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We can't but love our signal booster that spares us of Vodafone signal problems!

We can't but love our signal booster that spares us of Vodafone signal problems!

Me and my wife decided to open our own business not so long ago. Therefore, we needed high internet speed and high-quality cell phone signal at both our home and our office. We were lucky enough to be able to rent an office right under our apartment, on the first floor of the building that we live in. We checked Vodafone tariffs, and found a perfect one for us, that allowed us to have two routers at the same time for a very good price. But after we installed them, it turned out that in our neighborhood there was Vodafone poor coverage in general. Too many tall buildings, and the cell tower was pretty far.

We desperately wanted that Vodafone tariff because the price was really good and we wanted to keep using our two routers in the house and in the office. So, we needed to find a solution to remain Vodafone subscribers but to have good 3G and GSM signals in both places as well. It was obvious that Vodafone customer service won’t be able to help us, because they’re not magicians and they can’t control the physics. So we decided to try buying a cell phone signal repeater and see if this thing would really help us improve Vodafone poor signal.

One of the websites that we found was Mobile-signal-boosters, and both me and my wife decided to choose this particular company, because their website looked good (and, trust me, you don’t want to deal with any company that doesn’t bother or can’t afford to hire a decent designer for their website). But it would be quite stupid if that was the only reason. We loved their customer support, who helped us choose the model suitable for our situation, their wide range of products and their policies. The model they recommended to us was perfectly suitable for the signal types, for Vodafone frequencies, and it had a working range that was big enough.

Soon after we placed an order, we received it. It was, I think, not longer than three days – just as it said on Mobile-signal-boosters website. So it wasn’t a lie. And the list of the things that the package was supposed to include wasn’t a lie as well – nothing was mistaken or broken or wrong in general. It was very good, and we didn’t have to buy any extra parts. The booster box, the power source, the wires, the inside antenna and the outside antenna are actually everything that we needed for the signal repeater to work, and it all was already there.

We were very happy with how soon our package arrived, and after checking if all the parts were intact, we immediately went straight to installing the repeater. I chose to mount the booster box onto the ceiling of our office room, so the working range would surely spread to both our apartment and our office. And it worked out perfectly! I had a little trouble with finding a way to plug in all the wires, but this had nothing to do with the booster itself, and I figured that out successfully. I put the outer antenna on the wall outside the office window, and everything turned out to be fine.

After we installed the booster, everything was, and currently is, working very well. We are having stable 3G and GSM signals throughout our entire apartment and in the office as well, and we can do our business-related things effectively without experiencing any Vodafone signal issues. We can receive calls while accepting orders and have clear conversations, we can also make calls and what we say is heard perfectly. The internet speed is great and it allows us to do everything we both need online at the same time, which is very convenient.

If it wasn’t for Mobile-signal-boosters tech support, who were very helpful, our situation with Vodafone signal problems wouldn’t be solved that easily. They listened to all the details of our case and helped us choose the signal repeater model that was the most suitable by all parameters and had a very attractive price. We also had a couple of questions about the installing process, and they replied very quickly, helping us out on the way to perfect signal. We are very happy with our purchase from their store and would recommend Mobile-signal-boosters to anyone who experiences similar problems.

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