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Magic box to tacle Giffgaff signal problems!

Magic box to tacle Giffgaff signal problems!

My fiancé, a Giffgaff subscriber, has moved in with me, and we began noticing serious Giffgaff signal issues at my place. I am using another operator, that works without problems, but it turned out that Giffgaff has troubles in the region where I live because their cell towers are all pretty far away and the signal can’t be caught too well. It interrupts all the time, and we haven’t noticed that before, because my fiancé hasn’t been using her phone and internet in my house too much. But now that she lives here, it started to be very annoying to be unable to make calls or do certain traffic-consuming things online.

She has to use Giffgaff services because the company she works for needs every employee to be a Giffgaff subscriber and it’s the part of their corporate rules, and the SIM cards were given to them at work. Therefore, we had to look for another solution to make her 4G and GSM signals strong enough to use them anytime for anything. She talked to her employers and they offered her to buy a cell phone signal repeater, because that would help enhance the existing Giffgaff poor signal. So the only thing we had to do was to find a suitable model of a signal repeater that would cope with Giffgaff poor coverage in our apartment.

We found that perfect model at Mobile-signal-boosters’s website. It was perfectly suitable: it enhanced the signals for calls and Internet, its working range was ideal for the size of our apartment, it was compact and nicely-looking, so it wouldn’t look ugly and ridiculously in our interior. And, of course, the price, that was more than affordable for us, wasn’t the very last thing to convince us. We checked out a couple of other companies as well, but they either didn’t have the model we wanted or were way too expensive, so we decided to stop on the option of Mobile-signal-boosters’s product.

All the details that we found inside the box when our order arrived, were well-packed, of good quality and in their places. It all has arrived really soon, even though we were expecting it to come much later, as it happens with lots of online stores, even if they promise the fastest delivery ever. We didn’t have to buy any extra cables or a special power plug for the sockets in our country, because everything was already there, perfectly suitable and ready to use. That was really convenient and time-saving. Not to mention “money-saving” because of not having to buy extra details.

But before it was completely ready to use, it had to be assembled first. And this part of the process was time- and money-saving as well, because it turned out to be actually so easy that no special technician was needed. We assembled the Giffgaff signal repeater ourselves, with our four bare hands, following the instructions that were also included into the package, and we succeeded. We put the outer antenna above the window of our apartment so it would catch the signal better, then we plugged it into the signal amplifier, put the inner antenna on its place, plugged it into the socket and switched it all on. The device started working immediately, and my fiancé was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Everything was working well now, she was getting the perfect signal on her phone. We also checked out her internet signal, and found out that she could download any video or even movie very fast now, without interruptions, slow speeds or connection losses. Having a smooth and stable signal and being able to use the cell phone and the internet after so many annoying inconveniences felt really amazing!

Thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters and their wonderful online customer support (who gave us great advice, provided us all the information about their products and helped us to choose the ideal model that we eventually ended up buying) we solved these Giffgaff signal problems very fast and in a really convenient way, and she was able to remain a Giffgaff subscriber. That was very important for her and we are really grateful that it happened.

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