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BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals

Image BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals
Image BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals
BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 1 BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 2 BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 3 BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 4 BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 5 BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 6 BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 7 BD-400FG Repeater for LTE and GSM Signals image 8
Download Datasheet How to install mobile repeater

Indoor coverage: 4400 ft²

2 Band
  • Nikrans BD-400FG,
  • indoor ceiling antenna with 5m cable,
  • outdoor log-periodic antenna + 15m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual
Indoor cable:
Outdoor cable:
Lightning protection:
Shipping (3-7 business days) to United Kingdom
Total: £345
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  • 3-YEAR warranty & service
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Compatible with operators in the UK and Worldwide

For more than 10 years, our boosters have been helping people in the UK, European Union, Asia, and Africa to successfully solve their mobile signal issues. We are doing our best to follow all the latest tech trends to meet the demands of users in different regions. If you want to choose the best model for you, just contact us and we will help to find a booster that will be compatible with operators in your country!

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Nikrans BD-400FG is a reliable mobile signal booster that is designed to fight with issues with voice services and mobile internet connection. It is possible thanks to the capacity of the device to work with the signals of several types at the same time. The booster is able to increase the quality of your 4G and GSM network connection simultaneously. The configuration of the device allows everyone to install all the elements of the amplifier quickly and easily. It means that even if you have no tech experience you still shouldn’t be afraid to buy this repeater. You will easily cope with its installation.

The area that can be covered with the improved signal distributed by BD-400FG reaches 400 m² and it is sufficient for strengthening the signal in private houses of different types, supermarkets, some office buildings, warehouses, etc. For covering such an area with the stabilized signal, you do not need to purchase any additional antennas. All that is required is already included in the standard set.

As the Nikrans BD-400FG model is intended for working with GSM and 4G/LTE signals, it is compatible with two frequency bands. They are 900 MHz and 700 MHz. These frequencies are used by the majority of services providers in the European countries which means that this device can be a good option for many people in different parts of the region.

The booster can send the amplified signal to an unlimited number of mobile devices within its coverage area.

BD-400FG for 4G and GSM signals is one of the most highly-demanded models today as it is a practically universal solution and is able to satisfy the requirements of very wide circles of users. A rich list of benefits is another factor that contributes to its popularity.

  • Booster display. The booster box is enriched with an LCD screen. During the process of installation, it will show useful recommendations for you that will help you to fix the antennas at the right locations. When the booster is switched on, you can find crucial parameters related to the network state.
  • Attractive price. In our online store, you can find the best prices for our high-quality devices. Moreover, we regularly provide special offers for our customers.
  • Support of numerous connections. The device sends the amplified signal to an unlimited number of smartphones at the same time.
  • Excellent support service. If you need any help, our support managers are always ready to answer your questions.

BD-400FG is a reliable booster that can help you to ensure a stable connection at your home or in the office even if the area is poorly covered by the signal transmitted by your operator.


Coverage: 4400 ft²
Up-link freq: 703-733 , 880-915
Down-link freq: 758-788 , 925-960
Up-link Gain: 68 dB
Down-link Gain: 72 dB
Power Output: 22 dBm
Working t °C: -25/+55 °C
IP-Code: IP44
Humidity: 5 - 95%
Size (mm): 120*106*25mm
Booster Weight: 0.45 kg
Energy Consumption: 0,004 kW/h
Power supply: AC110-240, DC6V, 2A
Model Year: 2023
Download Manual Download Datasheet

How it works

Nikrans BD-400FG is designed by the best engineers in such a way that will allow everyone to install the device quickly and easily, without any particular issues. The booster set includes several key elements, each of which has its unique function.

The booster box itself is the key one that is intended for amplifying the signal. The signal transmitted by the operator should be caught by the outdoor antenna while the improved signal is sent by the indoor antenna. It is important to install and to connect all the elements correctly. Otherwise, the quality of the amplified signal can be spoilt.

To facilitate the installation process for you, we’ve prepared a detailed user’s Guide that includes all the necessary step-by-step instructions. Nikrans BD-400FG is very easy to use. All the settings and adjustments are done automatically.

If you have any questions about this model or you want to learn more about our other devices, you can contact us without any hesitation!

Customer Reviews

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 ·  (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Awesome model

This booster is one of the best options in its category, I believe. Supports two frequencies and makes it possible for several users to take advantage of the amplified signal around the whole area. The installation isn't difficult at all and the operating process is almost unnoticeable.

Hello Andrew, thank you for the review. Looking forward to your next visit. Kindest regards, sales department.

 ·  (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Needed to customize my order

In general, the device is worth its money. It works smoothly with no interference. The only thing I would draw your attention to is that the cables in the standard set are a bit short. Especially the one that comes with the indoor antenna, it's only 5 m. So you'd better plan in advance, where you are going to place all the elements of the amplifying system and customize your order on their website.

Hello Diana, we are glad to receive your feedback. Thanks for choosing our product. Best regards, the team of Mobile signal boosters.

 ·  (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Good price

I've been looking for a simple but effective signal amplifier, when I came across this model. And I like everything about it - the quality, the functionality, and surely the price. It's much cheaper than other analogues, but at the same time, it is in no way inferior in quality. Recommended!

Hello George, we are glad to receive your feedback. Thanks for choosing our product. Regards, sales team.

 ·  (United Kingdom)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Easy installation

In the beginning, I thought that it would be difficult for me to figure out how to install the device. However, I was mistaken. Everything is so easy! They sent me a manual with detailed instructions on the setup process. Then I looked through the information provided on their official website. It's called How to install a mobile repeater. And after this, I spent only 30 minutes on the installation. It works well.

Hello Edward, thank you for the review. Please, feel free to contact us at any time. Kindest regards, support team.

 ·  (Ireland)  ·  Verified Buyer  · 

Nice product

I like this product. It is suitable both for improving voice connection and insufficient mobile internet. 4g and GSM network have become much stronger now. The only drawback is perhaps the design, which lacks a bit of style. But I hope that the developers will work on it in the future.

Appreciated Ilona, thanks for sharing your opinion with us. We would be glad to see you at our store again. Wishing you all the best, sales team.

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