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iD Mobile signal problems on board my ship are gone.

iD Mobile signal problems on board my ship are gone.

Is there anything that can be worse than iD Mobile poor signal on board a ship? I think, there is only one thing and it is full absence of mobile coverage. I have a cargo ship and I often go for a sail to deliver different goods. iD Mobile signal quality leaves much to be desired in the sea. The farther you sail, the worse the signal becomes. In fact, iD Mobile signal problems on board a ship are caused not only by the distance to the nearest base, but also by the construction of the ship itself. I mean that the body of the ship is made of steel, and the portholes are small, and they have thick glass installed. So the ship becomes a closed metal container, which blocks the mobile signal.

And no matter how hard the operator tries to improve the situation. Actually, I have no complaints to iD Mobile network. I have been their client for ages. They offer the most reasonable prices on their tariffs and the best quality of services. But unfortunately, this operator as well as many others, has to deal with poor coverage and insufficient reception. Everyone knows that any kind of iD Mobile signal issues awfully irritates and makes people nervous. One day I got totally fed up with forever-loading internet access and spotty reception. That day I made up my mind and started to look for ways to improve iD Mobile poor signal.

A friend of mine advised me to install a mobile phone signal booster. Actually, I have heard about these devices before, but I had no idea that they can enhance mobile signal on board the ship as well. At Mobile-signal-boosters I saw a lot of mobile repeaters designed for boats. They differed in coverage area and working frequencies. As it was too difficult for me to choose, I decided to get in touch with the online support team. The answer came in immediately. The manager explained me all the peculiarities of marine signal amplifiers and helped me choose the one that was more suitable for my ship.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response, but even more I was struck by the prompt delivery of the order. The shipping took only a few days and the parcel contained everything necessary for the installation – two antennas, a signal booster box, cables and mountings. The company also provided a manual and a warranty, which is no less important. Although the manager explained me every detail regarding the installation, I decided to look through the instructions given in the manual as well.

Then I started the installation. A friend of mine was my assistant. First we mounted the external antenna outside the cabin on the mast. It receives iD Mobile poor signal and sends it to the repeater over a cable. When the signal is improved, it goes from the amplifier to the internal antenna. We mounted this one inside a cabin. Then the internal panel antenna transmits the improved signal to all cellular phones in the area. As you can see, the repeater can boost signal for numerous users simultaneously. What is more, it is compatible not only with iD Mobile network but with other major European operators as well. The device is absolutely safe, as it emits no harmful radiation.

Now when I have this wonderful device, I know for sure that I will never miss any important call when I’m on board a ship. The voice communication is stable and reliable. All interruptions during a conversation have disappeared. There are no more drops and pauses. I have a high quality mobile connection on deck and in the cabin.

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to Mobile-signal-boosters team. These people are real professionals and they know what they are doing. It seems to me that they know the answer to any question! Good job!<.p>

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