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After I installed a marine amplifier on my yacht, Talk Talk signal problems don't occur anymore.

After I installed a marine amplifier on my yacht, Talk Talk signal problems don't occur anymore.

I own a small yacht, which is rather often rented. You know, young couples like to spend time romantically and going for a sail is one of the best options. People can speak with each other about everything, being sure that nobody and nothing will disturb their peaceful rest. The only problem with this pastime is that when you go far away from the land, your mobile phone can’t catch any signal. I think everyone knows the importance of being connected nowadays. So this problem needed urgent solution.

The majority of my clients used to experience Talk Talk network. Actually, I also like the services, rates and bonuses of this provider. They take care of every subscriber and keep on developing for the better. Nevertheless, when you are in the sea, you are likely to face Talk Talk signal problems. In fact, this is not the operator's fault. The thing is that when the yacht is far from the land, the distance between the recipient and the nearest base station is too long and the mobile connection is imperfect or may even disappear at all. It goes without saying, that Talk Talk poor coverage irritates people and gets on their nerves. So I decided to put an end to this unpleasant situation and to install a marine mobile signal booster.

When sailing at a short distance from the coast, there is no point in buying expensive satellite equipment, a simple marine amplifier will do. Therefore, I visited Mobile-signal-boosters to find a repeater suitable for my yacht. That’s great that the company has a wide choice! At their website you can find a booster for large and small boats, ships, yachts, etc. I wrote a message to their online support team and asked to help me choose the best model. Just in a few minutes the manager offered me a few models for selection. In result, I ordered the cheapest one as it supported the Talk Talk frequencies and was enough for my yacht.

The shipping didn’t take long, only three days. I had no risks associated with prepayment. Mobile-signal-boosters offered me fast, simple and transparent scheme of work. The company sent me the full kit, which included interior and exterior antennas with cables and the booster box. Each element of the amplifying system has its own function. The exterior antenna catches Talk Talk poor signal from the nearest mast on the coastline. It passes the signal to the booster box, which improves the quality and sends the refined signal to the interior antenna. Finally, this antenna spreads the strengthened signal around the yacht.

As for the installation, it’s rather understandable and easy. I looked through the manual included in the kit and called the manager in order to clarify a few points. The specialist told me that it was important that a low gain omnidirectional antenna had a wide vertical tilt angle, since the ship might swing strongly during storms. After all the elements were in their places, I turned the device on and it started to improve the signal automatically.

The result is amazing! Now my clients can sail further and enjoy clear call quality. There are no more dropped calls and unsent e-mails. I finally have reliable coverage on board the yacht. My phone screen shows more bars, the internet connection became faster. Thanks to the enhanced GSM signal, mobile phones consume less battery power and, as a result, their battery life is increased.

Mobile-signal-boosters is the leader in mobile phone signal booster industry. It offers certified equipment, which is effective, safe for health, reliable and long lasting. Their support team eagerly helps to solve any kind of problems caused by poor reception and is ready to answer any question.

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