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A signal repeater is for sure an effective means to put an end to BT Mobile signal problems.

A signal repeater is for sure an effective means to put an end to BT Mobile signal problems.

I live in an apartment and share it with two another roommates. We also share a 3G router together, and everything was okay for us until the renovations in the neighborhood began. First, there were renovations in our house, and because of the material that was used to insulate the building, our internet signal became a little bit disrupted. But it was pretty bearable, we thought, and there was nothing we could do about it anyway. After that, another tall apartment building was built next to our house, and this is when the signal got significantly worse. We were having lots of annoying BT Mobile signal problems, and it needed to be solved ASAP.

Since we were BT Mobile subscribers, and we really loved the price that the three of us were paying for our 3G router, we wanted to keep it that way. So, me and both of my roommates made some calculations to find a cheaper option that would help us increase the signal without having to change the operator, save some money and pay off rather quickly. Since we all needed internet to be able to do our jobs properly, it was a very important issue, and we wanted our 3G swift and stable for all three of us.

We decided on a certain price range that we could afford, and after some searches, we found Mobile-signal-boosters store. They were exactly what we needed and were looking for. We contacted their managers, and they helped us choose an ideal booster that we wanted. No extra functions to overpay for, perfect for the size of our apartment, not too pricey, compact, easy to put together, and also very safe. It fit BT Mobile frequencies, and we were assured that it would solve our BT Mobile signal issues very quickly, easily and effectively.

Delivery speed was not the last on our list of importance, because, as I’ve mentioned before, all of us needed our internet for work. So, we trusted Mobile-signal-boosters when they promised a very speedy delivery on their website – and we weren’t fooled. The package arrived to us in four days, which was incredible, since our town is located in a quite remote area, and the landscape adds some complications. And what was also great – we could immediately proceed to putting the signal repeater together and switching it on, without purchasing any extra wires. All the wires, together with the power source, the antennas and the repeater box, were inside the package.

Since we needed stable internet connection in all of our rooms, we decided to place the internal antenna in the kitchen, because it was almost the middle of the apartment. A great thing is that you don’t need any wires to connect your device to the repeater, and it is very convenient for people like us, who want to stay in their room and use their internet comfortably. We placed the outer antenna outside the window, easily plugged it into the necessary port on the booster box (it was absolutely impossible to mess up, especially with the user guide that we took out of the box it all came in). Then, we plugged the inner antenna in, placed the signal repeater on the table near the window, and powered the whole system up.

We were absolutely delighted by the results that the signal booster provided. After it was turned on, the signal went up and became strong and stable. It was actually working: catching the existing BT Mobile poor signal and amplifying it. We forgot about our BT Mobile poor reception and now everyone is able to use the internet anytime, in any corner of the apartment, no matter if the others are using it or not. The speed doesn't change if several devices are using the internet connection simultaneously.

Thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters store, me and my roommates were able to solve our internet connection issues easily and quickly, just as it was promised. We loved the fact that the information on the website of the store is very complete and detailed, and we could understand everything even despite the fact that we aren't too familiar with technologies. Mobile-signal-boosters customer support helped us choose the booster model, so thanks to them as well!

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