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Due to The People’s Operator signal problems I couldn't work properly. Now the signal is awesome!

Due to The People’s Operator signal problems I couldn't work properly. Now the signal is awesome!

I’m a musician who needs a good stable 3G internet in the studio all the time. The building where I rent the space for a studio is located in the suburbs, but not too far, so I thought there wouldn’t be The People’s Operator signal issues. Turned out I was wrong, and I had The People’s Operator poor reception inside the building, which was an old factory rebuilt for rental spaces. The reason behind it were the thick walls of the building – simple, but inevitable. I tried to deal with that at first, but it was almost impossible to work in that kind of conditions. It annoyed me a lot, so I came to a conclusion that I need some technical device to help me with that problem.

As a long time The People’s Operator subscriber, I wasn’t really interested in changing the operator, because I love the quality of their services and their fair prices a lot. The situation needed a different solution, so I found information about cell phone signal amplifiers and what they can do with The People’s Operator poor signal. This seemed a possibly good idea. I did some calculations and found out the amount of money that I could spend on a signal repeater so it would pay off quickly, and this option was way better, easier and cheaper than changing the operator.

So this is how I came across Mobile-signal-boosters. The 3G signal booster they offered me was absolutely ideal for all of my requirements: it was suitable for The People’s Operator frequencies, it had the exact same price that I wanted, it was supposed to enhance 3G internet signal, and it had a perfect size of the coverage zone – right for the size of my studio space. I’m usually skeptical about online stores, especially the ones that sell electronic devices, but Mobile-signal-boosters policies were the thing that bought me completely. I thought that it’s worth giving a try if I would be able to return the non-working item in case something goes wrong, and there was no fine print referring to that anywhere.

But I didn’t have to return anything, because the booster arrived perfectly intact and working. And all of its parts, that were in the box, as well. I checked both of the antennas, the booster itself and the power plug, and they all had no scratches or other defects on them, and the wires were working as well. The parcel has arrived to me in four days, which was a small amount of time, and it was very convenient for me, because the sooner the better, and I totally expected the delivery time to be longer than that.

I placed the outside antenna on the wall outside the window of the studio, because the landlord I rent a studio from has allowed me to do it. Placing the wire and taping it to the wall was easy, and the booster box itself is now located on the table. I had to move the table a bit for it to be closer to the power socket, but it didn’t affect the furniture and instruments placement. The booster itself is a very compact thing, and I appreciate its size a lot, because I need to fit a lot of things inside the studio all the time.

After the booster was turned on, my work goes perfectly smooth. As smooth as the internet connection is since I bought The People’s Operator signal repeater. No thick walls can be an obstacle now, the internet speed is wonderful, and it allows me to upload lots of material with no interruptions or speed losses, to be online every time I need it and to use all the software that is required for my work. I’m really very glad I bought this little device that helps me so much in my situation with The People’s Operator signal problems.

Another thing that I appreciated about Mobile-signal-boosters is their website. It’s well-made, with clear directions and very detailed information about everything I needed to know. And when I was confused about the booster model and couldn’t choose it myself, their amazing customer support helped me with that issue and answered all of my questions very quickly. It’s a good and trustful online store with high-quality products that wouldn’t leave you dissatisfied.

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