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Vodafone Sure Signal Stops Its Operating

Vodafone Sure Signal Stops Its Operating

Vodafone is retiring its Sure Signal from the provider’s network throughout 2021. Thus, the customers won’t be able to make use of Vodafone Sure Signal anymore, nor will it be possible to register a new Sure Signal device.

The provider mentions that they have refined the quality of their network, so the coverage has become better, and it may be possible to catch Vodafone signals without Sure Signal now.

How can you check the Vodafone signal?

Before taking any actions just check the current connection to Vodafone. You might already be connected to the network without the use of additional devices. In order to do that follow the steps below:

  1. Plug your Vodafone Sure Signal device out. 
  2. Check the level of signal on your mobile device. See if you have any active bars available. If there are some, this means that you are connected to the network without Vodafone Sure Signal and there is no need for it anymore. 

If you see no bars, this means that your mobile phone isn’t connected to the Vodafone network, and you need to take additional actions to catch a stable reception. 

How to improve Vodafone connection?

If you have no Vodafone connection without Sure Signal, don’t worry, we know how to solve this problem. Mobile Signal Boosters has a wide range of mobile signal amplifiers compatible with the Vodafone network. 

You can choose a booster to improve only calls, if you don’t need to get your mobile internet improved, or you can select a model which is able to amplify both GSM and 3G or 4G/LTE. Everything depends on your situation. 

There are devices for small, medium, and large buildings with various indoor coverage capacity. They all stabilize Vodafone connection and provide strong reception around the corresponding area.

Vodafone signal boosters are available in full set, which includes two or more antennas (for indoor and outdoor use) and a booster box itself. There are also cables provided for connecting all the elements together and mountings for a proper installation. The set up is easy and understandable thanks to detailed instructions provided in the manual and on the website.

All Vodafone signal boosters are absolutely human-friendly and safe for the environment. The devices are certified by CE & RoHS and correspond to the international safety standards.

Emma McCarron

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