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Mobile signal problems were about to tarnish the reputaion of our establishment.

Mobile signal problems were about to tarnish the reputaion of our establishment.

Being a director of a museum is not an easy task. You should try to invent something new to attract more visitors and to preserve ancient traditions and history at the same time. Nowadays, in the era of modern technologies, you must be up-to-date in order not to fall behind the progress. Everyone, who visits the museum, holds a mobile phone in their hands. People share photos, look for more information about the exhibits on the internet and, surely, they want to stay in touch all the time during their visit. The problem I had to cope with was poor signal inside the museum. I have forgotten to mention that the museum is located inside an ancient castle with massive walls, so signal doesn’t penetrate.

When I started to receive negative feedback and reviews from the visitors, I realized that something needs to be done. I couldn’t put the blame for signal issues on the operators. Their network is overall reliable and you can count on it fully. The problem was that people, who built the castle a few centuries ago, didn’t use mobile phones! Maybe otherwise they would have made the walls thinner! Anyway I had to solve the problem.

I started to look for devices which could improve the poor coverage in the museum and came across Mobile-signal-boosters offers. The company provided solutions to all kinds of signal problems depending of the area coverage and operator’s frequencies. Taking into account this factors, I have chosen the model I am using now. One of the issues, that I also paid attention to while looking for a signal amplifier, was its design. Fortunately, all models available were compact and nice, so it was easy to choose.

As soon as I made the order, their manager contacted me and clarified all necessary details. The shipping took three days. I received a full kit, so I didn’t waste any time and money on buying anything else for the installation, as everything was included in the parcel. The amplifying system consists of three parts – indoor and outdoor antennas, and the booster box itself. Besides, the parcel contained cables needed for connecting the parts together and power supply. The user’s manual immediately grabbed my attention as well as a three-year warranty provided by the company.

My employees managed to install the whole amplifying system themselves. First we carefully read the manual. Then we called the support team of Mobile-signal-boosters in order to clarify a few issues concerning the best position for the outside antenna and the mounting of the inside antenna. The manager also explained that the device starts boosting the signal automatically after it is plugged in. Taking into account all the instructions given, we managed to finish the installation in 30 minutes without any difficulties. We began with the mounting of the outdoor antenna outside the window. Then we connected it with the booster box. Next we mounted the indoor antenna and connected it with the booster box as well.

When we turned the device on, it started to amplify the poor mobile signal around the museum. In all parts of the building visitors were able to enjoy perfect mobile connection. There were no more inconveniences caused by mobile signal problems. Thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters, we put an end to negative reviews about bad quality of mobile reception in our establishment.

I have already advised Mobile-signal-boosters to my colleague, who owns a restaurant and suffers from the same problem. I really liked their approach to every client and I highly appreciated the quality and pricing policy of the company. Their managers were very nice and gave detailed consultation. The information provided at the website fully corresponded to reality. It was a pleasure to work with them.

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