Indoor Antennas


Inside Whip Antenna

If you need the poor signal to be amplified and boosted within a big indoor area, you will probably have to use an additional inside antenna. It’s been created with the express aim of amplifying signals indoors, so its main features are omni-directional signal spreading, 3dBi and GSM/3G/4G signal distribution within 806-960/1710-2170/2520-2690 bands.


Inside Ceiling Antenna

An extra antenna can be an ideal way out for expanding the signal boosting possibilities of your device. One of the best choices would be 7dBi non-directional ceiling antenna, which can be used to boost any voice or data signal within 806-960/1710-2170/2520-2690 bands and is a great extra to any of our mobile boosters. Supplied with a 5m cable.


Inside Panel Antenna

The issue of bad quality signals can be tackled easily with the aid of 8dbi indoor panel antenna, which supports 806-960 MHZ / 1710-2690 MHz frequency bands, processing all kinds of signals: GSM/3G/4G. It disseminates the signal in a directional way and is normally attached to a wall. Can be used with all devices. Cable is provided.


Outdoor Antennas


Outside Beautification Yagi Antenna

This directional antenna is a perfect device for exterior usage that can combat bad signal in your house once and for all. 9.5dBi Yagi antenna operates within 806-960 MHZ and 1710-2690 MHz frequencies, boosting effectively GSM, 3G and 4G signals. It is compatible with any repeater. Provided with a 10m cable.


Outside Panel Antenna

The outside panel antenna is without doubt one of the best antennas for improving and boosting the mobile signal. The antenna possesses a gain of 8dbi. A special, one-of-a-kind feature of this antenna lies in the Dual-Band mode support, meaning that it can work within both 806-960 MHZ and 1710-2690 MHz frequency bands. It disseminates the signal directionally. Works will all mobile phone boosters from our store. 10m cable is also provided.


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