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How we managed to sort out Tesco Mobile signal problems.

How we managed to sort out Tesco Mobile signal problems.

The restaurant that I own has moved to another location, that is inside a big shopping mall. The mall itself surely has got its WiFi spot, but it works quite poorly inside the restaurant, and the signal from the outside was getting disrupted, so the customers became getting annoyed. Sure, everyone wants to use their phones while they wait for their order to be cooked so they won’t get bored, and some people come there to work on their laptops, so good internet inside the restaurant is a must. Cell phone reception inside the mall was also worse than usual, and it caused inconveniences. After I received several complaints from my clients, I decided to act immediately and do something about it.

Before the restaurant moved, we were using Tesco Mobile router and it was working very well. It also had a very good price for us, and we didn’t really want to go through all of this stuff with ending contracts and looking for another operator. And it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway, since Tesco Mobile signal problems were not due to the infrastructure, it was the location. Instead, I wanted to try something that would increase our 4G and GSM signals, and that is when I found Mobile-signal-boosters website and it caught my attention.

The signal repeater I eventually chose (not without the help of Mobile-signal-boosters’s managers) was the one that fit my needs perfectly. It was large enough to cover all of the restaurant space, it was compact and easy to place, it was designed to enhance all types of Tesco Mobile poor signal that I needed. It also had a very reasonable price, which, to be honest, was among the reasons I decided to go with this signal repeater. So, after a brief talk with a couple of my managers, who agreed that this was a good option, I placed an order at Mobile-signal-boosters store.

On their website it said that the delivery would be fast, but I didn’t really pay too much attention to it, because most of online stores say the same things just for the sake of advertising. But I was actually surprised when the package arrived after just three days. Because it was very good and it meant that I was able to make the customers of my restaurant more comfortable in a very short amount of time. Everything that was mentioned on the website was included in the parcel that I received, and no spare details were needed for the signal amplifier to get us rid of Tesco Mobile signal issues. It included both antennas, the booster itself, a power plug and even all the wires.

So, all I had left was to mount the signal repeater where it was best. We had several windows in the restaurant room, but we weren’t allowed to place the antenna outside, since we are located in a mall. So we tried our best to locate the outside antenna as close to the window as possible, and we placed the booster box on the ceiling in the middle of the room. It actually turned out to be so compact that it didn’t affect the interior design at all. We finished the installing process by connecting it all with wires and plugging it into the power socket.

After the booster was plugged in, we began checking the signal in all corners of the restaurant, as well as the back rooms, and it all worked perfectly. The signal was strong and stable throughout all the declared working range of the booster. Moreover – we found out that no matter how many people were using their devices inside our restaurant at the same time, it didn’t make the signal weaker at all. Everything is perfect and our clients are much more comfortable thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters store and their high-quality products.

I also want to thank Mobile-signal-boosters’s managers for providing me all the necessary information about signal repeaters and how it all works, and for answering the questions that I had along the way. They also helped me choose the best model according to my needs, and it turned out to be the perfect option for my Tesco Mobile poor reception. They were very polite and professional, the information on their website is very clear, easy to understand, and detailed. And, overall, Mobile-signal-boosters was a pleasure to work with!

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