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If you are struggling with Tesco signal problems like us, think of a signal repeater. It's great!

If you are struggling with Tesco signal problems like us, think of a signal repeater. It's great!

Me and my family have moved into another house not so long ago. We’re a big family, and everyone in this big family wants to use a lot of internet and phones for their own needs. My kids are teenagers with lots of interests, my wife works from home and my mother watches a lot of shows online. And after we moved, we noticed that Tesco Mobile signal problems in our new neighborhood were hitting us pretty hard. None of us actually knew that Tesco Mobile signal issues can happen at all, and when we found out that it was because of the landscape around the area we moved to, and because it was full of large houses, which stopped the signal from getting to us, we were confused an upset.

After contemplating on this situation for a while, we decided that we need our 4G and GSM back desperately, and we don’t want to end our contract with Tesco Mobile because they had perfect tariffs for multiple people using their internet simultaneously, and it was much cheaper for us than any other local operators’ offers. One of our neighbors told us before that she had been using a signal repeater, but she was a subscriber of another operator, so, foolishly, we never asked, what company was her repeater bought from.

We had to search for ourselves, and this is when we found out about Mobile-signal-boosters and their benefits over other companies. Eventually, we chose them because we loved their true and detailed descriptions, their prices and their wide range of products we could choose from. We needed a model that would enhance exactly GSM and 4G signals that we wanted and nothing more or less, so we won’t be charged of any extra money, that would work throughout our entire house, and that wouldn’t cost us a fortune. And we found the perfect one on Mobile-signal-boosters website.

We received our parcel from Mobile-signal-boosters really fast, in less than four days. It was a nicely looking box with all the booster parts inside of it. Things like mistakes or broken details often happen when you are dealing with internet stores, but not in the case of Mobile-signal-boosters. Everything was very good, well-packed and intact. There was the signal booster box, the power source, the inside antenna and the outside antenna (together with all the wires that were required).

What we needed to do after that was to install the signal repeater inside the house. We chose a living room on the bottom floor, since we wanted our signal to be good in the basement as well, because this is where my teenager kids have space for their teenager things like gaming console and they spend a lot of time there. But we also wanted to install the outer antenna a bit higher. So I had to do some magic with mounting it outside the window of the second floor and then getting the wire to the repeater box on the first floor. But it all actually worked out after I finished the installation following the user manual.

After turning on the booster, we were absolutely delighted because of the result we got. Tesco Mobile poor signal became extremely good in every room of the house, including the signal in the basement that we wanted, and the internet speed is now high enough for everyone to use it, even at the same time. No more annoying Tesco Mobile poor coverage for any of us and no more having to keep up with them or wait until it suddenly gets slightly better! Everybody in the house is very happy now.

We also wouldn’t probably have achieved our goal and got rid of our issues so effectively if it wasn’t for Mobile-signal-boosters’s amazing tech support. They asked us what kind of problems with the signal we had and they were the one to help us choose the ideal repeater model that works so well for us now. They’re doing a great job, they were very helpful, polite, and overall gave the most complete responses. Big thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters for their product quality, prices and the ways they improve lives.

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