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Freedom Pop signal problems used to cause a lot of hindrances in our work.

Freedom Pop signal problems used to cause a lot of hindrances in our work.

I work at a small independent studio that develops apps for mobile phones. Due to our working schedules and the kind of work we do, we need good internet connection all the time at our office. And this was the issue that we faced when we moved into another office that was bigger, but cheaper for us to rent. It was located in a place where Freedom Pop signal absolutely couldn’t reach us. It was frustrating to have these Freedom Pop signal issues and no one could work normally anymore, so our decision was to somehow make it all work and get back to what we are usually doing in a few days.

Probably no signal ever would have reached us either in that case, because some of us had different operators on their personal phones, and there were signal troubles as well. So the problems were not with the operator and there was no need to try and change it to another one and waste more time on that. We needed to solve this ASAP, and very soon one of us had found some information about Mobile-signal-boosters and their signal enhancing devices, that could easily help us make our poor 4G internet work much better. That seemed like a great solution.

At Mobile-signal-boosters website we were recommended to buy the model that was ideal for the size of our office (we rent only one floor, but it’s quite a wide space), and was perfectly suitable for amplifying Freedom Pop poor signal at 4G frequencies. We didn’t have too much spare money because of all these things related to moving from other office to another and paying our rent in advance, and the price of the booster seemed very good to us. We were also fascinated by the promise that the signal repeater would be delivered in several working days and put together extremely quickly, so we all decided to try and buy it, because time was our top priority.

All our concerns and fears about the quality disappeared after we received our parcel from Mobile-phone-signal-boosters store. The delivery was very speedy indeed – just what the doctor ordered – and all the parts inside the box showed no signs of any defects. The repeater itself and all of the details it required for working and doing its thing (two antennas, a power plug and wires) were absolutely intact, and packed nicely and safely. We also found a user instruction inside the box and were very happy with how easy to understand it was and how extremely time-saving it is to have a printed guide while there’s no internet in your office.

Actually, only one person was needed to put the signal repeater together, and he did it in about thirty minutes, including mounting the booster box onto the ceiling. It was a very easy (and rewarding!) process that was impossible to do wrong, and everything turned out to be okay. The booster was mounted, the inside antenna was plugged into it, the outside antenna was put outside close to the roof of the building, since we are located on the top floor, and everything was connected with wires very easily and quickly. The power socket was also not too far away, and we had to tape the wire to the wall so it won’t be hanging in the air. It could have been done more esthetically pleasing, but we didn’t really care, and the main thing was if the signal repeater works.

And guess what? It worked perfectly. Immediately after we switched it on, the 4G signal was up throughout our entire office, and it was perfect. There were no more speed troubles, interrupted downloads and uploads, no more problems with messaging each other and discussing the projects. Everything immediately began working smoothly and nicely, and it still does. Not a single complain related to Freedom Pop signal problems has come from any member of our team, and isn’t that just wonderful, how high-quality Mobile-signal-boosters repeater turned out to be?

Mobile-signal-boosters website is a helping hand given to anyone who’s in trouble with their signal and needs help. Their manager team are the politest and most helpful people ever, who were ready to answer all of our questions as soon as possible, and provide the most detailed and honest information. They have told us about Mobile-phone-signal-boosters policies, about all the possible models that are meant to cope with Freedom Pop poor coverage and at the price range we wanted, and after we gave them more info about what we want from the booster, they immediately helped us choose a perfect one. Their tech support is the best!

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