If you have noticed that in some rooms of your house or office building your WiFi signal is not as strong as in others, it is not the reason to take any radical measures like buying a new router or trying to find a new internet service provider. A good solution in such a case will be to a WiFi booster box. It’s a very simple and comfortable device to use. But believe us, you will be absolutely satisfied with a mobile phone WiFi signal booster that you can order on our website. Looking for a place to purchase a 4g WiFi booster? Buy online! And we are ready to help you with this task. But before you pass to the process of ordering, we recommend you to read this text in order to find out as many details about such a device as possible.

Do You Really Need to Buy a Wi-Fi Booster?

A WiFi booster in UK is a highly demanded device. Of course, it will be wrong to say that a cell phone WiFi signal booster is installed in every house and we are not going to exaggerate in order to encourage you to buy such a device (it will be unfair). But in any case, many internet users in the country have already purchased a WiFi network signal booster. Let’s find out whether it will be sensible for you to order such a device or it will be just a useful thing.

  1. Are you dissatisfied with the internet coverage in your office or house as you have noticed that the signal of your router is worse in some rooms than in others?
  2. Do you have problems with connecting to the WiFi network from your mobile device?
  3. Do you have issues with sending messages, making video calls, updating your apps, checking your email box, uploading photos from your smartphone or tablet using the WiFi signal, especially being in some rooms that are located comparatively far from your router?

If you have answered “yes” to all these questions and, in general, have recognized your situation, then all the doubts should be left away! A reliable wireless WiFi internet booster will be an amazingly feasible investment in your case and you will never regret buying it! Based on our experience, we can assure you that it will really happen so.

What Are the Conditions of the Efficient Functioning of a Wi-Fi Booster?

In general, there aren’t any strict requirements for using a WiFi booster. However, it will be useless if you install it in a flat or house whether there is no WiFi signal at all. It means that if you do not have a router or if it is completely broken and is not working, even the best WiFi signal booster will be unable to help you.

If you have a functioning WiFi router but its signal is too weak to ensure excellent stable connection within all its presupposed coverage area, it’s a completely different story. In such a case, a good WiFi booster is just what is needed.

So, the key (and probably the only) condition for such a booster to be of great use is a necessity to be installed in the place where there is a WiFi signal (or an access point).

Where can you install a WiFi booster?

  • At home;
  • In the office;
  • Outdoors (if you have a cottage with a garden, a summer café or a hotel with a pool, just install such a device to enjoy amazing internet connection outdoors);
  • On a boat.

Wi-Fi Booster: How does It Work?

To understand a working principle of a WiFi booster you do not need to be a genius or a tech expert (though let’s admit that sometimes it is just the same). So, we’ll try to explain to you all these things that may seem to be too difficult just in a couple of very simple words.

Do you know how your mobile devices or laptops get connected to the internet via the WiFi network? In general, there is nothing complicated. An access point or a wireless router is responsible for it as it sends the signal which can be caught by numerous devices simultaneously within the coverage area. Unfortunately, sometimes it may happen that the signal is not strong enough for ensuring a high-quality connection. In such a case a booster is a good solution.

It acts as an intermediary between a router and your smartphone or computer. A booster is able to catch a signal and improve it. After the signal is amplified, a WiFi repeater (WiFi booster) shares it. As a result, your computers or mobile devices are able to enjoy a stronger signal and stable connection.

Wi-Fi Repeaters and Wi-Fi Extenders: Are They Just the Same?

It’s worth mentioning that quite often users even do not know whether they get their amplified signal from an extender or a booster. Why? Because these two types of devices are very similar and, moreover, a traditional WiFi booster very often unites these both regimes. So, as a user, you may choose which one is more preferable in your case.

But what is the difference between them? They behave in a little bit different ways. An extender gets the signal from a router, strengthens it and in order to send it to your smartphones or laptops, an extender creates a new network. In means that if you have an extender, in the list of available networks you will see at least two. One of them will be the one that is created by a router and the second one will be created by your extender.

With a repeater, the situation is different. It works with the same network. Yes, it boosts the signal and transmits it within the same network.

What Features does a WiFi Booster Have?

If you have ever read WiFi booster reviews, you may have already noticed that all of them are very different. They may have a different shape and look, a WiFi 3g signal booster price may also seriously vary. The same is true about the features of all available models. Yes, they also are different.

However, all of them are developed with an aim to ensure comfortable interaction with a device. For example, the majority of boosters have a special WPS button. Thanks to this button you will have an opportunity to connect your booster with a router making just one push. Yes, you have understood us in the right way. You do not need to make any special efforts to connect these two devices. Just place a booster in the place (house, office) where your router is located and everything will be ready (but there are some more tips regarding the installation process, you will find them below).

Some models of WiFi boosters also have a number of other useful buttons and features. Among them, we can name USB ports, status lights as well as buttons that can help you to control the powers or to change settings.

Wi-Fi Booster Placement: Useful Tips

We have already noted that there are different models of WiFi boosters. They can have different configuration and as a result, some models should be fixed on the wall or put on a flat surface like a table, some others are intended to be plugged into an outlet. So, all of them have different requirements for installation.

However, you should understand that they all do not require any special tech skills from your side. You can easily install them just following the instructions that you will get together with your order. Moreover, all these devices are very compact and can be easily located in a room of any type.

Very important elements of any booster are antennas that get and then send a signal but they are not always visible. They can be either internal or external.

But there is one thing that you should be aware of. Many WiFi boosters do not like water and we are talking not only about pouring water on them. The efficiency of their work can be also lowered if there are some sources of water in the room. That’s why in such a case it is recommended to remove aquariums, fountains and flower pots from the way of the signal passing from a booster to your laptop or smartphone.

However, there are also waterproof models that can be easily installed even outdoors (for example, in the garden) and will work perfectly there.

Wi-Fi Booster: Security Issues

It is quite understandable that when a person buys a new unknown device he or she may have some doubts regarding security. All our boosters have been tested in a professional laboratory before being offered to you. That’s why you can be absolutely confident that a WiFi booster won’t bring you any harm. In general, the level of the harmlessness of such repeaters or extenders can be compared with such a level of a typical WiFi router. So, if you are not afraid of routers, there are no grounds to be afraid of boosters. Right? The quality and safety of our devices are fully guaranteed.

How to Install a Wi-Fi Booster

Though there are some common recommendations for the installation (like the one that tells to install a device in the halfway between a router and a dead zone with no signal), all more precise step-by-step instructions will be provided to you in a guide. As it has been already noted, you will find it inside a box with your order.

However, if you prefer to use an extender that creates a new network for transmitting a stronger signal, do not forget to add a new network name to the connection list of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you have already decided to buy such a wonderful device that will stabilize and improve the connection for you and are wondering: “Where to buy WiFi booster near me?”, you are lucky as you have already found us!

We sell only the most high-quality devices that really help! And we are ready to deliver one of them to your doorbell. Just choose the most suitable model for you and place an order.