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A signal repeater proved to be effective in solving Virgin Mobile signal problems

A signal repeater proved to be effective in solving Virgin Mobile signal problems

After I finished college, I had to move in together with a part of my family for a while, and they let me take the room on the top floor of their big house. I settled in, and that’s when I understood that there are huge Virgin Mobile signal issues at their place. Everyone else were the subscribers of another operator, so they didn’t have any issues, and I was the only one with Virgin Mobile and in trouble. The Virgin Mobile cell tower was pretty far away from the neighborhood my family lives in, so the signal just couldn’t reach the house properly and their tech support couldn’t help me with anything.

I was stuck there with Virgin Mobile poor signal, and even though I liked Virgin Mobile’s tariffs and their fair prices, I was very irritated. I was looking for a job and meanwhile doing small freelance assignments, so I needed high-speed 4G internet connection badly, but instead it was slowing down all the time, messing with my working process. To say that it was annoying is to say nothing. I decided that I need to change that, talked to my family about the Virgin Mobile poor coverage, and they said I could try to buy a signal repeater.

I’ve never heard anything about signal repeaters before, so I got deep into the research, using my brother’s computer and internet, and decided to go with Mobile-phone-signal-boosters’s option. They had the exact model I needed: a nice and compact booster with perfectly small coverage just for the top floor of the house (therefore it wasn’t too expensive for me), suitable for Virgin Mobile frequencies and enhancing just the type of signal I wanted. I also read some other information and found Mobile-signal-boosters a pretty reliable company, so I gave it a shot.

No one actually expected the package to arrive so fast: in just three working days. And everyone in the house got curious, so we sat down and opened the box with my purchase. Every detail was packed very carefully, looked intact and new, and overall, there was nothing wrong with the delivery and/or the package itself. The signal repeater box, inner and outer antennas, the power source and all the wires – everything was inside the package together with the user manual for those who have no idea what to do with all these parts. Which means – me.

After I looked the manual through, I understood that it was a pretty easy task. So I asked my family where could I put the outer antenna, and they let me attach it outside my room’s window and very close to the roof. Then I plugged the antenna in and mounted the booster box on the wall behind my working table, as close to the power socket as I could. Then I plugged the inner antenna into the booster box and powered it all from the socket. The magic happened, the small lights on the panel turned on and the booster started doing the thing.

The signal went up really fast. I was testing it for a few days, moving around the top floor of the house, using internet for some really traffic-absorbing things like watching movies online, and it turned out that everything is working wonderful. All around the top floor and even lower – where the working range can reach – the signal is very strong and it never interrupts anymore. I can do all the work I need to do, always be online when I need it, have my interviews on Skype, just talk to people I love on the internet – and it is great.

Mobile-phone-signal-boosters helped me a lot and solved my Virgin Mobile signal problems easily and very fast, and their support team were there to answer my questions, offer the perfect booster model based on my situation and give me all the other information I needed. It already was easily available on their website, so I felt stupid sometimes, but I just needed to make sure everything will be solved – and it was. I appreciate Mobile-signal-boosters’s policies, customer service and their product quality.

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