig Williams, Kinross

The installation was not a hustle for me.

What my family needed in our case is to install a repeater somewhere in the middle of the house, since we wanted the signal to work good in the basement as well. So I decided to mount the outer antenna outside the window on the second floor of the house and then got the wire to the booster box on the first floor. It didn’t cause any problems, and after I turned it on, everything was working perfectly.

Edward Sandells, Kinlochleven

Happy with the purchase!

In the next couple of minutes after me and my brother switched the Mobile-signal-boosters’ booster in, the signal in our whole big house became evenly strong. We checked out the basement and every room on both of the floors, and were childishly excited that the booster’s range could reach us anywhere and we could use our internet at the same time without interfering with each other’s interests and working schedules.

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