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A signal booster is an irreplacable device, if there is no Vodafone signal at all.

A signal booster is an irreplacable device, if there is no Vodafone signal at all.

My small company was moving to another office and we were worried about anything but the cell phone signal. Even though our new office that we rent was located on the underground floor of a huge office building and it should have probably crossed our minds, all of us were too stressed to think that there might be no Vodafone signal. So, after moving in, we ended up with Vodafone poor coverage and constantly interrupting signal, having to move around the office to be able to finish the phone call adequately (and sometimes having no GSM signal at all) and being extremely annoyed by all of that. Obviously, that was happening because we were below the ground level and the signal just couldn’t properly get through.

We were very used to being Vodafone’s subscribers, and we didn’t really want to change that, especially since we found out that there can be another solution other than looking for another operator, researching their tariff plans, counting it all up, terminating contracts and signing new ones. We were in desperate need of stable 4G and GSM signals to continue working, and one of our employees, who was concerned about the situation as well, told us about Mobile-signal-boosters and what they can do to help in situations when no Vodafone signal manages to penetrate inside. So we decided to give it a try.

Why Mobile-signal-boosters? Because they seemed a very professional company, provided all the information we needed, had a large variety of options to choose from, offered fast delivery (which is definitely very important when you are desperate), and, to be really honest, their attractively low prices also weren’t the last reason to convince us to buy their cell phone signal repeater. So we made our choice and waited for a little while.

In a couple of days, the package has arrived, and it had everything inside that was listed on Mobile-signal-boosters’ company website: no mistakes or broken parts, and everything was packed very carefully. The wires, the signal repeater, both of the antennas and the power plug, together with the step-by-step instruction on how to assemble the device and make it function. We were glad to see it, since we deal with parcels a lot and see carelessly wrapped, broken or defective ones quite often.

We were actually expecting that we’ll need to hire a technician or ask our own company tech to deal with the repeater, because, unfortunately, when a very easy single-person installation is promised, it can be an advertising trick. But it turned out that assembling Mobile-signal-boosters’ signal repeater is really easy. So easy, that I put it together by myself out of mere curiosity: I mounted it on the ceiling in the middle of our office (we rent several rooms, and I chose the middle one). The outside antenna was put on the wall outside the tiny window we have close to the ceiling of our office, then plugged in into the booster box with a wire. The only complication that I had was to somehow get the last wire to the power socket conveniently, but that was pretty quickly solved by moving the table a little and finding a way to run the cable in the sneakiest way so it won’t be hanging from the ceiling. So, after all of that, I turned the booster on, and it started working immediately.

We had a stable, strong signal from that moment, and when half an hour later one of our clients called us, our manager was able to hear him perfectly, and he was clearly and perfectly heard as well. The internet was working well again, letting us be online all the time, which we needed a lot. And no matter how many people are using the internet or making calls simultaneously, it never makes their signal weaker.

Thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters, their speedy delivery and excellent service (which included recommending us the perfect model after analyzing our situation and circumstances and providing all the information we wanted to know) we solved out Vodafone signal problems very quickly. As far as I could judge from the reviews, there are booster models able to help with other operators’ problems as well. Their website is also nicely designed, very easy to use, they don’t hide any information from their buyers and are always online to help, and that is very much appreciated.

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