What does an ordinary mobile phone user do when sees that he or she has Giffgaff no signal at home? If you’ve said “panic and start blaming the operator”, that’s the right answer. However, the fact that it is the right answer doesn’t mean that it is the model of behavior.

In general, the main thing that you need to remember if you regularly notice such an issue as Giffgaff no service when you are at your office or in your house is that all these problems can be solved. Though it may sound strange but in many cases your Giffgaff poor signal even is not the fault of your carrier. There can be many other factors including landscape peculiarities, weather conditions and many-many other things that people can’t control.

But, still, what should you do if you have some problems with your calls or mobile internet due to Giffgaff no signal? We have prepared for you a nice plan (it is placed below) that will definitely help you if you follow each step.

1. Reload your device

Though it may seem too simple, it may help. Quite often our device may miss some settings that are related to the network connection. So, just switch your phone off and then in a couple of minutes on. In many situations this action works like a pure magic.  But if not, there are other options for you.

2. Check out the quality of your signal online

Giffgaff network status checker will help you to understand whether there are any issues with the coverage in your area. Sometimes network problems appear as a result of some mobile tower damages or some renovation works performed by your operator. In such cases, the system will show you what has happened. However, if there are no problems in your district, you need to proceed to the third point of this plan.

3. Buy a mobile phone signal booster

Signal Repeater Nikrans LCD-300GD for GSM, 3G and 4G

Giffgaff signal booster will allow you to leave your Giffgaff poor signal in the past. You need just to install such an amplifier in your house or office and enjoy better communication.

Now you may be interested in how these amplifiers work and how to choose the most appropriate model, right? But everything is absolutely easy. You even do not need to have any tech background to understand all these things.

First of all, such a device has an outdoor antenna that catches the signal. Secondly, it has a booster box which makes GSM, 3G, 4G or 5G signal stronger (or it can work with several signals or even all of them simultaneously). And thirdly, there is an indoor antenna to send the enhanced signal within the coverage area of the device.

So, for ordering the most suitable amplifier, consider its coverage and the types of signals it works with. Facing the necessity to choose the right model you may first consider our bestsellers like LCD-300GD. This booster proves to be sufficient for midsize premises and is aimed at intensifying GSM and 3G mainly, but will also boost 4G reception in certain areas.

As you see, to improve your Giffgaff poor signal, you do not need to do anything extraordinary. Everything is extremely simple. But in any case, if you have some questions or you need our assistance, feel free to contact us. We are always happy when we know that we can make someone’s life more comfortable.