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Client video review of best-selling Nikrans LCD-300GD

Client video review of best-selling Nikrans LCD-300GD

We are happy to get feedbacks from our clients, and here is a video review of our best-selling Nikrans LCD-300GD model. See on your own what an amazing result the signal booster can give you. Below you can read subtracts from the client’s narration and watch a full video.

"Hello, everyone!

Today I want to discuss with you how we can improve the mobile phone signal and also the Internet browsing speed. There are situations, especially at houses far from cities, when the phone signal is weak. This weak signal result in a very slow Internet browsing speed. I’ve personally encountered this problem, and I’ve chosen to buy a signal booster. This is not an advertisement. I want to share my honest opinion about this signal booster I bought. I ordered it on a website, and it arrived very fast with DHL.

What is it compound of? There is an exterior antenna. Then the wire comes from the antenna on the roof, and another one comes out of the signal booster and goes to the antenna on the ground floor.

Now I unplug the booster for doing a test without the booster. After that, I will plug it in and we will see the signal quality when the booster is working. Here, on the iPhone we can see a value of -110 or -108 with the signal booster unplugged. The Android smartphone shows -108.

I will turn on the repeater now. It shows 62-65dB of amplifiers signal. Let’s measure the results on the phones again. We see amazing evolution! From -108/109 it reaches under -80, as the Android shows. The iPhone also shows -80. So we see the quality. The signal quality is very good on all the ground floor. On the fist floor the evolution is not as perfect as here but there is still a good evolution. In the basement there are zones where without the booster I cannot make calls, but with the booster I can call everywhere."

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