LTE 4G network antenna booster LCD500-4G-DB

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The LCD500-4G-DB is a special professionally device developed for boosting weak 4g signals at 800 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands. This 4g signal booster greatly deals with a signal problem covering the average-sized area of 5,400 ft2 (500 m2). As a result, LTE 4G and GSM network antenna booster is perfectly suitable for houses, restaurants, entertainment places, and other administrative buildings.

There are several reasons why 800 MHz Nikrans LCD500-4G-DB repeater provides a stable and strong connection for all customers:

- Auto Level Control. This function helps the amplifier to select the best gain level of GSM and LTE 4G signals without your additional intervention.

- LCD screen which is able to display essential system information and useful guidance about the functionality of a device. Therefore, any non-professional person can install and easily handle with the booster.

- MCU Control when the antenna of a repeater is capable of distinguishing program failures and switching on appropriate functions for securing the boosters.

Enjoy having incredible 4g / LTE / GSM mobile signals of your portable devices everywhere with your own the Nikrans LCD500-4G-DB model!

Price: £350

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phone signal booster Nikrans LCD500-4G-D
phone signal booster Nikrans LCD500-4G-D   4.8/5 — 52 reviews Coverage: 5400 ft² 2 Band (4G) learn more »

LTE 4G network antenna booster LCD500-4G-DB Specification

Coverage: 5400 ft²
Up-link freq: 831-861 & 1710-1785
Down-link freq: 791-821 & 1805-1880
Up-link Gain: 67 dB
Down-link Gain: 75 dB
Power Output: 17 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
IP-Code: IP50
Humidity: 5 - 95 %
Size (mm): 225 × 140 × 35
Booster Weight: 2 kg
Power supply: AC 110~220V, DC5V/2A, 7W
Model Year: 2018

Customer Reviews

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Great repeater

It’s pretty easy to set up the system. The hardest part is to decide where to put three main parts. It boosts 4G flawlessly. This device’s the only reason I get a signal at home.

Dear Greg, thank you for the feedback, we greatly appreciate it. Best regards, Support team.

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