Mobile phone signal booster: Myths and Truths about it

If you want to improve the quality of your GSM, 3G or/and 4G connection, a mobile phone signal booster can be a very good option. It doesn’t require serious investments, it is simple to use, and it is absolutely safe for your health. 

Moreover, thanks to a wide range of models you can find a suitable phone signal booster for absolutely any case. There are boosters that can enhance only one type of signal and those that are intended for improving two or even three signals at the same time. Amplifiers can have different coverage areas. Some models are intended for being installed in small houses or flats while some others can cover even huge buildings with the improved signal. There are also devices for cars and boats.

But working with mobile signal amplifiers for many years already, we’ve noticed that many people have a lot of stereotypes regarding these devices. And as a result, many people are just afraid of buying repeaters as they feel that they are unsafe and useless.

Are boosters really useless?

A phone signal booster can be a very efficient and useful device. But to achieve the desired results, it is extremely important to have a high-quality device that is built in accordance with the latest industry standards and properly tested.

Today it is very easy to buy a fake product. Fake products are very cheap and that’s the main reason why many people buy them and then get disappointed. In order not to buy a mobile signal booster that you will further throw away, you should pay attention to the reputation of its seller and producer. The company that offers such devices should have relevant certificates that will prove the reliability and safety of their amplifiers. Also, do not forget to read what people write about the company. Reviews are crucial.

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Is it legal to use boosters?

Frankly speaking, in a couple of courtiers, the situation with booster usage is not well-regulated. As a result, they are considered to be illegal. The authorities have come to a decision to do that because of the complaints of local operators who say that boosters negatively affect the common state of their mobile networks. 

However, in the majority of countries, boosters are fully legal. But please, bear in mind that, for example, in the United States you can use a booster only if it is certificated. Moreover, you should also register your device. But do not worry. You can do it for free.

Do boosters affect the network signal?

Though some mobile carriers insist on the fact that boosters can spoil the state of their networks, it is not fully true. Only poorly-designed devices can have any influence on the network and on the signal that people who do not have boosters get.

Certified high-quality boosters do not interfere with the operator’s network.

Can a booster spoil your WiFi signal?

That’s not true. WiFi signal is transmitted on some particular frequency bands and these bands are not used for transmitting mobile signals. And while mobile boosters are intended for improving cell signals, they do not work with the bands used by WiFi routers. As a result, it is impossible to speak about the influence of boosters on the WiFi connection.

Do mobile boosters use WiFi bandwidth? And can they compete for the signal with other devices?

Though it is not true, at least we know why this opinion exists. There are some other devices that are used for improving mobile signals. They act as small cell towers and create new networks. Mobile boosters use the already existing network provided by your operator. It means that boosters do not create any competition with other wireless devices.

Actually, boosters are really viewed as comparatively new devices. That’s why many users just do not have a very clear understanding of how to use these devices and how they work. As a result, there are a lot of controversial myths around cell signal amplifiers.

If you are considering the option of buying a signal booster for your home or office, we recommend getting a consultation with experts in order to leave all the fears aside. Modern high-quality boosters are absolutely safe. They won’t have any negative influence on the network and on your health as well.

As we’ve already mentioned, there are a lot of different models and on our website, you will definitely find the most appropriate one that will fully meet your requirements.