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Nowadays mobile signal problems may easily discourage from staying in a hotel.

Nowadays mobile signal problems may easily discourage from staying in a hotel.

What criteria do people pay attention to when choosing a hotel to stay in? Surely, location and service! But I think that you will agree with me, if I say that everyone checks the quality of mobile connection in the place. So if you find any negative reviews saying that the mobile signal in the hotel is weak, you definitely won’t go there. The hotel I own is located in the suburbs of the city, therefore mobile signal problems occur quite often in my place. The number of provider’s masts is limited in the area and the coverage is insufficient. I had to deal with furious clients, who blamed me for the inconveniences caused by poor mobile phone signal.

You may say that they should have blamed the operator and not me, but let me disagree with you. The network in the country can boast both reliability and flexibility. It keeps growing all the time. Surely, some businessmen are waiting until now for the provider to install additional masts, but no one knows when it will happen. So I decided that I had to cope with this problem on my own, as I was fed up with constant complaints. The only way to put an end to this nightmare was to install a mobile phone signal booster.

On the internet I came across Mobile-signal-boosters and their repeaters seemed good to me. I spent a lot of time trying to choose the best model, but then I decided to make a call to their support team. The manager listened to me attentively and offered three most suitable models. I made up my mind easily by choosing the most powerful one. By the way, the prices were practically the same. So there was no need to worry about money. One of the most important features of the booster is that it can amplify signal for several users simultaneously. This means that all visitors without limitations can enjoy good quality signal in the hotel. The indoor coverage is large enough and the working frequencies are compatible the operators’ in the area.

Let me say a few words about the boosting system itself. My order was processed very quickly and I was looking forward to receiving the parcel. I was delighted with the fast shipping, which took only three days. The parcel was carefully packed. I opened the box and found everything necessary for the installation inside it. The system itself includes indoor and outdoor antennas, which are connected with the booster box with cables provided. I didn’t purchase anything additionally, as all mountings were in the parcel. What is more, I didn’t waste time on looking for the installation scheme on the internet or somewhere else. The company had sent me a user’s manual with detailed description of the set up process and the functioning principle of the device.

So I looked through the text and got down to the installation. I was glad that no specialists were needed in order to install the system. Everything was very easy and not time-consuming. I just mounted the outdoor antenna, ran a cable into the room where the booster box was located, inserted it into the outside port and connected the indoor antenna into the inside port. Once all the parts were joined, I turned the booster on and it automatically started to improve the signal.

As you can see, you just need to follow a few simple steps in order to enjoy perfect quality of mobile connection. I am fully satisfied with the work of the device. Thanks to it I managed to do away with displeased clients and now every visitor says that they are glad to stay in my hotel. EE signal problems don’t disturb me anymore.

I will definitely advise Mobile-signal-boosters to anyone, who has to deal with poor mobile coverage and who is looking for the ways to improve weak signal. The company is one of the leading providers of signal boosters on the market, with remarkable reputation and caring customer service.

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