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Lebara signal problems were our constant matter of concern but we've overpassed them!

Lebara signal problems were our constant matter of concern but we've overpassed them!

I lived in my house alone and my internet connection was enough for me, because I didn’t really use it too much. What I did was some social media in the evening and some websites with fresh news in the morning. One day my brother had to move in with me for a while, and after he arrived, we both understood that something was off with our Lebara signal. It seemed like it wasn’t enough speed and traffic for both of us, even though my contract with the operator had the numbers that would be absolutely enough. We contacted Lebara customer service and found out that we had Lebara signal issues in my house that I had never noticed before and never known of. I had a large hill almost in front of my yard, and I never had an idea that it could affect my internet connection. Yet it did.

Since we were both Lebara subscribers and using the same internet spot together was cheaper and more convenient for us, we wanted something to improve Lebara poor signal as we were not sure that changing the operator would help a lot (the hill was not going to move!) After we spent some time on looking for the information, we discovered that there are such things as signal boosters, that could easily help us improve our 3G Internet signal and make it stable.

We decided to buy our signal repeater at Mobile-signal-boosters because of several reasons. They had complete and detailed information on their website about everything we needed to know, their boosters had adequate prices, they ensured us that their payments are absolutely secure, and they had a large range of models for us to choose from. We wanted something that would work throughout the whole house, even in the faraway corners, on both floors, since I was living on the first floor and my brother took the ground. Mobile-signal-boosters provided us with an option like that, and it had a surprisingly affordable price despite its working range. So we went for that option and made a purchase.

After three, or maybe four days passed (unfortunately, we don’t really remember the exact dates, but it was a really short amount of time), our parcel arrived at our house, and we unpacked it curiously. It had everything that we needed inside, including all the wires and even a user guide. The signal booster box, the inner antenna, the outer antenna, wires and a power source – everything was intact, safely wrapped and had no signs of damage or any defects. It was a very good sign, and we were eager to test out how that device would work for our Lebara poor coverage.

We spent some time on mounting the outside antenna on the roof of our house and make it face the side that was opposite of the hill, but otherwise, all the assembling process was extremely fast and easy. All we needed to do after that was to connect that antenna to a signal repeater itself, with a plugged inner antenna, that I put in out of boredom while my brother was mounting the other one on the roof, and then we plugged everything into the power socket. The lights on the booster box started flickering, and the system came to life.

In the next couple of minutes after we switched the signal repeater on, the signal in our whole house became evenly strong. Me and my brother checked out in the basement, on both floors and in every room, and were childishly excited about the fact that the booster’s working range could reach us anywhere in the house and we now could use our internet at full speed anywhere we wanted without interfering with each other’s interests and working processes.

Mobile-signal-boosters’s technical support were the ones who ensured us that our Lebara signal problems can be solved even despite that large hill near our house, and they were right about that. The solution was very easy and fast, and we had no complaints about our signal or the device’s work ever since. Thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters, there are two more happier people in this world who can use their internet despite the landscape circumstances, and this is wonderful.

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