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While driving I used to experience a lot of Plusnet signal problems.

While driving I used to experience a lot of Plusnet signal problems.

I like to travel very much. I am convinced that travelling broadens people’s mind and helps us discover something new. My favourite way of travelling is by car. It has a number of advantages – you can enjoy fascinating sceneries and make stops wherever you want. Nevertheless, there is still one disadvantage – your mobile phone may fail to catch Plusnet signal in certain places. Actually, Plusnet signal problems cause a lot of inconveniences. I often used to miss important calls and wasn’t able to make ones when urgently needed. Moreover, I had no internet connection and as a result my navigation app on the phone didn’t work properly. As you can see, it was difficult to enjoy every trip to the full because of Plusnet poor coverage in some parts of the country.

Although the operator is known as the one with a vast coverage area there are still regions with Plusnet poor signal. The number of provider’s masts there is very low and they are located far from one another. Surely, you can try avoiding going to places where Plusnet signal problems occur, but why? Another way out is blaming the operator and waiting for Plusnet to change the situation. But this one is even more useless than the first one. I am not from those who will blame the others, especially taking into account the fact that Plusnet is my favourite operator, to which I have been loyal for so long. So I decided to act!

The best way to do away with Plusnet signal issues is to install a mobile signal booster. Mobile-signal-boosters offers a wide range of boosters designed for cars. At their website I have chosen a model which is compatible with my operator as well as with numerous other European networks. It amplifies the types of signal I need and provides stable mobile connection when I am on the go. The model is very compact and doesn’t occupy much space in the car. Moreover, the price offered by Mobile-signal-boosters was very reasonable and attractive. So, I didn’t hesitate for long and made an order.

Immediately after placing an order at Mobile-signal-boosters their manager got in touch with me and clarified shipping details. He also gave me some tips regarding the installation of the repeater in the car and its functioning. The manager assured me that the delivery would take no more than a few days. Well, I received the order three days later. The parcel included two antennas – one was to be placed on the roof of the car, the other inside it. The main element of the amplifying system was the booster box. Cables and mounting details were included in the parcel as well. I also found a warranty and a user’s manual inside.

The instructions provided by the manager of Mobile-signal-boosters and the information given in the manual were enough for me to perform the installation on my own. I first mounted the outside antenna on the roof of the vehicle. It is magnetic and is easily placed. Then I placed the inside antenna on suction tools in the car. As for the booster box itself, it was plugged into a cigar lighter. That’s all! I had spent less than half an hour and got a perfect mobile connection in result.

Now I can travel wherever I want without being afraid to lose touch with important people. I know that my booster will ensure stable connection without Plusnet signal problems when I am on the go. I don’t suffer from disconnections and poor quality of audibility when speaking on the phone in the car. Thanks to the device, my phone apps work very well and I can use the navigator to find my way whenever I get lost.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the effective work of Mobile-signal-boosters support team. Their managers showed great respect and care when talking to me. They gave me a lot of useful advice and helped me find answers to important questions.

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